Philadelphia Inquirer - May 19, 1893

Alexander Osborne - Julius Bosch - Charles T. Sink
John Zanders - Albert F. Meyers - Armor Shannon - Benjamin Thomas
Alfred Hayden - Michael J. O'Brien - James Conners - Thomas Whalen 

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 23, 1893

James Murphy - Benjamin Thomas - Alfred Hayden - Thomas Walton
Godfrey Eisenhardt - James Conners - John Foley

Camden Daily Telegram
March 30, 1894

Samuel Dodd
John Foster
John L. Westcott
Harry Griffin
John R. Jones


William E. Cromley - George Kappel - Harry Curtis - O. Glen Stackhouse - A. Lincoln James
John Pratt -
Samuel Bakley - Benjamin Middleton - William Harvey - J. Oscar Weaver - Harry Mines
William Selby - Albert Myers - Edward Hartman - Caleb Williams - Richard Golden - Ralph Bond
William Schregler - Jacob Woodside - Frank Matlack - Alfred Hayden - John Dall - Josiah Sage
C. Henry Peters - Charles Lederman - William Butts
Alexander Alcorn - Charles Lightenberg - Ferdinand Laird

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 22, 1898
Benjamin Middleton - John Anderson - Thomas Brothers - William Butts
Alfred Hayden - Edward Cooper - Richard Golden

Camden Daily Courier
August 2, 1898

Cooper B. Hatch
George Nowrey
James Roach
Thomas Brothers
Alfred Hayden
John Reader
John Anderson
Harry Hope
Alfred Meyers
Hugh Boyle
Edward Cooper

Camden Daily Courier
February 17, 1899

William H. Miller
Hugh Boyle
David Rankin
Charles H. Elfreth
Alfred Hayden
William Ford
Edward S. Laws

Newton Hall


Philadelphia Inquirer - November 24, 1899

Cooper B. Hatch - George W. Whyte
First Baptist Church - Edgar Bolton
John W. Vanhart - W. Scott Franklin
Benjamin Kellum - Charles Robinson
George B. Wade - Albert Jones
George Cox - Edward Weston
Samuel Peoples - Harry B. Middleton
Harry Burroughs - Robert W. Colkett
William G. Hillman - James E. Navin
Charles Todd - Daniel Smith
Peter B. Carter - Alfred Hayden
Henry Elliott - Josiah Sage
Samuel Price - William Rose
Charles Sturgis - Daniel Grimes
Harry Wagner - Augustus Kester
J. William Simpson

William Penn Hook & Ladder Company No. 1

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Philadelphia Inquirer - October 5, 1901

Lewis Buzine - Robert Colkett - William O. Sawyer
James Elberson - Al Hayden - David Andrews
John Renner 

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 21, 1906
Engine Company 8 - Sycamore Street - Nettie Dickson
Alfred Hayden - Seth Monnelll - William Rose
William "Sunlight" Byers 

Camden Post-Telegram
March 9, 1908

Harry Selby
Daisy Mae Harris
Mrs. Mary Harris
Rev. J. Morgan Read
Alfred Hayden
Pine Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 27, 1914 Joseph A. Ware
Rev. Martin Stockett
Charles Cook
Richard Marter
James Navin
Louis Shaw
Spencer Smith
Alfred Hayden
Engine Company 1
Church of Our Saviour

Camden Post-Telegram
March 8, 2017 

Alfred Hayden - Edward Hayden - Spruce Street

Camden Courier-Post * April 19, 1930

Professional and Business Leaders Back Camden Man for Governor

Succumbing to an illness of several months, Alfred Harden, who served for 34 years with the Camden police and firs departments, died yesterday at his home, 407 South Seventh street.

Hayden  had  been  a policeman  six years before he became a member of Fire Company No. 1, Fourth and Pine streets, 28 years ago. He was a member of the Junior Order of American Mechanics, Thomas Jefferson Council. He attended two state conventions as a delegate, from the Camden Firemen's Relief Association. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Kate Hayden, and a son. Charles Ellis Hayden.

For many years Hayden had been a prominent worker as a member of the Ninth Ward Republican Association of the city.