East Camden|
A Little Girl and Her Lost Dog
February 3, 1933

I found the story below in the February 3, 1933 morning edition of the Camden Courier-Post newspaper, called appropriately enough, The Morning Post. I thought it would be interesting to post the story...... who knows, maybe someone will find this web-page and tell me if Kopec the Dog ever came home to little Doris Simonson.

Phil Cohen
Camden NJ
January 9, 2005

Camden Courier-Post - February 3, 1933

Plea for Return Of Lost Dog Made By Tiny Mistress

Lost- one "Kopec."

Bearing a name resembling a Russian piece of money, a pedigreed German shepherd dog is being sought by its mistress, a five year-old East Camden girl.

The dog, two years old, has been missing from his home, 338 North Fortieth street, since January 21, and the loss means "everything" to little Miss Doris Simonson, a kindergarten pupil at Davis School, Thirty-fourth and Cramer streets.

Kopec, known in the neighborhood as the children's friend, left home "for a run" and has not been seen by its owners since.

In a letter to the Courier-Post Doris makes this appeal to the one who has the dog.

"If he won't bring him back to me, then tell him to be good to Kopec, for he is a good dog."