Fallen 5th

Here is a photo of the monument to the fallen men of the 5th Engineer Special Brigade. The monument stands on the bluffs overlooking Omaha Beach. The photo was taken in 1994 and provided to Molly Daniel by the American Battle Monuments Commission. The monument includes this inscription: “In honor of the valiant Americans of the 5th Engineer Special Brigade who gave their lives in the assault on this beach on 6 June 1944.”

The first picture on this page shows this monument. The second is a detail of the names on the monument. The third is a photo of Edna Mae and Ensign Almond L. “Jack” Hagerty. Ensign Hagerty was a member of the 5th Engineer Special Brigade and was killed during the invasion when a shell hit his landing craft as he was preparing to go ashore. The fourth photo down is a photo of the 5th Engineer Special Brigade monument at Omaha Beach, listing the units attached to the brigade. The fifth photo down is Jack Hagerty and his buddy, Ed.

The following names are listed: 

[The compiler of this list was not able to transcribe the names with complete certainty since they were working only from this photo. Corrections are welcomed.  Please email Mjsldaniel@cs.com]

??? 1c George L. Abbott

??M 3c Charles L. Abel

T/Sgt Abner L. Adams

SM 3c Gilford R. Albertson

Ens James E. Allison

Pvt Rodger D. Andrews

Pfc Donald E. Axon

Pfc Oscar G. Bailey

Tec 5 Marin I. Bakica

2nd Lt Hyman J. Barash

Pvt Robert L. Barker

Pvt. Jerome J. Bernstein

RM3c Edwyn D. Black

Cpl William H. Bowker

Pfc James L. Bowler

Pvt John S. Brannon, Jr.

Pfc Sandy Butler

2nd Lt John B. Carter

RM3c John M. Chase

Lt Col Vivien G. Clark

Pvt Oscar E. Claveland

Pvt James A Cochran

RM3c Francis J. Collins

Tec 5 Richard H. Connell

Capt Allen W. Cox, Jr.

S/Sgt David R. Creekmore

Pfc Darius W. Crites

Sgt Michael ?? ????etto

Capt Louis J. Denovich?

Pfc Joseph M. Fisk

Tec 5 Isaiah Foreman

Pvt William A. Francis

Cpl William D. Franko

T/Sgt William Grande

Pvt Richard J. Haburchak

LTJG Almond L. Hagerty

Pvt James M. Hare

Capt Paul F. Harkleroad

S 1c George G. Higgins

Pvt Earnest J. Holbrooks

S 1c Calvin H. Hoppes

Tec 4 Hugh Ingram

Pvt James S. Isbell

Coxswain Amin Isbir

Pvt Frank R. Joniak

Pfc George Kashula

1st Lt Howard T. Kearney

Pfc Daniel ? Kepler

S/Sgt Frank G. Kra?owak

Cpl Myron J. Konstab?us

Tec 5 Robert J. Krueger

Cpt Thomas J. Lane, Jr.

??? Howard L. Lewis

Pvt Charles N. Manning

M/Sgt George M. Marisca

RM3c Lawrence ? Me???

Pvt William ? Mensch

Tec 4 Charles I. Moon

Pvt Louis A Moore

?? 1c Virgil Mounts

RM2c John ? Murphy

Pvt Jamie E. McComb

Pvt Harry A. McDonough

Tec 4 John L. McMurray

S/Sgt Edwin J. Menadal?

Tec 5 Thomas I Nurtn??

??? 1c John T. O'Donnell

?? M 2c John ? Peterssen

Sgt Shirley J. Philipps

Pvt James ? Reed

PHM3C Morris W. Rickenbach

Tec 5 Albert J. Roberts

Sgt Lester ? Rust

Pvt Herbert J. Sanborn

Pfc Ben Shelton

Pvt Raymond ? Shock

Pvt Donald ? Simmons

RM3c T. I. Simmons

Pfc James Smith

Lt Col Lionel F. Smith

Pvt Albert E. Soto

Tec 5 Leslie L. Speirs

Cpl Joseph J. Sterbank?

Sgt William T. Stover

Sgt. Steve J. Tepovich

Pvt Jessie F. A. Tidwell

Pfc Guy L. Tillis

Pvt Lupe Villarreal

LTJG George L. Wade

Pvt ?ott W. Walker

Pvt Williard J. Werner

Pfc Jack M. Weeler

Pvt John E. Williams

Pvt Ralph ? Wise

Cp Teddy J. Wojtczak?

Pfc John P. Zelvis