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Cipriano "Mike" Moles came to America in 1888. He was living in Philadelphia with his mother and younger siblings Frank and Antonia in 1900. He appears to have married and come to Camden in the early 1900s. According to the 1906 Camden City Directory, the Moles family had come to Camden by that year, with Frank and Cipriano Moles (listed in the Directory as Michael Moles) then living at 324 Spruce Street. Frank Moles would later operate a bar at 302 Stevens Street. The 1910 Census and 1914 Cipriano Moles and his wife Ursula "Rosie" Moles are shown operating at saloon at 854 Locust Street. The Moles residence, in 1914, was around the corner at 900 South 2nd Street. He soon established a bottling business there. Cipriano "Mike" Moles was still living and working at that address when he registered for the draft in 1918.

By 1924 Mr. Moles had moved his family and his business to 266 Pine Street. The business was later renamed the 1930 South Jersey Bottling Company, and remained in operation bottling soft drinks and distributing beer to the South Jersey bar and liquor store trade. By 1947 four of the Moles family were officers of the company, Lawrence Moles being the president, Frank the vice-president, Vito the Secretary-Treasurer, Joseph the Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. Two other family members were also employed there as well, Nicholas V. and "Mike" Moles widow, Ursula "Rosie" M. Moles.

One of several independent beer distributors that were based in Camden, South Jersey Bottling remained in business at 266 Pine Street until 1981, when the Moles family sold it. By then, the day of the small distributor was coming to an end.  


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