Building North Camden
The Real Estate Advertising Brochure
An Historic Spot in Camden Interesting to You
By the
Wood Manufacturing Co., Head of Seventh Street, Camden NJ
who were building and selling 50 houses at Seventh and York Streets
(My best guess is that this dates about 1910 - Phil Cohen, June 2004)
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Above: Highland Mills at 10th and State Street Cam be seen in the background


Based on History of Camden County New Jersey by George Reeser Prowell, 1886

The Wood Manufacturing Company, of which J.B. Wood is president, E.H. Kimball treasurer, and Guy B. Greenwood secretary and general manager was established as a stock company in the year 1886, and within the short pace of eight months made very great improvements at Pyne Point, in the upper part of Camden city. This company bought ten acres of ground on the Delaware River front, at the head of North 5th Street, including the basin of the sectional dry-docks, which were in operation for about five years previously, but were discontinued in August, 1885. The company has constructed two large wharves, one 22' x 640' the other 22' by 720'. The basin is 104' x 324' and is now used for wharfage property, repairing and discharging of different cargoes. East of, and adjacent to, this basin is the long wharf, 720' in length, forming the west side of the new marine railway, which has been in construction since May 1st of the present year (1886). The dimensions of this, the largest marine railway ever constructed on the Delaware River, is 825' in length on the ways and of sufficient width for four tracks, and is calculated to haul out vessels of 2800 tons register and 350' in length. This railway is now complete with the exception of the carriage, which is 300' in length, and the placing in position of the machinery and the engine, which are already on the ground.

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