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DR. HENRY F. HUNT was born in Cranston, Rhode Island on March 23, 1838. After completing his regular education in Providence in 1857, he pursued a variety of paths before embarking on a medical career. While working as a teacher in Aurora IL, he began his of medical education with Dr. Howell, an local allopathic physician. Henry Hunt remained there two years, then returned east and took two courses of lectures at Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York. While at Aurora he had seen in a severe epidemic of diphtheria the successful results of homeopathic treatment, and he resolved to investigate its methods. He entered the office of Dr. Okie in Providence, and attended two courses of lectures at the Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania, where he graduated in 1864.

After graduating from Hahnemann, Dr, Henry F. Hunt was asked to take over the practice of Dr. J.R. Andrews, a well known Camden medical man. He became a successful, well known, and much respected practitioner.

The Western District New Jersey Homeopathic Medical Society was organized in Camden, May 19, 1869, at which time also a constitution was adopted and officers elected, as follows : Dr. D. R. Gardiner of Woodbury, president ; Dr. R. M. Wilkinson of Trenton, vice-president ; Dr. Wallace McGeorge of Hightstown, secretary ; Dr. J. G. Streets of Bridgton, treasurer ; Drs. W. H. Maline, Henry F. Hunt and Isaac Cooper, censors. In November, 1869, the name of the society was changed to West Jersey Homeopathic Medical Society, and under that name was incorporated in May, 1872. Dr. Hunt served as President of that group at one time. Dr. Henry F. Hunt was also a founding member and one time President (1876) of the New Jersey Homeopathic Society, and was a member as well of the American Institute of Homeopathy. The practice of homeopathic medicine would grow in Camden, and in 1875 besides Dr. Hunt eleven other homeopathic doctors,  Purnell W. Andrews, James H. Austin, Thomas R. Blackwood, J. Kemper Bryant, Samuel Carels, C. J. Cooper, William. H. Crow, Melbourne F. Middleton Sr., George S. F. Pfeiffer, Silas H. Quint, and H. K. Stewart were active in the city. Through his practice and professional associations he was much involved with the founding of what became West Jersey Hospital.

By 1870 Dr. Hunt had married, and his wife Theresa bore him a son, Herbert Hunt, around 1871. Their neighbors in these years included grain merchant Caleb Parry, his daughter Alice Parry, would marry noted local architect Arthur Truscott. Dr. Hunt and his family would make their home during the 1870s at 315 Market Street, a few doors away from the Parry home and business. Dr. Hunt was also a founding member of Centenary Methodist Episcopal Church.

Dr. Hunt's younger brother Dr. Willis H. Hunt came to Camden and commenced the practice of medicine in locally 1878. At the time of the 1880 census the Hunt family lived at 315 Market Street. Dr. Henry Hunt moved to 511 Cooper Street after 1887, where he made his home and office until his passing. Dr. Willis H. Hunt would remain in residence and would practice medicine at 315 Market Street

Dr. Henry Francis Hunt passed away on October 3, 1895, while visiting Providence RI. He was brought home and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery in Camden. He was survived by his wife Theresa, who joined him on June 5, 1904.


Philadelphia Inquirer - February 14, 1887

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315 Market Street

Where Dr. Henry Hunt
lived and practiced medicine
in the 1870s through 1887.
His brother,
Dr. Willis H. Hunt
lived and worked here through

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Cooper Street

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prior to 1887 of 
Dr. Joseph & Annie Beatty
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Dr. Henry F. Hunt

Harleigh Cemetery - Camden NJ- May 1, 2004