1307 Haddon Avenue
1133-1141 Haddon Avenue

NEW JERSEY GENERAL TIRE, INC. opened its doors around 1929, succeeding the Lambert Tire Company at 1307 Haddon Avenue. Owned by Harry Schaevitz, the business prospered even while Camden endured the Depression. In June of 1933 the business moved to new quarters at 1133-1141 Haddon Avenue, the corner of Haddon Avenue and Sycamore Street

The business continued to grow, and by 1947 Harry Schaevitz' tire concern was known as Super Tire Engineering, Inc. This concern eventually moved out of Camden to Pennsauken NJ, where it remained well into the 1980s. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 14, 1933
New Jersey General Tire Co. Now at Haddon Avenue and Sycamore Street

Because more room was needed to keep pace with the increasing demand for its products the New Jersey General Tire Co., Inc., is now in larger and more modern quarters at Haddon Avenue and Sycamore Street. The concern was formerly located at 1307 Haddon Avenue.

"We had to have more room to keep up with the growing demand for General tires in this territory," said Harry Schaevitz, president of the company. "The new Generals announced a few weeks ago, have received immediate acceptance." 

The new home of General Tires affords' the customer every possible convenience. Cars are driven into the spacious garage, where tires are mounted by experts in short order. For the convenience of patrons, Mr. Schaevitz has equipped a cool and comfortable rest room. 

The company now also handles Philco transitone automobile radios and Sparton electric refrigerators.
"Sales of Philco transitone sets have leaped upward in the past few weeks," said Mr. Schaevitz, '''upon the introduction of the new one-piece set. The opening of good driving weather helped sales even more. 

The combination of lovely weather, a good car and an automobile radio certainly has proved a temptation to many motorists, if our sales of Philco automobile sets are any indication. 

"For a long time we have been seeking an electric refrigerator which combined the many essentials which go to make for beauty, comfort and economy. In the Sparton refrigerator these essentials are combined. The Sparton adds beauty to any kitchen, keeps food permanently at the proper temperature and is not only economical to operate, but is low in first cost." 

Camden Courier-Post
June 8, 1933

Camden Courier-Post
August 4, 1933