1176 Kaighn Avenue

Shown above is the personnel of the General Auto Supply Co., 1176 Kaighn Avenue, which supplies garagemen and automobile dealers all over South Jersey. Sidney L. Sellers, manager of the concern, is eighth from the right.

Photo from Camden Courier-Post- February 1, 1933

Camden Courier-Post - February 1, 1933

General Auto Supply Company Supplies Garagemen Within Fifty-Mile Radius

Estsh1ished 13 years ago, the General Auto Supply Co., 1176 Kaighn Avenue, is rendering a successful wholesale service to garagemen within a radius of 50 miles of Camden. 

Sidney L. Sellers, manager of the firm, is a strong believer in stocking such nationally advertised products as Timken bearings, Borg-Warner gears, Borg and Beck clutches, Long and Rockford clutches, Simplex piston rings, Spicer universal joints, Thompson products and numerous other parts that are standard automobile equipment.

Mr. Sellers has always advocated departmental service, thus better serving the varied needs of the many customers of the company. The concern is comprised of three departments, parts, mechanical and tires. The latter department is saving many motor truck fleet owners more than half on their tire bills by taking a good tire which only shows tread wear and renewing the tread, which not only makes the tire last as long as the old tread, but in many cases prolongs its life. The firm has also provided many tires lately with the non-skid tread it originally had, thus providing perfect safety. 

"As for personnel, we are divided into groups known as the sales force, countermen, mechanics, office and delivery staff," says Mr. Sellers. "In the sales force we have Karl Zuck, who can call every garage man between Camden and Egg Harbor City by his first name. Ronald Weatherington peddles spark plugs and other parts all over Camden every day.

"Larry Miller is known all over South Jersey, and Robert Harris has proven a regular depression 'buster' since getting out from behind the counter.

"'Bill, John and Jimmie get so busy in the shop that we have to blow the whistle a third time to get them to lay their tools down. As for Miss Blum and Miss Plevensky they are getting to the point where they can understand and speak the garage language perfectly.

"Charles is in charge of the store. It is an almost hourly occurrence to see him and Turner with a telephone receiver in each hand fussing with either Mack, Elmer or Steve about some delivery that must get out on time."

By 1940, Ronald H. Weatherington Sr. had acquired the business, which then and until the 1980s was known as General Motor Supply. The business, which was later owned and operated by his son, Ronald Weatherington Jr., was a fixture on Kaighn Avenue into the late 1980s.

Over the years employees included Howard K. Smith, Jim Mossbrook, Jim Bessing, Jack Passarella, Joe Darpino, Bill Green, George Pelletier, Lou Leap, and Rick Weatherington, the son of Ron Weatherington Jr. 

Office staff included a bookkeeper named Floss and a secretary named Rose.

Thanks to Jim Bessing for the above information. Jim worked at General Motor Supply from 1957 through 1965. He previously had worked for Pep Boys in Camden, at Haddon Avenue and Sycamore Street, from 1949 though 1957.


Jim Bessing,
the "Gumout Girl",
George Pelletier
The Philadelphia
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Joe Darpino
Ron Weatherington Jr.

1988 New Jersey Auto Wholesalers Association Directory


Ron Weatherington Jr.
Joe Darpino

Ron Weatherington Jr.
Joe Darpino

Joe Darpino

Joe Darpino
Rick Weatherington