Camden Fire Department

The 1895-1896 Camden City Directory had a section about the Camden Fire Department in its listings concerning Camden's municipal government and departments. One could say it's a snapshot of the department at that moment in time, the spring of 1895. 

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Chief Engineer, Samuel S Elfreth; Assistant, Samuel S. Buzine
Driver Joseph Maxwell
HQ NW c 5th and Arch

Engine Co No 1 Pine above 4th
Foreman John A. Stockton; Engineer, G. Rudolph Tenner; Driver, Joseph Ayres; Stoker, Wilson Bromley; Hosemen, Andrew Miller, William Jobes, William O. Sawyer

Engine Co No. 2, NW cor 5th and Arch
Foreman Harry C. Grosscup; Engineer, William Morris; Driver, John P. Long
Stokers Albert Jones, George Wade, William Hertline, David Andrews.

Engine Co No 3, Broadway n Emerald 
Foreman, William Deno; Engineer Samuel R. Lodge; Driver George Shields
Stoker Lewis Buzine; Hosemen John Ware, John Augustus Dold 

Engine Co No 4, Vine N 3rd
Foreman Amidee S. Middleton, Engineer Francis Turner; Driver Walter Browning
Stoker Robert Steer; Hosemen, Howard Currie, William Patterson, James Elberson.

Chemical Engine Co, NW cor 5th and Arch
Foreman John W. Toy; Driver George P. Cox; Hosemen, Wright E. Cox, Charles Robinson

Hook and Ladder Truck No 1 cor 5th and Arch. Foreman, B.L. Kellum
Tillerman, Peter S. Gray; Laddermen Steward D. Bakley, John GrayEdward Weston
Samuel Peoples, Joseph Logue.