Samuel Scull


SAMUEL SCULL was born in Camden NJ on 1816. His father, also named Samuel Scull, was one of first and one of the largest carriage makers in his time. He worked for a time at carriage making, then established a sausage factory at the south-east corner of Locust Street and Kaighn Avenue.

Involving himself in politics, Samuel Scull was elected to City Council in 1851, and again in 1843. He was elected Mayor on the American Party ticket in 1855, succeeding Lorenzo Fisler. After serving his one year term, as mayor, Samuel Scull returned to City Council. James W. Shroff became the next mayor of Camden, in 1856. Samuel Scull went on to  serve three terms in the New Jersey Assembly.

Samuel Scull passed away on January 4, 1864.  

The History of Camden County New Jersey
George Reeser Prowell - 1886