CHARLES CONWAY was born in Delaware around 1904 to Mary and Edward P. Conway. The 1910 Census shows him living with his parents in Wilmington, Delaware. The Family moved to Camden after the Census, first appearing in City Directories in 1915. Edward P. Conway operated a hotel, i.e., a bar with food, at 103 Kaighn Avenue until his death on August 27, 1918. The Conways were still at that adress, operating under a soft drink license, as late as 1923.

The Census enumerated on April 11, 1930 shows Charles Conway and his mother rooming at 109 Kaighn Avenue in Camden, New Jersey. He was then working as a laborer. The Census taken in Fairview on April 22, 1930 shows him and his mother at 2930 Congress Road. Shortly after the Census was taken Charles Conway was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He and his mother are again listed at at 109 Kaighn Avenue in the 1931 City Directory, this may be an error. Charles E. Conway was still living at 2930 Congress Road in Camden's Fairview neighborhood when the 1947 Camden City Directory was compiled.

Still active as a fire fighter in 1943, by the time the 1947 Camden City Directory was being put together Charles Conway had left the Fire Department. He was then working as a mechanic. He later worked as a shipfitter at the New York Shipbuilding Corporation shipyards. Charles Conway is not listed in Camden in the 1956 or 1959 New Jersey Bell Telephone Directories. 

Charles E. Conway last resided at 137 Kaighn Avenue. He passed away on June 24, 1959 and was buried at New St. Mary's cemetery on Bellmawr, New jeresey.

Camden Courier-Post
December 13, 1932

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Camden Courier-Post
December 13, 1932

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June 25, 1959

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