Baxter Jr.

HERBERT WILLIAM BAXTER JR. was born in Camden, New Jersey on January 1, 1911 to Elizabeth and Herbert W. Baxter Sr. according to Social Security and Census records. The family lived at 322 Atlantic Avenue as as late as the September of 1918. His father was appointed to the Camden Fire Department not long afterwards; he was on the force when the Census was taken in January of 1920, and served into the 1930s. The family was living at 320 Liberty Street in January of 1920 and were still there in April of 1930. At that late date Herbert Baxter Jr. was working in an auto parts store. Also at home were siblings Annie, 24 and his twin brother John.

Herbert W. Baxter Jr. was was working as a tool repairer and living with his wife Mary at 1325 Rose Street when he wasappointed to the Camden Fire department on March 15, 1948. He reported for duty on April 1, 1948, assigned to Engine Company 7 on Kaighn Avenue, where he served until July 16, 1963, with the exception of a 15 day beginning from January 1, 1950 where he was assigned to Engine Company 10 on Morgan Boulevard. As was the practice in place, he occasionally saw duty elsewhere.

On July 16, 1963 Herbert Baxter Jr. was transferred to the Fire Marshall's office. This was intended to be a temporary transfer. Another temporary transfer occurred on February 9, 1965 when he was assigned to Ladder Company 1. Having completed over 17 years of service to the City of Camden, Herbert W. Baxter left the Fire Department on pension on May 1, 1966. He appears to have moved out of Camden shortly thereafter.

Last a resident of Maple Shade, New Jersey, Herbert W. Baxter Jr. passed away on December 29, 1986.

Engine Company 11
Photo by
Bob Bartosz

Engine Company 11, rough and dirty after another working fire at the old "starch works" on Lemuel Avenue in East Camden. From left Fire Fighters Phil Stinger, Jack Schott, Herb Baxter, Bill O'Connor and Matt Davies. Circa 1957