ANDREW RABEAU was born in February of 1832 in New Jersey. He was the son of Andrew and Mary Rabeau. The family was living in Bordentown, new Jersey when the Census was taken in 1850. 

Andrew Rabeau married in the mid-1850s. He was living and working in Camden as a railroad car inspector when the Census was taken in 1860. He was then married, his wife Abbie by then had given birth to their first child, Emma.

Andrew Rabeau was appointed to the Camden Fire Department to replace Samuel Patton as an extra man with Engine Company 2, who resigned April 2, 1870. He was working or the Pennsylvania Rail Road as a master car inspector and was making his home at 215 Mickle Street when appointed to the Fire Department.

When the Census was taken in 1870 Andrew Rabeau was married with four children. He was living with his wife, Abbie, and children Emma, Laura, Mary, and William. 

After leaving the Fire Department, Andrew Rabeau returned to working for the Pennsylvania Rail Road. He operated a tobacco store at 17 South 2nd Street, the northeast corner of South 2nd Street and Bridge Avenue, in the late 1870s and into the early 1890s, before returning to the railroad.

Andrew Rabeau was a member of Camden's City Council in 1881 and 1882.

When the 1894 City Directory was compiled Andrew Rabeau was living at 217 Federal Street. The Census taken in 1900 states that Andrew Rabeau was a widower. He and his daughter Laura were living at 217 Federal Street in Camden at that time..

Andrew Rabeau retired from his job with the Pennsylvania Rail Road in March of 1902. He is not listed in the 1906 City Directory, and may have passed away.


Historical and Industrial Review of Camden, N.J. - 1890


THIS is one of the stores in which lovers of that subtle weed delight to congregate, as they are always sure of a good article, Mr. Rabeau has been the proprietor of the store for the past ten years and has paid careful attention to the tastes of smokers, and carries in stock everything to please the most fastidious. 

The store occupied is about 25x35 feet in dimensions and fitted in the most commodious and handsome manner. All of the most popular brands of Key West and Domestic Cigars are always carried on hand. All of the many kinds of Smoking and Chewing Tobaccos are carried, as well as a full line of Smokers Articles, such as Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Pipes, Match Safes, etc. Two capable and genial assistants are employed.

Mr. Rabeau is a native of Bordentown, but has been a prominent and respected resident of the city for the past thirty-eight years. He is identified with the Red Men, Odd Fellows and Pennsylvania Railroad Relief Association of this city..

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 29, 1891

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July 10, 2003

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July 10, 2003

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