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Welcome to the un-official Chelton Terrace Web page. Here you will find a web-page dedicated to the history of Chelton Terrace, the times in which it was first built, and images and text covering life at Chelton since the first families moved in during 1944.

At the time Chelton Terrace was built, public housing was segregated in Camden. You will find on this page actual documents from the times. The English language constantly evolves, please remember that some of the documents were written using standard vocabulary and grammar in use in the 1940s.

If you have any stories or images you would like to share about life at Chelton Terrace over the last 60+ years, please e-mail me.

Phil Cohen

Program of the Dedicatorial Exercises of Chelton Terrace
April 2, 1944

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After a fire

1974 - Bad Wiring

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