GEORGE W. MERIWETHER was born in Duquesne, Pennsylvania on July 12, 1925, one of at least five children born to Albert and Minnie Meriwether. By April of 1930 the family had relocated to Newark, Ohio. George Meriwether was still living in Ohio when he was issued a Social Security card. He came to Camden at some point after the compilation of the 1947 Camden City Directory.

On June 27, 1960 George W. Meriwether was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He was living at 214 North 28th Street in East Camden at the time of his appointment. Assigned to Engine Company 8 at 619 Kaighn Avenue, he reported for duty on July 1, 1960. On August 3, 1960 he was transferred to Ladder Company 3 at North 27th Street and Federal Street in East Camden, a short walk from his home at 2803 Thompson Street. He retired on pension on August 1, 1985.

George W. Meriwether made his home on Thompson Street until his death on June 3, 1992. His next door neighbor for many years was fellow Camden fire fighter Andrew Foreman.

Camden Courier-Post * December 22, 1971


Left: Scattered glass and ripped blinds are evidence of first of two firebombings in Camden today. This bombing was at 333 Arch Street, Camden, home of several business. There were no injuries.
Right: Water and soot damage are evident at office of Puerto Rican Labor Department office at 333 Arch St., Camden, site of firebombing earlier today.

Soot marks the spot where firebomb struck the Third National Bank of New Jersey, in Camden today. The bombing was the second of two in the city within 16 minutes and three miles.

Sara Matthews - Ellen Egbert 
Harold Pike - Donald McGlensey
George Meriweather - Harry Scholz
Robert Harrison -
Engine Company 9
Arch Street - 27th Street - Federal Street



Camden Courier-Post
June 5, 1992