Toone & Hollinshed
Department Store

The Toone & Hollinshed department store was owned by Isaac C. Toone and Thomas Hollinshed and stood for well over 20 years at the northwest corner of Broadway and Kaighn Avenue.

Isaac C. Toone was born about 1842 to Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Toone in Pennsylvania. His father was a merchant. Isaac Toone served in the Civil War veteran. He came to Camden NJ and owned and operated a dry goods and notions store at Broadway and Kaighn Avenue in the 19th Century. At the time of the 1880 census the Toone family lived at 463 Kaighn Avenue in Camden. At home at the time were wife Annie, son Jonathan, and daughters Laura and Florence. By 1887 he had moved his family to 554 Benson Street. He also had taken on a partner, Thomas Hollinshed, and together they owned the Toone and Hollinshed Department Store, selling "dry goods, carpets, hats, caps, clothing and boots and shoes." Isaac Toone and the Toone & Hollinshed store appear in all Camden City Directories from 1887 through 1891. 

Isaac C. Toone was friendly with City Engineer Levi Farnham. On June 18, 1903 the Camden Daily Courier reported "William C. Riggs and wife, then City Surveyor Levi Farnham and wife, Daniel Garwood and wife, Isaac C. Toone and wife and George E. Taylor and wife are a party of Camdenites enjoying the grocers' excursion to Eaglesmere, Pa. They will be gone a few days". He was also friendly with Alexander G. Cattell.

Isaac C. Toone had passed away in June of 1910. He was survived by his wife Annie, and a son Howard, then living in Collingswood, who was managing the family business.

The Toone & Hollinshead Department Store was destroyed in a fire on December 14, 1921.

19th Century Trade Cards

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Philadelphia Inquirer - July 21, 1885

Camden National Bank
H.B. Anthony
Dr. George W. Bailey
Irvin C. Beatty
Howard M. Cooper
John Cooper
James Davis
Herbert C. Felton
Philip H. Fowler
Zophar C. Howell
Zophar L. Howell
Rudolph W. Birdsall
William B. Mulford
Charles E. Thomas
Isaac C. Toone
Henry B. Wilson
Charles B. Coles
Isaac C. Martindale
Thomas Boyle
Kaighn Avenue
Locust Street

Philadelphia Inquirer * March 20, 1888

Isaac Toone - James R. Corson - I.C. Beatty - Edward Gillingham - W.H. Husted
Homer Snyder - Edward A. Martin - Joseph M. Engard -
Frederick A. Rex
C.V.D. Joline - Frank Lee Dickinson - Martin Bergen - A.J. Greene - C.S. Magrath
Adam P. Sloan - Robert . McDougall - Alexander Schlessinger -
J. Wesley Sell
James Ware Jr - Water Street - Vine Street - Federal Street

Historical and Industrial Review of Camden, N.J. - 1890


THERE is not an establishment in the city that is better known than the store of Toone & Hollinshed. This business was originally started by a lady by the name of Treble, many years ago, the present firm buying it out and being in business about seven years. The individual members of the firm are the well-known gentlemen Isaac C. Toone and Thomas Hollinshed.

The store occupied is on the corner of Broadway and KAIGHN'S avenue, and has a frontage of about 100 feet on each street. Here may be found one of the largest and most varied stocks in the States. All grades of Dress and Dry Goods, all kinds of Silks, Cashmeres, Mohairs and the many grades of Plaids, Muslins, etc. All sizes and kinds of Hosiery and Underwear are always kept in stock. A special department is made of the Carpets, in which may be found all grades of Moquette, Brussels, Tapestries, Ingrains, Rugs, Matting, etc. 

Boots and Shoes are also in a special department. Hats and Caps occupy a large space, and the stock in this line is particularly fine. Clothing occupies the second floor, in which department may be found one of the largest lines of Custom and Ready Made Goods.
Full lines of Neckwear, Notions, Fancy Goods and Small Wares are constantly kept.

Twenty-five salespeople, who are ever on the lookout for the firm's interests, are given constant employment.

Both gentlemen are well known and respected residents of the city...

Camden Daily Telegram * July 28, 1893

Philadelphia Inquirer * July 29, 1893

Philadelphia Inquirer

August 20, 1896

Esterbrook Steel Pen Co.
Gately & Hurley
Toone & Hollinshed
Sitley & Son
Howland Croft
J.B. Van Sciver
William S. Scull
Anthony Kobus

John Campbell
William Leonard Hurley

Philadelphia Inquirer - February 3, 1898
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George W. Jessup - David Baird Sr. - Thaddeus P. Varney - George Barrett - Harry F. Wolfe
Isaac Toone - John H. Fort - Philip Schmitz - O. Glen Stackhouse - Charles M. Baldwin
George R. Thompson - Frederick Kauffman - Benjamin Braker - David M. Chambers
William H. Davis - Dr. John W. Donges - Harry B. Paul 

October 1, 1902 to January 14, 1903

The Paul Woodward Murder Case

l l l l l l l l l l

On October 1, 1902 Paul Woodward murdered two young boys by giving them poison. Frank T. Lloyd, then Camden County prosecutor, was responsible for leading the investigation and prosecuting the case. County Coroner Dr. Paul N. Litchfield was involved in the investigation and empaneled a jury on October 4, 1902 for a coroner's inquest. Isaac Toone was among the members of that jury. Other members included David Kaighn, George Leathwhite, George J. Pechin, Elmer E. Cox, and T.L. Bear. Woodward, who had been arrested earlier that day, was indicted for murder, was tried, and was convicted of murder in the first degree. On January 7, 1903 Paul Woodward was executed at the Camden County Jail. 

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- William D. Hart - Dr. Paul N. Litchfield - F. Morse Archer
John Foster - John Painter - John Cherry - Isaac Toone - Paul Woodward
George M. Beringer - Charles G. Garrison - J. Wesley Sell
Christopher J. Mines Jr. - Frederick A. Rex - J. Frederick Voigt
George F. Kappel - Isaac Toy -
Harry S. Scovel - Francis Ford Patterson Jr.
John S. Smith - O. Glen Stackhouse - Hugh Boyle - Charles D. Ridgley
Francis Abbatto - Eli Shaw - Lafayette Gruff - Annie Irving Keeler
David Kaighn - George Leathwhite - George J. Pechin - Elmer E. Cox - T.L. Bear
Patrick Harding - Frank S. Albright - William J. Paul - Thomas Walton
David E. Barry - Edward Wilcox - Dr. WIlliam H. Iszard - Dr. J.F. Leavitt
Dr. WIlliam H. Knowlton - Dr. William Miles - Dr. George H. Chapman

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John Coffin - W. Price Jennings
Mrs. Edith Barber -
Rev. C.A. Adams - Rev. John Lyell
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Kingston Coffin -  - Fayetta Jennings
Charles May - Mary Eiler - William F. Smith - Lee Hubert - Maurice Daniels
Thomas Woodward - Bella Woodward - James Bland - James Morrisey

Samuel Paul - Fred George

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 3, 1902

John Coffin
William Coffin
W. Price Jennings
Joseph Jennings
Jennings' Third Regiment Band


Philadelphia Inquirer - October 4, 1902

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 5, 1902

Frank T. Lloyd - Dr. William S. Jones - William D. Hart - Dr. Paul N. Litchfield
F. Morse Archer - John Foster - John Painter - John Cherry - Charles May
David Kaighn - George Leathwhite -
Isaac Toone - George J. Pechin
Elmer E. Cox - T.L. Bear -
Paul Woodward - Joseph Jennings
Benson Street - North 3rd Street - Kingston Coffin

Philadelphia Inquirer * June 23, 1910

Camden Lodge No. 15, F.&.A.M. - 
Camden Forest No. 5, Tall Cedars of Lebanon Valley
Thomas M.K.Lee Post No. 5, G.A.R.
Linden Street - H. Raymond Staley - Isaac C. Toone

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 19, 1915


A. Goldberg - Richard Noon - Howard Robbins
North 10th Street - Penn Street - Cooper Hospital
Wildwood Avenue - Princess Avenue - Broadway
Kaighn Avenue - Jackson Street
South 3rd Street - Bridge Avenue
Toone & Hollinshed - Camden Curtain Rod
John McTaggart - Harry Green
Chemical Company No. 1 (Engine Co. 9)
Engine Company No. 1
Thomas Hollinshed
Parkside School

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Camden Courier-Post * January 18, 1922

4 Big Camden Fires in Six Weeks
Bring Losses of $595,000

Four fires in Camden's business district within the past six weeks have destroyed or damaged a dozen retail stores, entailing losses fixed at $595,000.

They were:

Baker-Flick Department Store


Toone & Hollingshed and five nearby retail stores and shops


Nell's Haberdashery


Economy Store and three other stores