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To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Camden Fire Department, a very limited edition history was published in 1994. The fire fighters of Camden have served the city well, often with less than adequate staffing and equipment, and have compiled an admirable record not only during the years covered in the abovementioned book, but in the years since. I doubt that anywhere in the United States have so few done so much for so many with so little.

Phil Cohen
Camden NJ

125th Anniversary - 1994

Battalion Chiefs 1 & 2
2003 Ford Expeditions

Battalion Chief 1 runs out of Liberty Street Station located at 1301 Broadway. Battalion Chief 2 runs out of 27th & Federal Street station. Battalion 1 covers all of South Camden and part of North. Camden. Battalion 2 covers all of East Camden and part of North Camden. Both vehicles are 2003 Ford Expeditions. Camden currently has 10 Battalion Chiefs, 4 Line Deputies.

Chiefs (Tour Commanders), 45 Captains, 147 firefighters, and 5 civilians The Department is led by the Chief of the Department Joseph A. Marini, Car 1, Deputy Chief of Administration, Kevin C. Hailey, Car 2A, and Deputy' Chief of Operations, Thomas J. Quinn, Car 2B.

  Engine Company 1 - 2004 Seagrave 1,250 Gallon per minute engine

  Engine Company 6 - 2003 Seagrave 1,250 Gallon per minute engine

  Engine Company 8 - 2004 Seagrave 1,250 Gallon per minute engine

  Engine Company 9 - 2003 Seagrave 1,250 Gallon per minute engine

  Engine Company 10 - 2004 Seagrave 1,250 Gallon per minute engine

  Engine Company 11 - 1986 Hahn 1,500 Gallon per minute pumper

  Ladder Company 1 - 1992 Sutphen 100' tower

  Ladder Company 2 - 2003 Seagrave 100' aerial ladder truck

  Ladder Company 3 - 2004 Seagrave 75' tower ladder truck

  Rescue Company 1 - 2004 Seagrave 36' heavy rescue

Reserve Rescue
1992 Ford L-8000 Saulsbury body

Reserve Rescue served as the city's main rescue until being replaced recently by a new 2004 Seagrave Heavy Rescue unit. The Camden Fire Department is the second busiest department in the nation per capita. The Rescue made over 1600 runs last year.


Special Operations

The Camden Fire Department has recently placed this new tractor drawn Special Operations trailer in service replacing a smaller trailer unit. This unit is equipped to deal with incidents ranging from hazardous materials spills or releases to weapons of mass destruction and collapse rescue situations.


Reserve Tower Engine 9
1991 Pemfab/ALF 1750/500/50' tele-squirt

The city has 3 reserve engines and 2 Reserve Ladders and Reserve Rescue Truck that are staffed by City firefighters that are called back in on 4-alarm or greater fires. The units are also used when the front line units are in the shops for repairs.


Fireboat 1
The William Ables

Fireboat 1 is a 32' Marine ltnit that was donated to the CFD by the US Coast Guard nearly 10 years ago. The Fireboat is named after Camden's Chief (William Ables) 'who served as first Fire Chief from 1869 until 1872. This Marine unit responded to 47 requests for service in 2003 and 20 emergencies thru June, 2004 protecting the public from danger. The unit is staffed by firefighters from Engine 1.


Fire Marshall's Unit
 2003 Chevrolet
1/4 S-10 pickup truck

The Fire Marshall's unit was included the department's equipment upgrade which saw their six 1985 Ford Bronco's all replaced with new Chevrolet S-10 Blazers. The City Fire Department received more 20 new vehicles through the State's Capital Replacement Program. The Fire Marshal's Office is led by Chief Fire Marshal, Ralph Roberts, Car 5 and Assistant Chief Fire Marshal Ralph Jones, Car 5A, along with 5 Fire Prevention Specialists all stationed at Fire Administration Headquarters located at 2 North 3rd Street.