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One of the really nice things that has happened since I've started working on this website is that I've met a lot of people and made a lot of new friends. A lot of people have asked me where they can find books about Camden, and so far I've met five people who have written and published books about Camden during the last couple of years. 

On this page you will find information about these books and links to where you can find out more about them, and hopefully buy them! Come to think of it, I've got a manuscript of my own I need to put together! 

This site has been greatly helped by fellow researchers, who have given so much of their time... and in more than a few instances money... to further the work of this website. Take a moment, see what is available, and if you would pick up a book or two. They don't get stale and make great gifts!

Phil Cohen

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"The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common;
they don't alter their views to fit the facts… they alter the facts to fit their views."
~ Tom Baker, The Fourth Doctor; Dr. Who: The Face of Evil (1977) by Chris Boucher

A Book by Charles J. Kocher

In Defense of Law and Order

by Charles J. Kocher

An enjoyable history of the Camden Police Department and perspective of the overall operations with stories of the growth and development throughout the years..

Publisher and sold by Phillips Publications
$24.95 & Postage & Handling
ISBN-10: 0984960546
ISBN-13: 978-0984960545

To purchase an autographed copy from the author, e-mail Charles J. Kocher

A Book
by Robert Shinn & Kevin Cook


by Robert Shinn & Kevin Cook

The Cooper River is a meandering tributary of the Delaware River in Camden County with a rich cultural heritage. Along the Cooper River, English Quakers found safe haven from religious persecution in Colonial times, and General Washington's soldiers fought for control of Coopers Ferry during the American Revolution. The river was ideal for industry in Camden, where many immigrants worked in the factories along its banks. Along the Cooper River: Camden to Haddonfield focuses on the communities of Camden, Pennsauken, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, Haddon Township, and Haddonfield and how each of them has played a unique role in the long and rich history of the river and its evolution into a nationally significant recreational area.

Published and sold by Arcadia Publishing
$21.99 & Postage & Handling
ISBN-10: 1467122696
ISBN-13: 978-1467122696

A Book by Cheryl Baisden


by Cheryl L. Baisden

Camden resurrects that fascinating era of invincibility through powerful images of Camden’s neighborhoods, community life, and bustling downtown district, as well as the newsmakers and lawbreakers who defined the “biggest little city in the world.” Also included are images of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge construction; Cooper Hospital; Campbell Soup Company, Victor Talking Machine Company/RCA, New York Shipbuilding, and other subjects of interest. 

Published and sold by Arcadia Publishing
$19.99 & Postage & Handling
ISBN: 0738544647

To purchase an autographed copy from the author, e-mail Cheryl Baisden

A Book by Allen F. Hauss


by Allen F. Hauss

South Jersey Movie Houses is a pictorial tour of the theaters that once raised their curtains to audiences across the South Jersey. It offers a nostalgic look at their neon marquees and silver screens, bringing back memories of Saturday matinees, 3-D glasses, and movie date nights.

Published and sold by Arcadia Publishing
$19.99 & Postage & Handling
ISBN: 0738544663


Public Education in Camden, N.J.
From Inception to Integration

by Fred Reiss, Ed.D

Published and sold through iUniverse 

Delve into the intriguing story of the birth and development of one of New Jersey’s oldest school districts in Public Education in Camden, N.J.: From Inception to Integration. Book Description Spanning more than a hundred years, Public Education in Camden, N.J.: From Inception to Integration tells the history of one of the oldest and largest school districts in New Jersey.

Using vignettes and historical narratives, author Fred Reiss, current assistant superintendent of the Camden Board of Education, tells how the Camden Public Schools survived and thrived through events both mundane and spectacular. 

Public Education in Camden, N.J.: From Inception to Integration describes and interprets the actions of a board of education throughout a century of history, including:f history, including:

  • The Civil War era
  • Hostility between the Republican-controlled city and the Democratic-controlled state
  • Peculation and jobbery by board members
  • The World Wars
  • The Great Depression
  • Racism and segregation

Using detailed records from many primary sources, Reiss offers a compelling look at the growth and development of an educational board within an historical framework.

iUniverse price: $23.95
Format: Paperback
Size : 6 x 9
Pages: 358
ISBN: 0-595-35149-2
Published: June 2005

Also available as an Adobe eBook. 
International orders: Call 00-1-402-323-7800

A Book by Anthony Molock

Gypsy Joe Harris:
Son of Philadelphia

by Anthony Molock

Published and sold by  - $16.50 & Postage & Handling

Art Books by William M. Hoffman Jr.


Paintings by William M. Hoffman Jr.

48 pages containing 37 color and 6 black and white reproductions from the Camden Collection plus essays by three historians on Camden and Professor Hoffman's paintings.

Buy this book for $10.00; add $1.50 shipping. 
Pennsylvania residents add 60¢ sales tax

Make checks payable to:
William M. Hoffman, Jr.
110 Beech Drive
Ligonier PA 15658
or  use 

Books by Jeffrey Dorwart

Camden County, New Jersey:
The Making of a Metropolitan Community, 1626-2000

by Jeffrey M. Dorwart

Paper ISBN 0-8135-2958-1
Cloth ISBN 0-8135-2957-3

Pages: 219 pp., 53 b&w illus.


Books by Leonard Vernon
& Allen Meyers

Jewish South Jersey

Leonard F. Vernon & Allen Meyers

ISBN 0738550027

Pages: 128 pp illus.

Price: $19.99
Arcadia Publishing

Books by Erik Varon

Sweet Recollections:
The Story of The Philadelphia Caramel Company of Camden, New Jersey

Erik Varon

Price: $12.99

A Book by Rosemary Burgo

Whispers of Truth

by Rosemary Burgo

A baby boomer's humorous coming-of-age memoir of life in an Italian-American Catholic home as told by Milissa Maroni. Milissa, a sensitive soul, learns to cope with the chaos surrounding her in ways which will make you both laugh and cry. While all is falling apart, her innocent account will evoke memories in baby boomers while introducing a unique time in history to a younger audience. Ostensively about one child's unmet needs, ultimately it is about the tenacity of the human spirit when it accepts no limits.. 

Sold by
$12.99 & Shipping
ISBN: 1419678892


A Book by T. Freeman Jr.

The Organization

by T. Freeman Jr.

A mile from Philadelphia across the Delaware River in Southern New Jersey lies the city of Camden. During the Second World War Hispanic immigrants came to Camden by the thousands to work as replacement workers at Campbell Soup. By the 1970s the one time industrial center slowly turned into a drug infested war zone. The city's political structure was tainted with corruption in every aspect. This led to the city being named the most dangerous in America. The Organization was the city's most powerful drug ring with connections that reached as high as the mayor. The main character Simon Gonzales Jr. "Gato" is the grandson of an immigrant and a career hustler who has to manage a family and drug ring at a young age, all while trying to stay alive in America's grimmest city. More than just a book about drugs and guns, The Organization is a tale of how greed, power and corruption turned a working class city into a near third world country. 

Sold by
$11.70 & Shipping
ISBN: 978-0615210339


A Book by Judith Harch

Falling Off The Family Tree

by Judith Harch

Sean Kinnarney, headstrong son of Irish immigrants and Ana Lapinski, beautiful, self-absorbed daughter of Polish immigrants, ignite a far-reaching fire when their worlds collide. Sean's recklessness and Ana's sense of entitlement create a family secret that comes home to roost in the following generation. Sean's trail of sins and Ana's deceit and thirst for revenge lead to disaster for each of them
It is 1936. Emotionally deserted by distraught parents after the death of his baby sister, Sean refuses to abandon his father's forsaken American dream. Left to his own devices, the young man travels a road strewn with bad choices and risky behavior. Trapped into marriage and unexpected parenthood at a young age, Sean begins down a path of destruction - first stop - Ana Lapinski.
Ana Lapinski is born with the gift of beauty. Her old-world parents are incapable of reigning in their willful, wild child. Time and again, Ana effectively abuses her God-given gift as a means to whatever end she desires - with one exception - Sean Kinnarney.
FALLING OFF THE FAMILY TREE is a three-generation saga told against the backdrop of the first 70 years of the 20th century. The story moves from southern New Jersey to the wealthy suburban enclaves of the Main Line outside Philadelphia. It ends in tragedy on the Chesapeake Bay.y. 

Sold by for Amazon Kindle
includes free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet

Judith Harch lived in Camden until she was 14 years old, then her family moved to Lindenwold. Stll a South Jersey resisdent, she has been a freelance journalist for many years. She was a long-time contributor to The Courier-Post and the "South Jersey Commentary" column in The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

A Book by Kate Kuligowski

Our Most Treasured Tails
Sixty Years of Pet Rescue

by Kate Kuligowski

"Wally and I have put many of our exciting and touching experiences with our dog and cat rescues into a book, Our Most Treasured Tails, Sixty Years of Pet Rescue in New Mexico, which is now available. Although its twenty-four chapters only cover a few of the hundreds of pets we have taken in over the past sixty years, each companion animal had a different history and a different story to tell. On the serious side of pet care, this book relates to its reader on a personal basis, asking each to examine their own pet experiences and explore the how the legislative issues in their communities and states affected the well-being of their pet, how stronger animal abuse legislation in all communities and states is a must.
The involvement of all pet owners in preventing animal cruelty is at a critical level, which is the main message, woven into the heartwarming and unusual stories in this book. This is imperative if the animal community is to be taken more seriously by our legislators. Hopefully, this book can bring about a greater commitment to cease animal cruelty, voiced by more pet owners. And it might just be their newly-sparked interest, involvement and voices that can make the difference we need.

Proceeds from the sale of Our Most Treasured Tails are committed to four New Mexico animal humane societies."

Kate J. Kuligowski

This hardcover book contains over 90 photographs from 1909 to 2013, and is priced at $20.00, plus postage, and NM tax, if applicable. It can be purchased from the author at:
905 Maverick Trail, SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123
505-298-8048 Email: 

Wally Kuligowski is a Camden native. His early years were spent in Whitman Park, where his grandfather had a shoe repair shop. 

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