EDWARD DOWHY is the son of the late Captain Joseph Dowhy Sr. of the Camden Fire department. While brothers Robert Dowhy, Dennis Dowhy, and Joseph Dowhy Jr. followed their father into Camden's Fire Department, Edward Dowhy's service to his city took another form, as he joined the Camden Police Department. After a long and distinguished career, including time served on the Camden County Auto Theft Task Force with Camden police officers Ed Eldred, Ron Miller, and Cliff Leary, Edward Dowhy retired with the rank of Lieutenant. 


As of May, 2008 Edward Dowhy is serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Camden County Hero Scholarship Fund and coaching Junior American Legion Baseball.

Joseph Dowhy Sr. and Family

Robert   Joseph  Dennis  Edward

Pearl   Joseph Sr.

From Left: Unknown, Cliff Leary, Ed Dowhy, Ed Eldred, Unknown, Ron Trabosh, Unknown, Ron Miller

The Police News of New Jersey - June/July 1985

Camden Local #35 recognizes efforts of Auto Task Force

CAMDEN- During the year 1984, the City of Camden was plagued with an increasing number of auto thefts.

This was not a problem confined to the ĚCity but also a stated and national problem.

During the year 1984, Camden' received 1834 auto theft reports. Also during that year 1984, 1075 autos had been stolen outside the city and recovered in Camden. 

In January 1985, with the cooperation of other police agencies in the Camden County area" a special Auto Theft Task Force was put into operation to combat this problem.

The following Police Departments assigned their men on a full-time basis: Camden Police Department Sergeant Edward Eldred, Detective Clifford Leary, Patrolman Ronald Miller, and Patrolman Edward Dowhy; Cherry Hill Police Department Patrolman Blair Smith; Gloucester Township Police Department Detective Ronald Trabosh; and Patco High Speedline Police Detective Robert Stanley and Patrolman Carlton Clark.

During the time the Task Force was in operation, the. Unit recovered 54 stolen cars, made 33 arrests, served 10 warrants, and, closed 4 garages being used a "chopshops".

The detectives and patrolmen involved in this Task Force worked long, hard hours, and dedicated themselves to making the operation a success.

They were extremely successful in gaining knowledge and information on the adults and juveniles involved in the theft and stripping of stolen autos in the City.

For their dedication and success in their assignment, Camden Local No. #35 recognized their efforts and presented each of them with an award.

The Police News of New Jersey - June/July 1985

Pictured from left to right: Patrolman Edward Dowhy and Patrolman Ronald Miller, Camden City Police Department; Detective Ron Trabosh, Gloucester Township Police Department; Detective Clifford Leary and Detective Vince Foster, Camden City Police Department; Detective Bob Stanley, Delaware River Port Authority Police Department (PATCO); Patrolman Blair Smith, Cherry Hill Police Department; Detective William Olson, Camden City Police Department and Detective Carlton Clarke, - Delaware River Port Authority Police Department (PATCO). Missing from photo Is Patrolman Donald Smith, Camden City Police Department.

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