GEORGE T. SMALL was born in New Jersey around 1886. He married his wife Ella around 1910.

During the 1910s George T. Small found work as a collector on one of the ferries that crossed the Delaware River in the years prior to the construction of the Delaware River (Ben Franklin) Bridge.   

In January of 1920 the Small family owned a home at 1211 Kenwood Avenue in Camden's Parkside section. By 1930 they had moved to 1445 Kaighn Avenue, also in Parkside section. By that time George and Ella Small had three children, George T. Small Jr., Eleanor R, and Margery Small.  George Small was serving as the Superintendent of Parks for the city of Camden, under the direction of Mayor Winfield S. Price.

George T. Small had passed away prior to the compilation of the 1936 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directory. His wife Ella remained at 1445 Kaighn Avenue until her death in October of 1966, shortly after her 79th birthday.