Dr. Thomas



DR. THOMAS F. CULLEN was one of the few members of the Camden County Medical Society who passed an examination before its board of censors, receiving his license June 18, 1850. He was elected a member of the society in the following December.  He was the son of Captain Thomas Cullen, of the Philadelphia merchant marine, and was born in that city September 3, 1822.  He received his scholastic education in Mount Holly, N.J., to which place his parents had removed.

Dr. Cullen studied medicine with Dr. Heber Chase, a surgeon of Philadelphia, and graduated at the University of Pennsylvania in 1844.  His first field of practice was in Newark, Delaware, but in 1849 he removed to Camden.  Here his great natural abilities and careful training brought him prominently forward, especially as a surgeon, in which branch of the profession he became so skilled and successful that for the first time in its history Camden became independent of its neighbor across the Delaware for the performance of a capital surgical operation.  On June 2, 1853 he founded the Camden City Medical Society, in company with Dr. Sylvester Birdsell, Dr. Othaniel Tayor, Dr. Richard M. Cooper, Dr. Isaac S. Mulford
Dr. Lorenzo Fisler
, and Dr. John V. Schenck
He was also an active member of the county and state societies, serving as president of all three at different times (the  State society in 1869).  While a member of the former two, no committee was complete without him.  He was one of the incorporators of the Camden Dispensary and Cooper Hospital.  Of the former, he was two years its president, and a director of the latter until his death.  He died November 21, 1877.  He left no issue.