GIDEON VERNON STIVERS was the second Mayor of Camden NJ. Born in Bellville, Essex County NJ in 1786, he learned the carpenter's trade, and came to Camden sometime before 1810. He soon was involved in building houses and other large buildings, including a house for Edward Sharp in 1810 and St. Paul's Church.  He married Anne Wessell on November 24, 1822. A daughter, Elizabeth, was born in July of 1823. She was followed by daughters Emma, Angelina and Adeline, and lastly in 1832, a son, Samuel Wessell Stivers.

Giden V. Stivers was first chosen for the post by City Council, and was re-elected by that body every year through 1837. He moved to Philadelphia in 1838, and did not return to Camden until 1856. He ran for mayor once again in 1859, but was defeated in the election. He again moved to Philadelphia in 1865, where he passed away on February 7, 1866. His death was reported in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Public Ledger. The date cited by Prowell is in error. His wife Ann passed away on June 1, 1869.

The History of Camden County New Jersey
George Reeser Prowell - 1886