FRANK T.M. WEBSTER was born in Washington, D.C. in 1852 according to the 1880 Census. He appears in the 1878-1879 Camden City Directory as being a barber who lived and worked at the southeast corner of Locust Street and Division Street. The 1879-1880 Directory narrows this down to 226 Division Street. The 1880 Census shows Frank Webster and his wife Eliza at 837 Locust Street. The couple was childless at the time of the census. The 1881-1882 City Directory shows him at 636 John Street. John Street was renamed Locust Street within a couple of years if the 1881-1882 Directory's publication. The 1882-1883 Directory shows him at 703 Cherry Street. The 1883-1884 Directory shows Frank Webster living at 834 Locust Street, with a barber shop in what was then a prime location at 121 Kaighn Avenue, near the ferry terminal. By April of 1884 he had moved to 234 Division Street, where he was living when he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department.


Frank T. Webster was appointed to the Fire Department to serve as an extra man with  Engine Company 1 in 1884, taking the place of Thomas McKenna. Frank T. Webster served for about a year. When the Fire Department was reorganized in the summer of 1885, 18 of the extra men were let go and not replaced, Frank Webster being one of that number.

By the end of 1884 Frank Webster had moved again, this time to the corner of South 4th Street and Berkley Street. The 1885 Camden City Directory shows Frank Webster living and working as a barber at 501 South 4th Street. Neither Frank Webster or his wife Eliza appear in Camden City Directories or Census records after that date.