East Camden & Cramer Hill
The Early History 1680-1899: A History of Stockton

In May of 1949 veteran newspaperman Frank Sheridan of the Courier-Post wrote a five-part series in honor of the 50th anniversary of the annexation of the Town of Stockton by Camden, which brought all the land north and east of the Cooper River into the city... what we know today as East Camden and Cramer Hill.

Phil Cohen
Bismarck, ND
November 25, 2019

Camden Courier-Post * May 16, 1949

Camden Courier-Post * May 17, 1949

Camden Courier-Post * May 18, 1949

Camden Courier-Post * May 19, 1949

Lois Avenue
Alfred Cramer School
Stockton Park

Dr. Philip Beale - Dr. H.H. Sherk - John Wright - Emmor D. French - Alfred Cramer 
Joseph F. McMasters - William McKean - Samuel Spicer - John C. Gray - William Stearn
Joseph Folwell - Daniel Bishop - George Phifer - John L. Smith - Charles W. Scott

Camden Courier-Post * May 20, 1949
Edward Dudley - Alfred Cramer
Frank T. Lloyd Sr. - William S. Abbott
John C. Zane  -
Samuel M. Jacquillard
W.O. Buck - Joseph Funfer
Fred Voight - Charles E. Allen
Alberto Reeves - William C. Plum
Cooper B. Hatch - Joseph P. Potter
Harry C. Kramer - Frederick von Nieda
Frederick Jones -
Frederick Finkeldey
Jacob Bendinger -
Rosedale Inn
Dr. C. Frazer Hadley - Dr. William H. Kensinger
William E. Albert - Julia Asay
Lemuel D. Horner Jr. - Walter L. Tushingham
Robert Lee