JESSE P. JOHNSON was born in Des Moines IA around 1873. He first became a resident of Camden NJ around 1890. The 1980-1891 City Directory shows a Jesse P. Johnson living at the corner of 9th and Pearl Streets and working as a salesman in Philadelphia. He married his wife Jennie in the early 1890s. 

By 1920 Jesse P. Johnson was working full time as an actor, as were his two older sons, Mortimer and Willard. For years they worked as a team on the vaudeville circuit, touring the United States and playing on Broadway, billed as The Johnson Brothers and Johnson. At the time of the 1920 census, the family, which included younger sons Clark and Edgar, was renting a house at 635 Royden Street in Camden NJ. He later moved to a home at 19 North 28th Street, in East Camden. He retired from the stage in the early 1940s.

Jesse P. Johnson died while at home and in bed on May 11, 1950. He was found by his son Willard G. Johnson, who had recently become the manager of the Towers Theater, on Broadway at Pine Street in Camden. Jesse P. Johnson is buried at Harleigh Cemetery in Camden NJ.

Camden Courier-Post * May 12, 1950
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