The Sinking of HMT Rohna - November 26, 1943
The Casualty List
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The names which follow are those of the men who perished in the Rohna disaster. They are presented here to honor and remember them, and to imprint them into American history.

This roster is also included in the hope and expectation that, as a result, more families will recognize a name, make a connection and be enabled to learn the facts about the loss of their loved ones.

The Rohna Survivors Memorial Association has done a magnificent job in spreading the word about the Rohna tragedy. The Internet has created a phenomena of families and other interested parties creating memorial web-pages to those who served aboard the Rohna. The purpose of this page is to provide an index of links to these pages.

If you have set up or are aware of a web-page devoted to anyone on this list, please contact Phil Cohen by e-mail, to have the link added to this list.

With the help of survivors, next-of-kin, and remaining government documents, the site manager of the Rohna Survivors Memorial Association website has been able to assemble a roster of only one thousand and eight names of the one thousand and fifteen reported to have been lost in the Rohna disaster. The search for the remaining seven will continue.

Breakdown of Units aboard the Rohna


CE      853rd Engineer BN. Avn. Corps of Engineers
AC      322nd Fighter Control Squadron, Air Corp
SC      31st Signal Construction Bn.
MC      44th Portable Surgical. Hosp.
AC      AAF Fillers (Shipment #AD664-A)
AC      Ground Fillers (Shipment #GH826)
AC      AAF Fillers (Shipment #1826 A & D)
INF      ASF Fillers (Shipment #RH705 AAA)

The following list includes name, rank, serial number and unit.

Index- Please click on the appropriate letter


  - A -

Adam, Richard J., Cpl., 36317587, AC
Adamczyk, Jacob E., T/5, 36721878, CE
Aguilar, Gilbert, Pfc., 18198769, SC
Albrecht, Paul E., T/4, 38027398, MC
Alexander, Walter J., T/5, 34315650, MC
Alfred, Edward H., Pfc., 36448909, AC
Alleman, Roger E., Pfc, 35496862, CE
Allen, Ramon R., Sgt., 39906599, CE
Allen, Steve, T/5, 35682721, CE
Amarello, John J., Pfc, 32577653, AC
Anctil, Ronaldo J., T/5, 31218820, CE
Anger, Earl J., 2 Lt, 01107548, CE
Antrasian, Thomas, Pfc., 12183162, SC
Archer, Perry O., Pvt., 39385085, SC
Arnold, Alfred N., Pvt., 37495985, CE
Arnold, Kenneth L., Pvt., 35541018, CE
Arvickson, Oscar R., Pvt., 33570089, CE
Ashford, Harry B., T/5, 37180070, CE
Ashworth, Elmer, Pfc, 38425097, CE
Atkinson, Jackson P., T/4, 34306534, SC
Attanasi, Americo J., Cpl., 33477038, AC

- B -

Baack, Walter W., Pvt., 38370636, CE
Bacco, Daniel A., Pfc., 32792671, CE
Baine, John W., Pvt, 33363224, AC
Baker, Harry F., Pvt., 35541070, CE
Baker, Richard W., Pvt., 31253360, CE
Ballerino, Frank, Pvt., 32367983, SC
Banks, George L., Pvt., 33494107, SC
Bannon, Dwight F., Sgt., 19100125, INF.
Barbala, John, Pvt., 33460241,
Barrett, Elmer, Cpll., 19059298, AC
Barthel, William G., S/Sgt, 32461142, CE
Bartko, Walter, Pvt., 33423068, CE
Basile, Giacomo D., Pvt., 33592062, SC
Battista, Nunzio, T/5, 32539505, SC
Beatty, Cletus E., Sgt., 39614465, CE
Beck, Louis H., Cpl., 33287444, AC
Beckham, Sam D., Pvt., 38451361, CE
Behn, Otto J., Sgt., 37085417, INF.
Bellavia, Ettore, Pvt., 12043025, SC
Belles, Kermit A., Pvt., 39208000, AC
Benderling, Frank L., T/5, 36293611, CE
Bennafield, William F., Pvt., 34058562, CE
Bennett, Robert O., Pfc., 12182941, SC
Berger, Leon, Sgt., 32185961, AC
Berns, Edward J., T/5, 37409403, CE
Bernstein, Joseph, S/Sgt., 31201781, CE
Berry, James J., T/4, 32568479, SC
Bessonette, John I., T/5, 34611701, CE
Beyer, Clarence W., T/5, 36291312, CE
Bielski, Joseph E., Pvt., 31352919, AC
Biggs, Otis L., T/5, 38363231, CE
Bird, Leo J., T/Sgt, 32312785, SC
Birkel, Jack T., Pfc., 18133235, AC
Bishop, Herman C., Pfc., 32668261, CE
Blackman, Howard M., Pvt., 34809002, CE
Blaine, Franklin W., Sgt, 38000292, INF.
Blake, George G., Cpl., 33450376, INF.
Blake, William F., Pfc., 35528208, CE
Bloom, Robert L., Pvt., 33465212, SC
Bobby, John, Pfc., 32539552, SC
Bogovich, Stephan M., T/5, 36599215, CE
Bohnet, Livingston R., Pfc., 19185345, AC
Bolyard, Raymond V., Sgt., 15323725, CE
Bonacci, August P., Cpl, 32675485, CE
Boos, Raymond W., Pvt., 36297827, CE
Boroch, Theodore T., Cpl., 37124298, AC
Bouchard, George A., T/5, 31084293, MC
Bowden, Milford N (?), Pfc, 33569338, CE
Boyd, Benjamin F., Cpl., 17127236, AC
Boyer, James C., Sgt., 20462441, INF
Branam, James F., T/5, 34504709, CE
Brandon, William L., Pvt., 39905493, CE
Bresee, Theodore F. Jr., Cpl., 12171543, AC
Brewster, Carl W., Pvt., 33436359, CE
Brezinskey, John F., S/Sgt., 13022884, AC
Bricker, Harold L., Pfc., 33496858, CE
Broner, Max, T/5, 39563201, CE
Brooks, Paul M., S/Sgt., 34206526, AC
Brown, Eugene J., Pfc., 35602619, CE
Brown, Lelland Bb., T/5, 35746768, CE
Brown, Walter L., Pfc., 35539837, CE
Brumbaugh, Jack C., Cpl., 14177846, AC
Bruner, Landen, Sgt., 34597179, CE
Bruno, Orlando S., Pfc, 39906691, AC
Bryant, Clifford D., Cpl., 37108597, AC
Bryce, Neuman H., Sgt., 38300275, AC
Buchanan, Earl O., Cpl., 39270712, AC
Buchanan, Russel G., Pfc., 33288164, CE
Buckingham, Millard E., T/4, 32367947, SC
Bucy, Weldon E., Pfc., 37410176, CE
Buie, Richard E., Cpl., 18167012, CE
Buis, Charles W., Cpl., 35563638, AC
Bullard, Orison J.,  Jr., T/5, 36555663, CE
Burazio, Patsy, Pfc., 35602632, CE
Burk, Charles E., Pvt., 36450603, CM
Burke, Manuel T., T/5, 33531378, CE
Burke, William J., Pvt., 32775397, SC
Burnett, Glenn F., Sgt., 36417867, CE
Butler, Edward T., Cpl., 32668390, CE
Butler, Frank S., Cpl., 14139084, AC
Byrne, John A., T/5, 36721723, CE

- C -

Caldwell, Paul B., Pfc., 34597054, CE
Calli, John J., Pvt., 32865348, CE
Calvert, Julius C., Pfc., 35646093, CE
Cambridge, Donald, Cpl., 39194428, AC
Cameron, John C., Cpl., 17155716, AC
Campbell, James P., Pvt., 35599176, CE
Campbell, John C., Cpl., 14184597, AC
Campbell, William J., Pvt., 37496932, CE
Caperton, William R., Pfc., 34713733, AC
Carel, Clarence E., Cpl., 35623839, CE
Carey, William G., Pfc., 18166240, CE
Carlin, Sanford R., Sgt., 12045147, AC
Carlson, Nils G., T/4, 33478545, CE
Carr, Michael, T/5, 32368012, SC
Carr, Thomas V., Cpl., 34388525, AC
Carrera, Henry A., Cpl., 18013973, CE
Casey, Earl S., Cpl., 13153 638, AC
Casey, Thomas M. Pfc., Ce, 32579812, CE
Casilio, William A., Pvt., 33668088?, CE
Castaneda, Henry L., Pfc, 39250907, NC
Caston, Cleo T., T/5, 37104251, CE
Catanzaro, Anthony, Pfc, 32693339,
Cattalini, Armand J., Pvt., 39036909, CE
Cebulski, Michael J., Pvt., 32878444, CE
Celmer, Stanislaus Jr., Sgt., 12029464, AC
Cenami, Frank P., Pvt., 31173205, AC
Chaney, Charles E., Pfc., 33577056, CE
Chapman, John H., T/5, 33412534, CE
Chavez, Frank M., T/5, 39276527, CE
Chavez, Salvador A., Cpl., 36653054, AC
Christopher, John A., Pfc., 32549972, CE
Clark, Leland A., Cpl., 36653054, AC
Clegg, George L., Cpl., 35488526, AC
Cline, Hal J., Pvt., 34595942, CE
Close, George M., Pfc., 39906648?, CE
Cochran, Charlie E., Pfc, 36393637, CE
Cochran, Howard B., S/Sgt., 14030216, AC
Coffee, Grover B., Pvt., 38327052, CE
Cohen, Sidney, Pvt., 32539852, SC
Cole, Otis Q., Pvt., 34596025, CE
Coleman, George E., T/5, 32736557, CE
Coleman, Richard H., Pvt., 36295201, CE
Coles, Saint M., Pfc., 6284733, AC
Collins, Livingston N., Pfc., 38380395, CE
Collins, William A., Pvt., 34811027, CE
Colon, Joseph A., Pfc., 32800729, AC
Comeaux, Dallas L., Pvt., 34236348, SC
Comer, Frederick W., Pvt., 32568300, SC
Conklin, Lester Jr., T/4, 32726038, CE
Conner, Earl V., Pvt, 13117014, AC
Conner, Harold R., Cpl., 31226126, AC
Conners, John F., Pvt., 31101569, AC
Conrad, James B., Cpl., 13142958, AC
Conrad, Joseph W., T/4/, 12165546, SC
Conroy, Joseph T., T/5, 32569893, SC
Conti, Sam S., Pvt., 36630857, CE
Cook, Forrest A., Sgt., 34506081, CE
Cooke, Edgar V., Pvt., 34597028, CE
Corcoran, Lawrence B., T/5/, 33331810, CE
Correa, Calvin R., Pvt., 36483076, AC
Coss, Earl R., Cpl., 39192681, AC
Cox, John T. Jr., Pfc., 31280802, CE
Coyle, William E., Cpl., 35661579,
Craig, John F., Pvt., 35602681, CE
Craig, Joseph W., Pvt.], 35647413, CE
Cranford, Douglas N., T/5, 34597271, CE
Creighton, Arthur J., Pfc., 11115307, AC
Cremer, Clarence E. Jr., Pvt., 35537363, SC
Cresse, Russel D., Pfc., 35613424, AC
Crum, Clinton W., T/5, 34610764, CE
Currey, Thomas, Pfc., 38306081, CE
Cusak, Joseph J., Pfc., 32568288, SC
Czernak, Edward J., Pfc., 36631962, CE

- D -

Dahm, Edmund A., Sgt., 36648807, AC
Dalton, Archie A., Pvt., 34505173, CE
Dandrea, Frank, Sgt., 33194784, CE
Danese, Angelo P, , Pfc., 32569440, SC
Daniel, Paul L., Pvt., 37495201, CE
Daniel, Thomas S., S/Sgt., 14138168, AC
Daniels, Fletcher H., T/Sgt., 39200364, CE
Davis, Cecil J. Jr., T/5, 35682949, CE
Dawson, Clarence J., Cpl., 32412866, AC
Dawson, Paul, Pvt., 35742383, SC
Day, Elmer F., Sgt., 32487149, CE
De Mello, Alfred J., Pvt., 39123031, CE
Dean, Clarence, T/5, 38306563, CE
Dean, Frazier A., T/5, 38450863, CE
Deareuff Deardeoff, Melvon S., Pvt., 37505711, CE
Dearing, Henry M., T/5, 35599139, CE
Debonis, Joseph L.,  Jr., Pvt., 32569906, SC
Degennaro, Louis J., T/5, 32539554, SC
Dehart, Ransom A., T/5, 34596079, CE
Delameter,  Jr., Roland M.., T/5, 39262653, AC
Delano,  Jr., Roland M., Cpl., 11034336, AC
Deletto, William S., Cpl., 32503321, AC
Dell, William S., Sgt., 33496897, CE
Dellaflora, Anthony, Cpl., 35614206, AC
Delorenzo, Mario L., T/5, 12183359, SC
Deluca, Fred J., Pvt., 32911773, CE
Deodati, Ralph, T/4/, 32692157, CE
Deutsch, Leonard, Cpl., 12159691, AC
Devore, Forest L., Pfc., 35527668, CE
Dhom, Robert J., Pfc., 36633830, CE
Di Benedetto, Joseph, Pfc., 32742460, CE
Dickson, Albert J., Cpl., 37222195, AC
Dingman, Ernest, Pfc., 35683168, CE
Dingman, Jack C., Pvt., 37411323, CE
Dinittes, Peter J., Cpl., 13110516,
Dinnini, Arnold, Pfc., 33496919, CE
Dirsa, James,  Jr, Cpl., 31110226,
Disbrow, Thomas C., Cpl., 32489262, AC
Doak, Joseph L., Cpl., 33338476, AC
Dobbins, George B., Sgt., 33360376, AC
Dockmam, Clarence B., Pfc., 36568363, CE
Doenges, Clarence J., Pvt., 33418940?, CE
Donahue, Harold P., Pfc., 12181832, SC
Donahue, John E., Pvt., 38380490, CE
Doyle, Raymond E., Sgt., 33310568, AC
Doyle, William A., Sgt., 15041604, AC
Du Vall, Claude E., Pfc., 35096207, CE
Dudley, Loyd T., Pvt., 33521051, CE
Duke, Lee F., Pvt., 38394647, CE
Dunbar, Donald W., Cpl., 33577308, AC
Duran, Leo H.., Pvt., 39551354, CE
Duren, Raymond O., Cpl., 14174678, AC
Durham, Harold W., T/5, 35536311, CE
Durham, Lucien N., T/5, 34526413, CE
Durkin, John J., Cpl., 32550629, AC
Dyda, Frank W., T/4, 32568284, SC

- E -

Eagle, Oscar F., T/5, 35682444, CE
Eastlack, William T., T/4, 32367920, SC
Eatmon, John G., Pvt., 39460356, CE
Ebling, William H., 2 Lt., 0-739411, AC
Economy, Charles J., T/5, 17107505,
Efstia (Efstis), John M., Pfc., 32604812, AC
Eidem, Ervin C., Cpl., 37320954, AC
Ekiss, Richard L., 1st Sgt., 6828735, AC
Ellington, Albert, T/5, 34723815, CE
Elliott, Lee, Sgt., 38394634, CE
Ellis, Donald B., T/4, 12133695, SC
Englert, Francis L., T/5, 37494782, CE
Enright, Walter T., Pfc., 32835971, AC
Ensminger, Freddie, Pvt., 38450974, CE
Epstein, Julius L., 1 Lt., 0-530241, CE
Espitia, Bernadino S., Pfc., 38340227, CE
Estes, Raymond C., Cpl., 19180159, AC
Eubanks, John M., Pvt., 35676992, AC
Evans, Raymond E, Pvt., 35676992, AC

- F -

Faber, Donald E., Pvt., 16131979, .AC
Fairhurst, William M., Pvt, 33333920, SC
Falconer, John E. Jr., Pfc, 39274120, AC
Fallon, John J. Jr., Pvt., 12156727, AC
Farrel, Marion J., 1 Lt., 0669228, AC
Farrell, Robert E., Cpl., 39847477, MC
Farrow, James D., Pfc., 19033249, AC
Faulkner, William H., T/4, 34613764, CE
Favaro, Valentine S., Pfc., 36630811, CE
Feldman, Hyman, Pvt., 32792941, CE
Feldman, Sydney H., Pfc, 37603341, AC
Ferguson, Claude S, , Pvt., 33647985, AC
Ferschweiler, Albert J., S/Sgt, 37284534, SC
Fesce, James, Pvt., 32914981, AC
Fields, Kenneth G., Pvt., 33423004, CE
Figuaroa, Alfredo M., T/5, 39854535, CE
Filburn, Robert G., Pfc., 35629804, MC
Fine, Lewis M., Sgt., 39460359, CE
Finn, Edward D., Pvt., 35541037, CE
Finn, William J., Pfc., 12211677, AC
Firsich, Francis L., Pfc., 35698788, AC
Fischetti, Pasquale R., Pvt., 32611060, CE
Fishell, Elmer H., T/5, 33208576, CE
Fisk, Willis R., Pvt., 32548865, CE
Flatt, Karl R.   (Earl), Pvt., 34526780, CE
Flores, Robert P., Cpl., 18218754, AC
Flynn, Thomas K., T/5, 35683294, CE
Fondoble, Kenneth S., Pfc., 37499616, CE
Fong, Lou B., Pfc., 39036014, CE
Fontaine, Norman G., Pfc., 31247371, CE
Fontenot, Murphy A., Pfc., 38266112, CE
Foraker, Herbert G., Pfc., 35599281, CE
Ford, Douward, T/5, 37602711, CE
Forhan, Phillip A., 2 Lt, 0-580731, AC
Fortin, Walter E., Cpl., 11122257, AC
Foster, James E., Pvt., 34326766, SC
Fowler, Robert O., Pvt., 35510502, CE
Francisco, Joseph M., Pvt., 31136422, SC
Freeman, John W., Cpl., 35599306, CE
Freidenreich, Harry, Cpl., 32784433, AC
Friend, Alvin T., Pfc., 32465425, AC
Fuhrmark, Arhur E., Pfc., 35577180, AC
Fumic, Michael P., T/5, 35521541, CE
Funk, James P., Pfc., 32539654, SC
Fura, Richard, T/5, 32288793, SC
Fusco, Daniel L., Cpl., 33572338, AC

- G -

Gaborski, George, T/5, 12137107, CE
Gallegos, John J., Pfc., 39906711, CE
Gallo, Antonio, Pfc., 31277801, CE
Galvin, Mervin, Cpl., 35589254, AC
Garafalo, Charles, Pvt., 32651534, AC
Garcia, Feliciano, Pvt., 38425348, CE
Garcia, Rogelio, Pvt., 38364139, CE
Garza, Margarito, Pvt, 37472268, CE
Gates, Donald L., Pfc, 37472268, CE
Gatto, Ludovico J., Pfc., 11114748, AC
Geher, Georgew., Cpl., 32206340, AC
Genovese, Joseph, Pfc., 32539446, SC
Gerity, Richard V., T/5, 32163016, SC
Gibbs, Horace J., Pvt., 34606529, CE
Giglio, Daniel F., T/4, 12183313, SC
Gilbert, Harry A., Cpl., 12048994, AC
Gillert, Henry E., T/4, 38306671, CE
Gillespie, Norman J., Pfc., 38326472, CE
Gipson, Leonard H., Cpl., 18098111, AC
Gluck, Bert M., Pfc., 12124131, AC
Glussek, John A., Pvt., 32731086, CE
Goldberg, Morris, T/5, 32568289, SC
Golecki, Edward J., Pfc., 33458918, AC
Gomes, Harold, T/Sgt, 6691285, AC
Goodman, Eugene R., Pvt., 19106356, AC
Goodwin, Alvin C., T/Sgt, 14091027, SC
Goracy, Marion F., Pvt., 32606776, SC
Gorman, Andrew, T/5, 39615313, CE
Gossman, Hyman, Pfc., 32786675, CE
Grace, Robert P., Sgt., 13030595, AC
Gracely, John M., T/5, 33230225, SC
Graham, Roderick M., T/5, 32732589, CE
Gray, John L., Pfc., 32182910, CE
Green, Theodore E., T/3, 6910869, CE
Greenlee, Leonard, S/Sgt., 39851826, SC
Greer, Ernest B., Sgt., 31178444, AC
Griffen, Earl K., Pfc., 32859799, AC
Griffin, Jesse E., T/5, 34505593, CE
Griffin, Martin J., Cpl., 32679301, CE
Griffith, Herman C., Pvt., 34505593, CE
Grimes, W.D., T/5, 18186752, CE
Grimstad, Gordon A., T/3, 36049805, MC
Grzywacz, Henry, Pvt., 32582241, SC
Guarneri, Charles, Sgt., 32692235, AC
Guastella, James V., Cpl., 32693526, AC
Guidry, Dennis, Pvt., 38483122, CE
Gunn, Abraham, Pvt., 32698154, CE
Gust, Carlos P., 1 Lt., 0-578999, AC
Gutierrez, Raymond J., T/4, 38349829, CE
Gyer, Joe R., Pvt., 37602853, CE

- H -

Habib  (Habir), Rudolph, Pfc., 12188406, AC
Hackett, Jack D., Pvt., 33601802, AC
Haedel, John L., T/Sgt, 33027266, AC
Hale, Calvin H., T/5, 34506102, CE
Hale, Charlie B., Pvt., 39280034, CE
Haley, Percy E., Cap't, 0-499087, CE
Hall, Dalma B., Sgt., 34361906, CE
Hall, Joseph C., T/5, 38446231, CE
Hall, Noel, T/5, 37495376, CE
Hamilton, Harold R., T/5, 35683606, CE
Hamilton, James, Pvt., 35430362, CE
Hammond, Malcolm H., Pfc., 34399556, SC
Hankins, Ronald J., Sgt., 39267801, CE
Hann, Earle V., Sgt., 20347514, AC
Hanners, Grover, Pvt., 35657925, AC
Hansard, James F., Sgt., 39303420, AC
Hansen, John F., Sgt., 37397807, CE
Hanson, Merlin D., Pvt., 17155370, CE
Harmon, Clarence R., Cpl., 35602693, CE
Harmon, Clause A., Pvt, 36568200, CE
Harner, William C., Sgt., 14142014, AC
Harney, Joseph F. Jr., Pfc, 35562423, AC
Harrell, Clarence W., Pfc., 33522642, CE
Harrington, Charles J., Pfc., 36416502, CE
Harrison, Jarius, Sgt., 33283416, AC
Hartzell, James E, Pfc., 35710754, AC
Hatch, Byron G., Cpl., 18153995, AC
Hawkins, Andrew J., T/5, 34504593, CE
Hayden, Paul E., Sgt., 32364212, AC
Hayes, Peter E., Pvt., 31299692, CE
Hefferman, Robert M., Pfc., 32696901, AC
Heironymus, Wallace R., Cpl., 37468758, CE
Heller, Lawrence, Cpl., 36742014, CE
Henning, Marion W., T/5, 36416484, CE
Herd, Marlyn C., T/5, 37248017, MC
Herkel, Robert W., T/5, 36416484, CE
Herman, Walter P., Sgt., 34597593, AC
Herrmann, Doyle M., Pfc., 38394568, CE
Hester, Lester C., Pvt., 38267210, CE
Hewett., William H., Cpl., 12165712, AC
Hiatt, Robert C., Sgt, 38016092, CE
Hicks, Jackson C. Jr., Cpl., 18190306, cE
Hicks (Hichs), Walter C., Pfc, 34730907, AC
Hiler, Bayard D., Cpl., 33244510, AC
Hill, Earl I, Pvt., 38445205, CE
Hill, James T., Pfc., 38422775, CE
Hill, John B., Cpl., 36647110, AC
Hinds, Casper W., Cpl., 34494079, CE
Hinton, Herschel V., Cpl., 35614264, AC
Hively, Harvey W., Pfc, 36447253, CE
Hoak, Donald E., Pvt., 33422998, CE
Hobbs, John E., Sgt., 19163121, AC
Hoehns, Joe, Pvt., 33524336, AC
Hogan, Carlton P., Cap't, 0-1688092, AC
Holland, Charles A., Pfc., 34442495, MC
Holloway, Archie C., Cpl., 13135505, AC
Holloway, Robert S., T/5/, 35648025,
Hook, Andrew J. Jr., 1 Lt., 0-577965, AC
Hooks, Jack M., 1 Lt., 0-1107439, CE
Hooper, Roy, T/5, 38473056, CE
Hopkins, Walter E., Pvt., 36416691, CE
Horton, George W., Pvt., 37397555, CE
Hostetler, Robert W., T/5, 35599226, CE
Hott, Raymond L., Pvt., 39907523, CE
Hoyle, William R., Pvt., 39907523, CE
Huffman, Elmer L., Pvt., 38429386, AC
Humka, Joseph S., Pvt., 33582809, CE
Humphries, William D., Pvt., 34724198, AC
Hunt, William H., Pvt., 33569374, CE
Hunter, Harry B., Pfc., 35455056, AC
Hutchins, Gilmer B., Pvt., 36612845, CE
Hutton, David, Pvt., 35532040, CE
Hynds, Hugh B., Pvt., 31241244, CE

- I -

Isaacson, Frank, Pvt, 32876511, INF.

- J -

Jackson, Robert F., Pvt., 38207374, AC
Jackson, Victor E., Pfc., 36440667, AC
Jacobs, Roy A., M/Sgt., 13065519, SC
Jacoby, Edward, Sgt., 20723161, INF.
Jaggers, Clarence T., Pvt., 32487119, CE
Janesick, Frank, Sgt., 36510522, AC
Janiszewski, Frank J., Pfc., 33370996, AC
Jarbala, John, Pvt., 33460241, CE
Jauernick, Edmund V., Cpl., 13110411, AC
Jeleniewski, Vincent T., T/4, 12165531, SC
Jenkins, Howard W., Pfc., 35641363, AC
Jenkins, Jacob K., Pvt, 32487176, CE
Jenkins, Tildon D., Sgt., 6928655, AC
Jerram, Charles K., T/5, 12183435, AC
Jessip, Chester W., Cpl., 20724350, INF.
Jesup, Fred I., Pfc., 35143059, SC
Jeter, Harold L., Pfc., 38473040, CE
Johansonn, Carl E., Sgt., 6978675, INF.
Johnson, Bufurd E., Cpl., 38427614, CE
Johnson, Carl W., Pvt., 36182326, AC
Johnson, Clarence C., Pfc., 18122537, AC
Johnson, Donald I., T/4, 36617774, CE
Johnson, Frank A., Pfc., 39906712, CE
Johnson, Grover C. Jr., Pvt., 33423107, CE
Johnson, John C., Pfc., 39195422, AC
Johnson, Joseph H., Pfc., 32386004, SC
Johnson, Leonard R., Pfc., 37493476, AC
Johnson, Marion O., Pvt., 35128700, SC
Jokel, James H., S/Sgt, 15329937, AC
Jolly, Jordan H., Pvt., 34526696, CE
Jones, Edward B., Cpl., 34508538, AC
Jones, Elmer L., T/4, 39036103, CE
Jones, Eugene N. (homes), T/Sgt., 32080515, AC
Jones, Homer S., Pvt., 38445243, CE
Jones, Roy, Pfc., 35625759, AC
Jones, Strother M., Pfc., 35683631, CE
Joseph, Frankin R., Sgt., 33167369, AC
Julian, Leonard L., Pvt., 37221505, SC

- K -

Kalamaras, George G., Sgt., 36724082, CE
Kaluba, Albert A., Pvt., 36647203, CE
Kamper, Martin B., Cpl., 37034977, INF
Karas, George J., Pfc., 35528146, CE
Karsten, William R., Pvt., 36724063, CE
Katt, Charles W., Sgt., 32596914, INF.
Kay, Lawrence L., 2 Lt, 0-650536, AC
Kearns, Henry, Pfc., 36613155, CE
Keating, William E., Cpl, 35682144, CE
Kefron, Earl W., Cpl., 35512550, ?
Keiper, William L., T/5, 33569364, CE
Kelly, Edward R. Jr., Sgt., 32450631, AC
Kelly, James P., Pvt., 32720224, CE
Kemp, James H., Cpl., 14018829, AC
Kessler, Joseph A., Pvt., 35679723, CE
Kielbania, Mitchell C., Sgt., 31007306, INF
Kiernan, Bernard J., Pfc., 32594055, MC
Kiffney, Edward J., Pfc., 12172031, SC
King, Earl W., Cpl., 35493088, AC
King, George, Pvt., 34505507, CE
King, John P., Pvt., 38425101, CE
King, Paul S., S/Sgt, 34303760, SC
Kirk, Sidney H., Pvt., 33570085, CE
Kirkland, Carl, M/Sgt., 6348697, AC
Kirkpatrick, Raymond Jr., Pfc., 37493525, AC
Kitch, Harry L., 2 Lt, 0-1107521, CE
Klehm, Elsworth C., Pfc., 32609100,
Klein, Vancel A., Pvt., 38433270, AC
Klopf, Howard G., Pfc., 36558680, CE
Knowles, James W., Pfc., 36440529, CE
Kocur, Henry L., Cpl., 32535960, AC
Kofron, Robert J., Cpl., 35512550, AC
Kolobus, Benjamin W., T/5, 12172068, SC
Kordecki, Frank S., Pvt., 33422633, CE
Koscianski, Stephan V., T/5, 32368010, SC
Koski, Everett K., Pvt., 31262132, CE
Kramer, Bernard M., Pvt, 35540194, CE
Krapp, Arnold R., Pfc., 36440830, CE
Kraus, Robert H., Pvt., 33412073, INF.
Krisher, Walter E., Cpl., 35373418, AC
Krumwiede, Earl W., Pfc., 32734590, ]AC
Kruse, John F., Pvt., 32606219, CE
Kucharski, Albert, S/Sgt., 32465930, SC
Kuss, Frederick C., Pfc., 35526245, CE
Kutasiewicz, Stanley P., Pvt, 36295211, CE

- L -

La Balbo, Charles A., Pvt., 32539483, SC
La Neve, Gilbert, Pfc., 12183179, SC
La Polla, Louis R., T/3, 31104464, SC
Lacy, John N., Pvt., 39195545, CE
Laine, Elmer J., Pvt., 39321233, CE
Laliberte, Wilfred A., Pvt., 31190987, AC
Lam, Millard H., Pvt., 33538732, CE
Lambert, Hugh C., Pfc., 34623502, CE
Landry, Wilbert, Pvt., 38483000, CE
Lang, Albert E., Pfc, 11130750, AC
Langham, George H., 1 Lt., 0-789183, AC
Langnas, Robert, Pfc., 13153644, AC
Langone, John F., Pfc., 32539513, SC
Lanham, Leroy G., Pvt., 35750375, AC
Lanier, Henry O., Cpl., 18127231, AC
Lanier, Raymond K., Pvt., 39906559, CE
Lanza, Louis A., Pfc., 32773758, AC
Larimore, William L., Pfc., 35499108, AC
Larner, Arthur L., Sgt, 19083465, AC
Larsen, John W., 1/Sgt, 39388030, SC
Larson, Herman F., Cpl., 36222634, AC
Lazar, Morton N., 2.Lt., 0-1003781, AC
Leach, Fred H., 2 Lt., 0-1105602, CE
Leary, Alvin H., Pfc., 39829930, MC
Lee, William F., Pvt, 34385501, SC
Lee, Willie, T/4, 39036545, CE
Leech, Elmer L., Pvt., 35528296, CE
Lehnert, Peter E. Jr., Pvt., 35057187,
Lelonek, Stanley M., M/Sgt, 32738559, CE
Lemmon, Dudley, Pfc., 38203840, AC
Lerand, Clyde R., Cpl., 36282081, AC
Lerner, Semour, T/4, 32539520, SC
Lescault, Dominique D., S/Sgt., 31201537, CE
Levin, Benjamin, Pfc., 33477155, CE
Lewandowski, Edward M., Pvt., 36743239, CE
Lewis, L.J., T/5, 34505441, CE
Liles, Claude F., T/5, 37496154, CE
Lill, Edward G., Pfc., 12168236, AC
Lindberg, Arthur E., Pfc., 32863877, AC
Little, Benjamin A. Jr., T/4, 34612470, CE
Littman, Arthur, Pfc., 32710557, AC
Lo Balbo, Charles A., Pvt., 32539483, SC
Lofman, Alexander, Pvt., 36558305, CE
Loft, Russell E., T/5, 32679546, CE
Logiodice, Pasqual J., Pfc., 31280731, CE
Longo, Ernest, Pvt., 31291808, CE
Loos, Everett W., Pvt., 36291484, CE
Lopez, Cecelio B., T/5, 39276509, CE
Loudermilk, Revil, Pvt., 36853754,
Lowy, Reginald J., Pvt., 16120077, AC
Luccardi, Frank I., T/5, 31129837, CE
Ludeman, Merwin E., Cpl., 37319592, AC
Lukasevicius, Lawrence, Cpl., 31074463, AC
Lunday, Billy L., Cpl., 38338559, CE
Lundy, Donald E, Pfc., 33434556, AC
Lurie, Leonard, Cpl., 12061376,
Lynn, Ermal R., Pfc., 35497704, AC

- M -

Mabe, Ray D., Pvt., 14191030, SC
Mabie, Guy H., Pvt., 36484007, AC
Mac Millan, Thomas E., Pvt., 17051624, AC
Mac Skimming, Robert W., Pfc., 12165518, SC
Macaluso, Sam, T/4, 36434879, MC
Magee, James H., Pfc., 34625469, CE
Maguschak, John P., Pvt., 33605986, AC
Mahon, Vincent J., Pvt., 7021236, AC
Mahoney, James T., Pfc., 36632034, CE
Mainville, Raymond J. Jr., Pfc., 31254524, AC
Malena, Joseph, Cpl., 33290189, AC
Malott, Elmer L., Pvt., 35729366, AC
Maltesi, Gaetano R., T/5, 12165507, SC
Mann, Clyde R., Pfc., 36613187, CE
Manos, John G., Pfc., 34407485, AC
Markey, Cyril H., Cpl., 33496911, CE
Martin, Archie A., Cpl., 16142649, AC
Martin, Clifford, Cpl., 16076425, AC
Martin, Walter M., Pvt., 13034726, INF.
Martin, William T., Pvt., 32381529, AC
Martinez, Jose E., Pvt., 38349726, CE
Masias, Louis B., Pfc., 38410611, CE
Mastroianni, Carmine A., Sgt., 32624879, AC
Mattox, Ormand A., Pvt., 37478381, INF.
Mawe, Maurice J., T/3, 38005111, AC
Mayer, Jay R., Pfc., 39460938, CE
Mazanka, Walter J., T/5, 36555153, CE
Mc Cabe, Forrest E., Pfc., 36328048, AC
Mc Cammon, George, Pvt., 37577484, INF.
Mc Carley, Kenneth R., Cpl., 35647435, CE
Mc Clung, Glenn E., Pvt., 35658108, AC
Mc Combs, Bernard L., Cpl., 35622900, CE
Mc Conchie, Alden, Cpl., 36613164, CE
Mc Cormack, Harold, Sgt., 35682742, CE
Mc Daniel, Raymond C., Sgt., 6630574, INF.
Mc Daniell, Chester, T/5, 32466040, SC
Mc Donald, Harry S., Sgt., 19125965, CE
Mc Dowell, Walter L., Sgt., 20508721, INF.
Mc Faull, Christopher F., Pvt., 34234143, CE
Mc Gill, Carl C., Cpl., 33574618, CE
Mc Gill, Charles A., Sgt., 32449089, AC
Mc Gill, John G., Cpl., 34575043, INF.
Mc Grath, Cornelius J., Pvt., 33596148, INF.
Mc Holland, Silas, Pfc., 38326407, CE
Mc Irvin, Wayne D., Sgt., 39246340, INF.
Mc Kelvey, John T., 2 Lt., 0-1108847, CE
Mc Keon, William R., Pvt., 12133697, SC
Mc Kinney, Raymond L., Pvt., 38449413,
Mc Laughlin, Francis E., Sgt., 33186929, AC
Mc Mullen, Cloyd H., Pvt., 33758691, INF.
Mc Nally, Jesse J., Pvt., 37496751, CE
Mc Naughton, Robert D., Cpl., 33403285, CE
Mc Nerney, Francis J., S/Sgt, 32553052, AC
Meacham, Robert L., Pfc., 35681752, AC
Measkey, Vernon E., Cpl., 33162662, AC
Mecey, Harold L., Pfc., 39847792, AC
Mechlin, Lloyd H., Pfc., 15011986, CE
Meeks, Melvin F., Pvt., 37493888, CE
Meranda, Marvin R., T/5, 39120208, CE
Meuller, Edgar H., Sgt., 38034351, INF.
Michael, Davis F., T/4, 34611358, CE
Middaugh, Frank E., T/5, 35622888, CE
Migliore, Pacifico A., Pfc., 31280724, CE
Migliorino, Joseph O., Pvt., 12165326, SC
Miller, Eugene D., T/5, 39460971, CE
Miller, Jackson B., T/5, 34506093, CE
Mirosavich, John, Pvt., 35529236, CE
Mitchell, Charles J., Cpl., 15323962, AC
Moe, Willie, Pfc, 39324830, CE
Mokrovich, Joseph, Pvt., 35606241, INF.
Mollela, Joseph T., T/5, 32446893,
Molnar, John G., Pvt., 32540771, SC
Molock, William C., Pvt., 34765250, INF.
Montana, Michael S., Sgt., 31275310, CE
Montgomery, George L., T/5, 12172058, SC
Moon, John I., Pvt., 36721706, CE
Moore, Boyd E., Sgt., 20726373,
Moore, John C., Pvt., 11095722, CE
Morelli, Alfred F., Pvt., 33679166, AC
Morelli, Joseph P., Pfc., 31328019, CE
Moreno, Ignacio G., Pvt., 37459339, CE
Morgan, William L., Sgt., 33351190, INF.
Morrison, Guy W., Cpl., 34490720, CE
Morvay, Lawrence L., Pvt., 32539403, SC
Moyers, Douglas R., Pvt., 33648187, INF.
Mrazek, John G., Pvt., 37612381, INF.
Mullins, Elmer E., Pfc., 34730681, AC
Murnan, Albert W., Cpl., 36459499,
Musial, Benney, Sgt., 32873195,
Music, Denver, Pfc., 35648531, CE
Myercheck, Tony P., Pvt., 35306553,

- N -

Narcaroti, Fred, Pvt., 36340260, SC
Neal, James M., Pvt., 34518065, SC
Negy, Albert A., Pvt, 12182048, SC
Nelms, Benny L., Pvt., 35681933, CE
Nelson, Archie E., Pvt, 36295206, CE
Nelson, Douglas O., Pfc, 39906592, CE
Nelson, Elwyn R., Pvt, 36295208, CE
Nelson, Emil A. Jr., Pvt., 32848233, INF.
Nelson, Homer G., Pfc., 37654148,
Nelson, Louis, Sgt, 32567909, SC
Newton, Irby L., Pvt., 34666734, CE
Nichols, Harry, Cpl., 38325680, CE
Nick, Gilbert L., Pfc., 33562582, AC
Nicks, Orvil R., Pvt., 19112957, CE
Niemiec, Marion A., Pfc., 36722023, CE
Niezgoda, Leon C., Pvt., 36613147, CE
Nixson, Edmund R, , Cpl., 18077872, AC
Noble, Arthur, T/5, 35682894, CE
Nobles, T.J., Pvt, 38370823, CE
Nolan, John P. Jr., Pfc., 39117730, AC
Northcutt, Bernard L., S/Sgt., 37142736, AC
Norton, Edward P., Pvt., 12025167, AC
Norwood, Clarence, Pfc., 33519289,
Nowicki, John E., Cpl., 36507801, AC
Nugent, Buford C., Sgt., 6250477, INF.
Nugent, Joseph F., Pvt., 32278198, AC
Nulton, Clifford S., Pfc., 33458874, CE

- O -

O'brien, Henry J., Pvt., 32164182, CE
O'brien, John T., Pvt., 32791072, CE
O'neill, James J. Jr., Pvt., 32912710, INF.
Oaks, Russel E., Sgt., 13145867, AC
Oates, Paul E., Pfc., 34680180, SC
Ocel, Frank J. Sr., Cpl., 33418466, CE
Ogden, Orville L., Pfc., 36613198, CE
Oliver, Raymond L., Pvt., 38370599, CE
Olsen, Andrew W., Sgt., 32486665, CE
Olson, Howard E., Cpl., 36241398, AC
Orr, Calvin L., Pvt., 38446232, CE
Ortega, Panfilo, Pvt., 38439992, INF.
Osborn, Donald I., T/5, 37397540, CE
Osborne, Jack, T/5, 35673889,
Ostman, Arnold M., Pvt., 37558370, INF.
Owen, William A., Pvt., 34035988, CE
Owens, John E., Cpl T15, 37409570, CE

-P -

Pace, Robert F. Jr., T/4, 34370694, SC
Palmer, Earnie L. Jr., Cpl., 14177927, AC
Pantellich, Ralph, Pvt., 36568063, CE
Parent, Wilfred, Sgt., 31081777, AC
Parrish, Forrest R., Pvt., 33539778, CE
Parsons, Denver, Pvt., 35647460, CE
Partin, Raymond P., T/5, 34505802, CE
Pasagoli, Louis A., Cpl., 32539622, SC
Paslowski, Andrew, Pfc., 32865067, AC
Patterson, Mc Glothan L., T/5, 38445281, CE
Patterson, Richard B., Pvt., 35599292, CE
Patton, Ellery D., Pvt., 32873907, INF.
Paul, Joseph A., T/5, 39271841, CE
Pawlik, Eugene F., Pvt., 36723968, CE
Payne, Archie E., Cpl., 37291836, AC
Peacock, John J., T/Sgt., 7002521, AC
Pechart, John E., Sgt., 33496896, CE
Peckron, Harry H., Pvt., 37412901, CE
Peiser, Harold E., Pfc., 12193090, AC
Pelkey, Edward W., Pvt., 31254529, CE
Perkins, Warren B., T/5, 39462899, CE
Perry, Arley J., Cpl., 35624848,
Peters, Odus, T/4, 34440580,
Peterson, Frank A., Pfc., 33575967, CE
Peterson, Morley D., Pfc., 39906759, CE
Phillips, Albert E., Pfc., 39397745, AC
Phillips, James E., T/5, 36633354, CE
Philpotts, James R., Pvt., 33535744, CE
Piekarz, Joseph S., Pvt., 32889077, INF.
Pirtle, Willie L., T/5, 36440832, CE
Pisinski, Joseph J., T/4, 32568119, SC
Poole, John, Pvt., 35304611, AC
Poore, Norris A., Pfc., 31268098, CE
Pope, Harlem D., Pvt., 34681707, CE
Porter, George R., Pvt., 33720281, CE
Poteet, Jesse W., Pfc., 34505421, CE
Potocnik, Joseph G., Pvt., 33418443, CE
Potryszyn, Edward, T/5, 12165521, SC
Poucher, Burton G., T/4, 12172023, SC
Prescott, William F. Jr., Sgt., 34385568, AC
Priddy, Benjamin, Maj., 0-175081, CE
Priest, William M., Pvt., 34801139, INF.
Prock, Ernest L., Pfc., 373368643, AC
Puchalski, Stanley J., Pfc., 36630861, CE
Pyeatt, Roy D., Pvt., 38344921, CA
Pyne, Thomas P., Pvt., 31137467, AC

- Q -

Quetu, Alfred L., Pvt., 39276519, CE

- R -

Ramos, Norberto R., Pvt., 38143356, CE
Ramos, Phillip R., Pvt., 32825900, AC
Rauch, Leonard S., Sgt., 32301028, AC
Ray, George W., S/Sgt., 34493503, CE
Ray, Herman B., Pfc., 34506206, CE
Rayburn, Herbert E., Pvt., 35647660, CE
Reagle, Merl H., Pvt., 32487247, CE
Rebar, Edwin M., Sgt., 32236864, AC
Reeves, Arthur J., Cpl., 16075901, AC
Reid, William P., Sgt., 36584245, AC
Reifschenider, Charles, Cpl., 36319725, AC
Reines, Eli, Cpl., 11110174, AC
Reinl, John W., S/Sgt., 33226891, AC
Resler, Robert D., Cpl., 13112029, AC
Reznicek, Frank J., Pvt., 38436107, AC
Rey, Frederick C.J., T/4, 33496864, CE
Ridgeway, Harry F., Pvt., 35749252, CE
Riley, Robert E., Pvt., 11070215, AC
Rinaldi, James P., Pfc., 31328753, AC
Rindfuss, Paul S., Pvt., 32474105, AC
Rinkus, Vincent G., Pvt., 32753873, AC
Riondino, Lewis A., Sgt., 32271871, AC
Rison, Myron R., Cpl., 35620036, CE
Rittenhouse, William A., Sgt., 12133700, SC
Rives, Lynn D., Pvt., 36448001, CE
Roback, Nathan, Pfc., 32539737, SC
Roberts, Finis J., Sgt., 18166388, AC
Roberts, Harry T., 1/Sgt., 34315532, CE
Robey, Theodore W., Pvt., 33201592, AC
Robison, Eddie H., Pfc., 37409304, CE
Rodgers, John L., Pfc., 32568310, SC
Rodriguez, Manuel A., Pvt., 38217821, CE
Roethel, Karl J., S/Sgt., 32318331, CE
Rogers, Phillp A., T/5, 32606287, CE
Rojas, Rodolfo, Pfc., 38217750, CE
Roland, Alphus R., Cpl., 18182429, AC
Rose, Ezra E., Pvt., 39193926, CE
Rosen, Harry, Pvt., 32695882, CE
Rosen, Joseph, Cpl., 13151774, AC
Rosenberg, Howard H., Pvt., 32865998, SC
Ross, James F., Cpl., 33280987, AC
Rossetti, Walter, Pvt., 33599256, CE
Rossmell, Henry J., Pvt., 32465362, AC
Rousseau, Roland, E., 31111115, T/SGT
Rutherford, James E., Pfc., 39615352, CE

- S -

Saccomana, William J., T/5, 32568351, SC
Salamone, Henry P., S/Sgt., 31152534, CE
Salopek, Pete, Sgt., 35398960, AC
Salvin, Henry J., Pvt., 33465421, SC
Sanow, Harvey, S/Sgt., 32144183, AC
Satterfield, Clifford R., S/Sgt., 31122875, SC
Schlaback, Ferris D., T/5, 36542334, CE
Schmid, Earl A., Pfc., 35795357, AC
Schneider, William J., Pvt., 36558052, CE
Schnell, Charles O., T/4, 31275858, CE
Schroeder, Harold R., Sgt., 36282338, CE
Schuh, Phillip E., Sgt., 32689226, AC
Schultz, Raymond E., Pvt., 33460238, CE
Seaman, William I., Pfc., 12172037, SC
Seavy (Seavey), Myron B., 1 Lt., 0-1103402, CE
Seidel, Max H., S/Sgt., 37415141, AC
Seigel, Leon, Pvt., 32415075, AC
Semand (Somond), Edward J., 1/Sgt., 36543436, CE
Seyerle, George C., Pvt., 33672673, AC
Shambis, Deloss H., T/5, 37466892, SC
Sharp, Paul L., Pfc., 38326043, CE
Shefulski, Peter P., Pvt., 32504173, AC
Shekell, Charles H., Pfc., 38453404, CE
Shelton, Horace E., Pvt., 38305332, CE
Shepherd, Odell, Pfc., 33562553, AC
Shilkus, Fred C., Private, 36722540, SC
Shoemaker, Ruby R., Pvt., 38369097, CE
Shull, Lawrence J., 2 Lt., 0-579226, AC
Siarkowski, Ervin E., Pvt., 35542765, CE
Sienko, Fred T., T/5, 36721686, CE
Sifuentes, Ralph V., T/5, 37494203, CE
Sink, Walton, Pvt., 36613197, CE
Sirgiovanni, Dominic, Pvt., 32700538, CE
Sistern, Ralph W., Pvt., 37654441, CE
Sitter, Ralph, Pvt., 39455310, CE
Sivulich, John, Pfc., 33460186, CE
Skvasik, Andrew J., Pvt., 12165429, SC
Slager, Justin J., Pfc., 36417850, CE
Sleeper, Lawrence J., Cpl., 31132650, AC
Sloan, Theodore, T/5, 32672745, CE
Sloat, Walter D., 2 Lt., 0-509398, SC
Smith, Charles H., Pvt., 38464222, CE
Smith, Earle F., Pvt., 33553426, CE
Smith, Ernest N., Pvt., 36568162, CE
Smith, Glen E., Pvt., 36728926, CE
Smith, Harry A., T/5, 37411379, CE
Smith, Harry L., Cpl., 33553319, CE
Smith, Herman E., T/5, 34704378, CE
Smith, Hughie H., Pvt., 34625682, CE
Smith, Humphrey E., Cpl., 38394214, CE
Smith, Jasper R., Pfc., 32847486, CE
Smith, Joseph C., Cpl., 14171058, AC
Smith, Loyal H., Pvt., 36263832, SC
Smith, Paul W., Pfc., 32539439, SC
Smith, Walter E., T/5, 36297690, CE
Smith, William g. jr., Pvt., 33525476, SC
Smith, Wilson Jr., S/Sgt., 12057739, CE
Smolinsky, Peter P., Pfc., 33271005, AC
Smothermon, Choron, Pvt., 38476978, AC
Sneath, John C., Cpl., 6145722, INF.
Snedeker, Vincent B., T/5, 12133649, SC
Solomon, Herman, Pvt., 32712727, CE
Somand, Edward J., 1/Sgt., 36543476, CE
Soppe, Raymond F., Pvt., 37156293, SC
Sorrells, Everett R., Pvt., 35684495, CE
Sorrels, Walter W., T/4, 36440796, CE
Sortwell, George H., Cpl., 35567877, AC
Sosnofsky, Harry, 2nd Lt., 0-873096, AACS
Soucie, Telesphore J., Pvt., 31283142, SC
Sparacio, Jack T., Pfc., 32730604, AC
Spears, Earl J., T/5, 36441270, CE
Spears, Emerson, T/4, 32367971, SC
Spielhagen, Howard C., Pvt., 17078186, SC
Spiess, Herbert, Pfc., 32396726, AC
Spivey, Robert W., Pvt., 34763613, CE
Spruck, Hans W., Pfc., 36643706, MC
Sroka, Henry S., Pvt., 36722143, CE
Stafford, Chester E., T/5, 36440795, CE
Stankovic, Nicholas M., Pfc., 33496904, CE
Starnes, Thomas F, Pvt., 34643680, CE
Stasiak, Leon.J., Pvt., 32783131, CE
Steely, James E., T/5, 36543234, CE
Stefannice, Aldo, T/5, 32367979, SC
Stein, Roy A., Pfc., 36568388, CE
Stelitano, Lawrence L., Pvt., 33439432, AC
Stellato, Joseph N., Pfc., 33231674, SC
Stephenson, Chester D., Pvt., 39257087, AC
Steward, Cecil A., Pvt., 34656366, AC
Stewart, Arlie A., M/Sgt., 6076972, INF.
Stewart, Franklin M., Pfc., 325401, SC
Stinson, Ned, T/5, 37397524, CE
Straub, Arthur G., Pvt., 35684593, CE
Strole, Trenton A., S/Sgt.., 33089531, INF.
Sturges, Claude J., Pfc., 19100809, AC
Sullivan, John J., Pvt., 12182386, SC
Swanger, John M., Pvt., 35624874, CE
Sward, George S., Pvt., ]37660197, CE
Swerbinsky, Frank, Pvt., 33575107, SC
Swickey, Harry, T/4, 32537571, SC
Swobodo, Joseph J., Pvt., 15353859, AC
Szkatulski, Stanley A., Pvt., 35543892, CE

- T -

Tabor, Alfred J. Sr., Pvt., 33528666, CE
Tally, Marshall B., Pvt., 37415765, CE
Tarantola, Peter, Pvt., 32710987, CE
Tasker, Wallace, Pfc., 35746181, CE
Taylor, Harry V., Pvt., 12133648, SC
Teitelbaum, Abraham, Cpl., 12160137, AC
Terflinger, Robert F., T/5, 37494521, CE
Tester, Robert D., Sgt., 36003276,
Thell, Anton F., Cpl., 17123524, AC
Thiel, Herbert E., Pvt., 36291620, CE
Thistlewood, George W., Pvt., 32368330, SC
Thomas, Budio J., Pvt., 31291837, CE
Thomas, Joseph F., Cpl., 35007989, INF.
Thompson, Luther O., 1 Lt., 0-566909, AC
Thompson, Ross E., Pvt., 38326404, CE
Thrasher, Donald W., T/5, 35540841, CE
Throne, George W., Pvt., 33499032, CE
Thweat, Thomas D., Pvt., 34122578, CE
Tidball, Cleo L., Pvt., 37413698, CE
Tilberg, John B., T/Sgt., 32579570, AC
Tischner, Samuel P., Pvt., 32895628, AC
Tisza, John A., T/5, 32368330, SC
Tobbe, George B., Pfc., 36630673, CE
Toczylowski, Chester, T/5, 37415179, CE
Torbich, William, T/5, 33418450, CE
Tramontano, Guy J., Pvt., 32734023, CE
Trant, Russell H., S/Sgt., 37235397, AC
Trevino, Lee C., Pvt., 38114816, CE
Trimnath, Carl A., Pfc., 33569415, CE
Troutman, Raymond H., Sgt., 32139065, AC
Truax, Duane E., Pvt., 37469837, CE
Tubbs, Lloyd M., Sgt., 20726610, INF.
Tucker, Ralph W., Sgt., 18219348, AC
Turner, George H., Pvt., 35643672, SC
Tyner, Thomas O. Jr., Sgt., 14158919, AC

- U -

Ulery, John M., T/5, 33414010, CE
Underdown, George T., Pvt., 32717457, CE
Unger, Ervin W., Pvt., 37408927, CE
Unger, Frank J., Cpl., 32745693, CO
Urban, Lester J., Sgt., 26291591, CE
Uvino, Louis J., Pvt., 32805376, INF.

- V -

Vadney, Edward W., Pvt., 35643672, SC
Valentini, Vincent J., Pvt., 33131757, CE
Van Pelt, Garland L., Cpl., 18192148, AC
Van Ryn, Norman E., Cpl., 33164467, AC
Vander Giessen, John C., Pfc., 36460271, AC
Varriano, John, T/4, 12183134, SC
Vaughn, Douglass, Pfc., 15068180, MC
Veasie, John E. Jr., T/4, 11013238, SC
Vecchio, Frank, Sgt., 33111456, CE
Venclik, Emil L., Pfc., 36746216, AC
Very, Hale, 1/Sgt, 31036530, CE
Vest, Drexel, Pfc., 35798183, AC
Vidit, August, Pvt., 35527083, SC
Viehmana, Harvey C., T/5, 37411276, CE
Vilardi, Frank, Pvt., 32809127, AC
Vitnic, Frank J., T/4, 33275612, SC

- W -

Waddell, Emzie E., Pvt., 37417123, CE
Wade, William, Pvt., 35656310, AC
Wald, Weldon W., S/Sgt., 38364854, CE
Waldrep, R.B., T/5, 38340163, CE
Walker, Thomas  S., M/Sg, 32272201, INF
Walters, Fred C., Pvt., 12182661, SC
Walters, Grady M. Jr., S/Sgt., 14014203, AC
Wanbaugh, William L., Pfc., 13067494, SC
Wargo, Albert S., Cpl., 33292627, AC
Wasniewski, Eugene, Pfc., 32632204, AC
Waterman, Harry E., Cpl., 11106127, AC
Webb, James R., Pfc., 339460551, CE
Weber, Thomas A., 2 Lt., 0-581327, AC
Webster, Harold C., Pfc., 33529632, CE
Weegmen, Henry, Cpl., 37177365, AC
Weidenbenner, Herbert J., T/5, 6859282, CE
Weight, Kenneth D., Cpl., 39906660, CE
Weissman, Sidney, Pvt., 32539611, SC
Welgoss, Eugene, Pvt., 33463627, INF.
Weller, Otto A., Pvt., 32367135, SC
Werber, Jack L., S/Sgt., 33446676, AC
West, Elmer N., T/4, 37405852, CE
West, Tommy B., T/4, 38445298, CE
Wheaton, Jack, Pfc., 39906571, CE
White, Harold W., T/5, 37399102, CE
Whited, Everett, T/5, 35679382, CE
Whitehead, Clinton W., T/5, 34682739, CE
Whitlowe, Jay P., 1/Sgt, 34372121, CE
Wibbelsmann, Arthur H., T/5, 35713279, CE
Wiebold, Morris G., Cpl., 17123243, AC
Wiesjahn, Walter C., Pfc., 32862294, AC
Wilder, Harry, Pfc., 11062558, SC
Wilhoite, Earle G. Jr., Pfc., 33737909, AC
Williamson, George W., Pfc., 36720827, CE
Wilpan, Seymour, Pfc., 32814209, AC
Wilson, Joseph A., Sgt., 17059182, AC
Wilson, Kenneth W., T/5, 34762425, CE
Wilson, Paul B., Cpl., 18197971, AC
Wilson, Walter O., T/4, 37494435, CE
Winingham, Earnest O., Cpl., 18198524, AC
Winters, Homer M., Pfc., 33496926, CE
Wirtanen, Onni N., Pfc., 31077425, SC
Witchey, William, T/5, 33566951, CE
Wolff, Edward A., Cpl., 12182834, AC
Wolford, Claude W., Sgt., 37424859, INF.
Wood, Miner K., 2 Lt., 0-1108428, CE
Woodruff, Walter W. Jr., Pfc., 34781871, AC
Woody, Golden H., Pfc., 37496956, CE
Wooley, Emmitt E., Sgt., 38446280, CE
Wortman, Chester F., Pfc., 32568014, SC
Wortman, William H., Pfc., 12165536, SC

- X -

No names beginning with the letter "X"

- Y -

Yachus, Michael, Pvt., 32367984, SC
Yeager, Donald D., Cpl., 35666585, AC
Yoder, Dale R., Cpl., 33309409, AC
Young, Cecil, Pvt., 36567556,CE
Young, Clyde D., Cpl., 36568075, AC

- Z -

Zachary, Lonzo D., Pvt., 19177372, AC
Zagar, John A., T/5, 36419196, CE
Zamanigian, Martin, Pvt., 19138744, AC
Zborowski, Frank, Pvt., 36173341, CE
Zeh, Marion V., T/Sgt, 36436479, CE
Ziegenbusch, Herman H., M/Sgt., 37059525, INF.
Zimmerman, Harry H., Pvt., 36440689, CE
Zura, Andrew, Pfc., 13109842, CE


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