Harriet Lynne Agin-Stuhltrager, who grew up on "little Cooper Street" in East Camden and who attended and St. Joseph's Catholic School at 29th and Westfield Avenue wrote this poem.

The Flag Goes By
Harriet Lynne Agin-Stuhltrager

I placed my hand upon my heart,
The flag appeared in view
My thoughts began to wander
What had she been through?

She traveled on across the plains,
With guns  and cannons booming,
She towered high above the mast
On high seas rough and gloomy.

Then, there were the missions
She flew with honored men,
They would be decorated
When they came home again.

In the jungles of Okinawa,
To the swampy twisted marshes,
Together they would stumble on---
As life seemed to be slowly gone.
      They Went On.
(Arise, Salute!)   The Flag  Goes By.

St. Joseph's Catholic School - Class of 1943
Harriet Lynne Agin-Stuhltrager, 3rd Row. 2nd from Left
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