ARTHUR GELHAAR was born in Germany around 1888. He came to the United States in 1911, and became an America citizen in 1917. January of 1920 found married with two young daughters, and living with wife Christine in a rented house at 622 Mt. Vernon Street. Later in the decade he bought a grocery at 700 Mt. Vernon Street, the corner of South Seventh Street and Mt. Vernon, where he was living at as late as the fall of 1936. Sometime after Prohibition was repealed, this became a bar, and remained as such into the 1960s.

Arthur Gelhaar served as Republican county committeeman for Camden's Seventh Ward in the mid-1930s. He had left Camden by 1947 and lived for many years on Haddonfield Road in Pennsauken Township. His wife Christine passed away in July of 1977, and it appears that Arthur Gelhaar preceded her

Camden Courier-Post - February 29, 1936

Gelhaar Not Quitting

To the Editor:

Sir-After receiving quite a number of telephone calls as well as personal visits from many of my constituents, I hereby publicly declare that notwithstanding the fact that my so-called enemies in the Republican party of our ward are circulating rumors that I have resigned from the county committee to which I was legitimately elected, I take this means of informing every resident of the Seventh ward that I am still a member of the above named committee and 'have not tendered my resignation nor do I intend so doing. I must confess that I entered into the political limelight in order to give the Seventh Warders a cooperative and businesslike administration, but the latter course did not meet with the approval of the so- called "leaders"; therefore, the above rumors and propaganda were circulated.

I am in this fight to a finish and anything that I personally can do to help and better conditions in our ward, I win most surely try to do. And, I further emphasize the fact- that I will not become an "order taker" nor a "messenger boy" for anyone.


Camden Courier-Post - October 21, 1936

Thousands at Masquerade Ball Given by Seventh Ward G.O.P.

More than 1000 persons were guests last night at the fifth annual masquerade ball of the Seventh Ward Republican Club at St. Joseph's Parish Hall, Tenth and Liberty Streets.

Gold and diamond police badges were presented in behalf of the club by Mayor Roy R. Stewart to District Detective J. Nowrey Ellis and Sergeant Albert L. Cornog.

Prizes were awarded for fancy costumes as follows:

First, Mae Kaufman. 408 Haddon Avenue; second, Marie Ryan, of Woodlynne; and Lottie Schultz, 1767 Norris Street; third, Mary Serack, 1224 Sheridan Street and Agnes Starr, 1229 Sheridan Street; fourth, Helen Ellis, 1340 Lansdowne Avenue. Prizes for comic costumes were won by the following: Mrs. Anna Clark, 628 Division Street; second, Mrs. Christine Gelhaar, 700 Mt. Vernon Street; third, Mrs. Margaret Dorris, 854 Mt. Ephraim Avenue, and fourth, Helen Mickiewicz, 1930 Morton Street. A special prize was awarded to Roland Fenner, 721 Spruce Street.

Officers of the club are Edward A. Kemble, president; Albert L. Cornog and Walter Johnson, vice presidents; Paul Ebinger, recording secretary; Charles F. Cliver, financial secretary; and Michael Albert, treasurer. Harry Albert was chairman of the ball committee.