Camden Police Department
Motorcycle Police

Camden Motorcycle Police -1910s to 1940s
Above: Camden Motorcycle Police at City Hall - 1928
Third from right, standing is William Schultz
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Above: Camden Police at a firehouse in Camden - 1920s
I'm pretty sure that this is the First Police District Building- Can anyone confirm this?
Back Row  Second From Left Peter Gondolf 
Fourth From Left Delaware Palmer


Above: Camden Police & Dignitaries

I could be wrong, but that looks like Camden Mayor Gen. Winfield S. Price (1927-1931) astride the center motorcycle. I believe this picture was taken on Cooper Street. At far left, in rear, in white hat, George S. Tempest - PMC

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Above: Camden Motorcycle Police - location unknown - around 1920
at far left, Officer
Jeff Kay
Above: Early photo of Camden Motorcycle Police - 1910s
Note that Officer Jeff Kay, at far left in this photo,
is also on far left in the picture above

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Office Anthony Scarduzio of Camden Motorcycle Police - 1920s

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John Ferry,
on motorcycle duty
in front of
Camden Wallpaper Co. 30 Market Street

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Camden Courier-Post - July 31, 1948

THREE MEMBERS OF CAMDEN TRAFFIC squad are shown on new motorcycle mounts which went into service this week. Left to right are Patrolmen Martin Nelson, Frank Wilmot, and Thomas Carr in front of City Hall. Seven of the new $800 vehicles were delivered to the department on Wednesday, Capt. Nathan Petit, squad commander, announced.

On September 5, 1951, Patrolman George Jefferis, veteran motorcycle officer on Camden's police force, became the second Camden policeman to die in the line of duty, when he passed away as a result of injuries suffered when his motorcycle was struck by a car on the Admiral Wilson Boulevard.

Camden Motorcycle Police on Broadway - 1950s
North of Jackson Street

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