Clayton Truax

CLAYTON TRUAX was born in Gloucester City on December 11, 1814. He came to Camden in 1833, apprenticing to Reilly Barrett as a shoemaker. Clayton Truax operated a successful shoe store in the 300 block of Arch Street for many years. His name is often seen in printed articles of his time as "Trueax", and it appears that he used that spelling for the greater part of his life.

Clayton Truax was elected to city Council in 1855, and remained in elected office for nine years. He was elected mayor on the American Party ticket in 1858, succeeding Benjamin A. Hammell. He also served on the Board of Education, and was its treasurer in 1858. 

In 1859 Clayton Truax was re-elected as Mayor. He subsequently returned to City Council, and was followed in office by Thomas B. Atkinson. During the administration of Clayton Truax, the Esterbrook Pen Factory opened in Camden. 

Clayton Truax passed away on July 14, 1876, and was the first public citizen in whose honor the new bell at City Hall was tolled. 

Clayton Truax' grandson, Frank Truax, served for many years as a member of the Camden Police Department, and had attained the rank of sergeant prior to his untimely death due to a heart ailment on June 30, 1932.

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