413-415-417 BROADWAY

The Eagles Hall -1914

The Eagles Hall at 413-415-417 Broadway was built by the Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie No. 65 in 1908. The building, erected by East Camden contractor George Bachmann Sr., was occupied in January of 1909. The Eagles were (and are) a fraternal organization not unlike the Masons, Elks, and Moose. In the era before radio and television, such groups were among the primary sources for social activity and recreation. Besides the Eagles, the Elks and the Improved Order of Red Men all had magnificent buildings in Camden. The hall featured an auditorium on the 2nd floor, with a 20 foot ceiling, a stage and hardwood floors, and finished basement with a bar, pool tables, and bowling alleys.

Prior to the opening of this building, the Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie No. 65 held functions at Turner Hall, which was located at 516 Pine Street.

In 1938 the Eagles Hall made the front page of the June 1 edition of Camden Courier-Post when the hall was the subject of a police raid. The hall apparently had been rented out to a group that put on a "smoker" in the second floor auditorium, with a dice game going on and a "lewd movie" being shown when the police arrived.

By 1942 the Eagles Hall, along with the Labor Temple, a union hall that stood on the east side of Broadway at Royden Street, had been taken over by the City of Camden for non-payment of taxes. The buildings were put up for sale in November of that year. The Eagles Hall was purchased by the Borstein Electric Company, which sold electric supplies, and gas appliances, air conditioning, and heating equipment  until the mid-1950s. The Borstein firm evolved into the National Electric Supply Company, located at South 7th Street & Kaighn Avenue in Camden. Isadore Borstein retained ownership of the building. By 1959, the politically connected Borstein, who served as Camden's Deputy Mayor for a time, had rented the building to the State of New Jersey, which used it for offices and record storage. 

On August 14, 1968 the building was ravaged by by fire.

Camden Post-Telegram - May 8, 1905


Camden Aerie No. 65, Fraternal Order of Eagles - Alfred Kemble - William Denneller
Conrad Brill Jr. - Charles Beale - Frank Burt - Dr. P.W. Beale - Jacob Hess -
Daniel W. Bromley
Frederick Johnson - William H. Cole -
Harry B. Middleton - J.S.B. Candler

Harry J. Weiss - Thomas J. Atkinson - Julius R. Schaaf - Anthony Oberst - William F. Jann
William Petzelt - Stephen Adams - James Cleary - H. Gray - Frank Rouh - J. Faure
Frank S. Devereaux - Arthur Sullivan - George Blake

Camden Daily Courier
May 8, 1905

Camden Aerie No. 65, Fraternal Order of Eagles
Alfred Kemble - William Denneller
Conrad Brill Jr. - Charles Beale
Frank Burt - Dr. P.W. Beale
Jacob Hess -
Daniel W. Bromley
Frederick Johnson - William H. Cole
Harry B. Middleton - J.S.B. Candler 

Harry J. Weiss - Thomas J. Atkinson
Julius R. Schaaf -
Anthony Oberst
William F. Jann - William Petzelt
Stephen Adams - James Cleary
H. Gray - Frank Rouh
J. Faure - Frank S. Devereaux
Arthur Sullivan - George Blake

Philadelphia Inquirer * February 13, 1906

John T. Cleary

Cornerstone Laid
for new hall
February 12, 1908

Camden Post-Telegram * May 11, 1908
Giacomo Meyerbeer - Coronation March
Franz von Suppé - Morning Noon & Night Overture
Robert Schumann - Intermezzo Traumerei
Eduardo Marzo - Come Gracious Spirit

La Favorita Quartet
Julia Robinson
Katherine Rosenkranz
Arthur D. McNichol
Henry Hotz
William Silvano Thunder

Frances Allitson - The Lord Is My Light
Campana - From the Depths

John Stainer - The Crucifixion

Marianne. Farningham - The Last Hymn

A. Emil Titl - Serenade
Friedrich von Flotow - Show Me Thy Ways

Nicolai - Protect Us Through the Night
Rossini - Inflamatus from Stabat Mater
Rossini - Through the Darkness

Friedrich Heinrich Himmel - Incline Thine Ear
Lowell Mason - Nearer My God To Thee
John Philip Sousa - Stars and Stripes 

Alfred Kemble
William Denneler
Conrad Brill Jr.
Charles Beale
Frank Burt
Dr. Philip W. Beale
Jacob Hess

Daniel W. Bromley
Frederick Johnson
William H. Cole

Harry B. Middleton
John S.B. Candler
George D. Strain
Martin McNeil
Adolph Peschlow
H.J. McNermy
L.L. McClennan
Henry Price
Nathaniel Myers

Isaac "Ike" Toy
Thomas J. Farnan
George Griffin
George W. Haman
Michael Raidon
Thomas Flatley
John F. Berton
Joseph E. Healey
Thomas Dwyler
Michael J. Lynch
Otto Heydrich
John H. Riddle
John A. Furey
James F. Cleary
Julius R. Schhaf

William F. Jann
John J. Cleary
William M. Petzelt
Frank S. Devereaux
Theodore B. Rambo
Charles F. Sattler
George S. Dilmore
John J. Jarvis
Harry A. Durgin
Robert M. Hartman
Bernard Tierney
Anthony J. Oberst
Harry C. Halbert
Charles E. Cullen
Dr. W.P. Wingender
Dr. James Lynn Mahaffey

A.J. Dougherty
Edward Haggerty - Frank Applegate
William Vander Straeten - William J. Lawler
George Fisher - John L. Jarvis

John J. Burk - Frank Moncreif
Louis Bennett - Robert C. Barr

William A. Atkin Jr. - John Lloyd
Joseph Taylor - Charles Mulner
Charles Blank -
George W. Johnson
Arthur Colsey William D. Hoover
Fay Lafayette - Howard A. Fern

Camden Courier-Post * January 5, 1909

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 24, 1911
Charles G. Garrison - Frank Ford Patterson Jr. - Charles VanDyke Joline
Lawrence Doran
- Samuel Flick - Isaac Shreve - Francis J. McAdams
James Smith - Thomas Noland -
Abraham L. James - John Broome
Albert Shaw - James Lewis - John Golden - William C. Parker 
Daniel Woods -
John H. Carroll - Harris D. Stow
Henry S.Scovel
- Martin Carrigan
Aerie No. 5, Fraternal Order of Eagles 

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 19, 1911
Royden  Street - Bernard Tierney - Eagles - Ss. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 5, 1912
Allen Jarvis - Frank J. Hartmann Sr. - William Jann - State Street
Elks - Moose - Owls - Eagles - Tall Cedars of Lebanon

Camden Post-Telegram * August 23, 1913

James F. Carey

400 Block of Broadway - 1914

Camden Pots-Telegram * November 2, 1920

Eagles Hall - John McTaggart

Camden Post-Telegram * January 9, 1922


The magnificent and massive bronze tablet unveiled in honor of Eagles’ World War heroes, living and dead on New Years Day, has been placed in the parlor window, of the Aerie, 415 Broadway, for public view. Hundreds of promenaders passing up and down Broadway to admire the tribute to the soldiers of Camden Aerie.

Camden Courier-Post - June 12, 1933

Francis J. McHugh Takes Over as Head of Aerie Here

Newly elected officers of Camden Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles, will take over their official duties at the next meeting of the organization. The staff was installed Wednesday night by Grand Worthy President Henry J. Berrodin, who was assisted by deputy grand officers. The impressive ceremonies were followed by a buffet luncheon. 

Francis J. McHugh was Installed as worthy president. Robert Connor was installed as worthy vice president; John Granahan, past worthy president; Charles Gengenbach, chaplain; James L. Cahill, conductor; James V. Connors, secretary; George H. DeMelian, treasurer; George Tuttle, inside guard, and Joseph Middleton, trustee for three years. 

After the ceremonies, McHugh announced the list of his appointments for committee members. The list follows:

House- Patrick J. Cunningham chairman; Peter J. McGuire, John Granahan, William Huff and William Davis. 

Investigating- David L. Visor, chairman; David Luckoff, Seth Foster, Philip Marlow and Granahan.

Sick- Charles Schock, chalrman; Granahan, Harry C. Keeny, Thomas Glann, and Marlow.

Finance- Thomas E. MacNamara, chairman; Robert Connor and Foster. 

Auditing- MacNamara, chairman; Jesse Goldenberg and Foster.

Entertainment- McGuire, chairman; Luckoff, Joseph D. Middleton and Harry F. Laxton.

Bowling- Laxton, chairman; Luckoff, and James W. Conner

Welfare- McGuire, chairman; George H. DeMelian, James W. Conner, Middleton, Luckoff, Laxton, A.J. DFougherty, Robert Connor, Davis and Huff.

Publicity- Visor, chairman. 

Membership-Robert Connor. chairman; C. Guy Ross, Huff, Alfred Zimmerman, Jacob Reese, Charles W. Sutton, Laxton, Clinton B. Smithers and William Von Reiche.

Delegates to state convention: Visor and Granahan. . 

Camden Courier-Post
January 18, 1936

Eagles Hall - Gene R. Mariano
Emil Aceto
Ralph Bantivoglio
Felix Meschini
Leonard Garaguso
Harry Larusso
Dominic Giordano

Joseph Wood
Frank A. Giordano - Angelo A. DePersia
Dr. Lawrence R. Palese - Peter Zizak

Dominic Radogna - Anthony Fabrizio
Victor Price - John Natanni
William Flamini - Joseph Flamini
Dave Marcozzi - Nichlas Levecchia
Paul A. Giordano - Frank Devone

Camden Courier-Post February 1, 1936

John W. Sutton


Camden Courier-Post * February 20, 1936

Republican Club Will Be Hosts at Eagles Hall February 28

The tenth annual ball of the Tenth Ward Republican Organization Club, Fifth and Pearl streets, will be held February 28 at Eagle's auditorium, 415 Broadway.

William Dolan, Jr. is chairman; William B. Sullender, treasurer, and Fred Becker, secretary of the general committee.

The members of the other committees are as follows: Hall, Louis Kahnweiler, chairman, Harry Everhart, James Flaherty; advertising, Henry W. Aitken, chairman, John Stringer, Frank Sheridan and Andrew Robinson; door, Alonzo Hires, chairman, Andrew Robinson, Jacob Strecker; music, Becker, chairman, William B. Chain, William Robinson and Andrew Robinson; printing, Stringer, chairman, Dolan and Harry Harwood; refreshment, George Morgan, Ralph Shill, Charles Bowen, Harry Harold, Edward Stafford, Henry Clevenger and Frank Turner; program, Stafford, chairman, Charles Marsh, John Hedegan, Otto E. Braun, George Zietz, William Hughes, Earl Wright, Albert C. Raeuber, Charles Schultz, Stringer and Dolan; floor, Becker, chairman, Garwood, Judson Solley, Howard E. Baird, William Lafferty, James F. Lovett, Henry I. Haines, William Robinson, Braun and Samuel J. Edwards audit, Dolan, Garwood, William Robinson, and Aitken; wardrobe, Marsh, chairman, Benjamin Harvey and George Cox; tickets, John Winstanley, chairman; executive, Dolan, chairman, Stringer, William Robinson, Sullender and Haines. The Penn Troubadors will play for dancing.  

Camden Courier-Post - February 26, 1936


Eagles Hall, 415 Broadway, will be the scene of a leap year dance to be held by the Tenth Ward Republican Club, Friday evening. The committee is headed by George Dolan.

The Penn Troubadours will supply the music. 

Camden Courier-Post * March 13, 1937

John S. McTaggart - Frank B. Hanna - Arthur Colsey - Mary Kobus
Edward Carroll - William D. Sayrs - John Garrity - Katherine Cunningham - Eagles Hall

Camden Courier-Post * March 17, 1937

John S. McTaggart - Arthur F. Foran - George E. Brunner - James V. Moran - Gene R. Mariano
Arthur Colsey - Ralph Bakley - Edward V. Martino - Harold W. Bennett - Horace R. Dixon
Mary Kobus - Edward Carroll - William D. Sayrs - John Garrity - Kathryn Cunningham - Harold Hoffman

Camden Courier-Post - February 8, 1938

List Closes With 50 Teams Attracted; Play Will Start Feb. 21

Officials of the South Jersey Golden Dart Tournament last night announced the completion of its entry list.

A total of 50 teams will compete in the event, which will Include 10 to a team, making a total of 500 contestants who for the next few weeks will be sharpening their game for the coming classic.

The tournament will get under way on Monday, February 21, which will include preliminary rounds. The finals of the event will be held at the Eagles Hall near Broadway and Washington Street.

The winning team at the finals will be recognized as champions of South Jersey as will also the individual who proves skillful enough to annex the singles crown. 

Camden Courier-Post - February 15, 1938


A "Big Apple" contest will feature a ball and show sponsored by the Eighth Ward Beneficial Association, February 25 in the Eagles Hall, Broadway near Benson street, with dance music on each of three floors.

Jimmy DeMuro and his 12-piece Country Club Orchestra will play in the main ballroom, where he will direct a score of entertainers, including June Collier, of radio and stage fame, and "The Trumpeteers."

Al DiGiacomo is chairman of the ball committee. Henry Konopka is treasurer. 

Camden Courier-Post - February 16, 1938


The Club Esquire, a Negro civic organization, with headquarters at 907 Kaighn avenue, will hold a cabaret party Monday night in Eagles Hall, 415 Broadway.

Funds will be used to aid Negro students obtain college educations. J. Maxwell Griffin is president of the organization.


Camden Courier-Post
February 21, 1938

Eighth Ward Beneficial Association
Jimmy DeMuro Orchestra
Henry Konopka- Thomas Griffith
Al Konopka - Frank Russo
William Marino - Maude Marino
Ralph Bantivoglio
John C. Downes
Anthony Ragone
Theodore Messaro 
John Russo - Anthony Russo
Alfred DiGiacomo
Albert DiGiacomo
Frank DiGiacomo
Nicholas Carmonna
Anthony Carmonna
John Baj
Anthony Marino - Roxie Merlino
Eagles Hall


Camden Courier-Post
February 24, 1938

Eagles Hall
Washington Street



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The Eagles Hall -1942


Camden Courier-Post
November 1942

One of three large auditoriums in the Eagles Hall

Invoice from Borstein Electric - 1954


Camden Courier-Post
June 12, 1954

John M. Sweet - North 26th Street
Carl Santo -
Walnut Street
Rocco Pizzutillo
Harry C. Keeney -
Haddon Avenue
James W. Coughlin -
Marlton Avenue
Lester R. Beach
John W. Payne -
Erie Street
Eagles Hall
Carman Street

Moose of Camden Aerie No. 65

Stephen Adams Thomas J. Atkinson William A. Atkin Jr.
  Ulie G. Andrews Frank Applegate
Charles Beale Dr. P.W. Beale Conrad Brill Jr.
Daniel W. Bromley Frank Burt George Blake
Henry J. Berrodin Lester R. Beach John F. Berton
John J. Burk Charles Blank Robert C. Barr
Louis Bennett    
J.S.B. Candler William H. Cole James F. Cleary
James F. Carey John T. Cleary Robert Connor
James W. Coughlin James W. Conner George Callahan
 John J. Cleary Charles E. Cullen Arthur Colsey
    Joseph Caputi
James L. Cahill James V. Connors Patrick J. Cunningham
George H. DeMelian William Denneller Frank S. Devereaux
A.J. Dougherty William Davis Thomas Dwyler
George S. Dilmore Frank S. Devereaux Harry A. Durgin
Thomas J. Farnan J. Faure Seth Foster
  George Fisher  
Thomas Flatley John A. Furey Howard A. Fern
John Granahan H. Gray Charles Gengenbach
George Griffin Thomas Glann Jesse Goldenberg
George W. Haman Jacob Hess Joseph E. Healey
Harry C. Halbert Edward Haggerty Robert M. Hartman
  William D. Hoover  
Otto Heydrich Joseph F. Hyde Sr. William Huff
John L. Jarvis William F. Jann Frederick Johnson
    George W. Johnson
Harry C. Keeny Alfred Kemble  
Harry F. Laxton David Luckoff Michael J. Lynch
William J. Lawler John Lloyd Fay Lafayette
Francis J. McHugh Harry B. Middleton Joseph Middleton
  Charles Mulner  
Martin McNeil H.J. McNermy L.L. McClennan
Nathaniel Myers Frank Moncreif Dr. James Lynn Mahaffey
Peter J. McGuire Philip Marlow Thomas E. MacNamara
  Anthony Oberst  
Adolph Peschlow William Petzelt Henry Price
John W. Payne Rocco Pizzutillo  
John H. Riddle Frank Rouh Michael Raidon
  C. Guy Ross Theodore B. Rambo
  Jacob Reese  
Clinton B. Smithers  Julius R. Schaaf Charles Schock
Charles F. Sattler George D. Strain  
Carl Santo John M. Sweet William C. Sofield
Charles W. Sutton John W. Sutton Arthur Sullivan
Isaac "Ike" Toy Bernard Tierney Joseph Taylor
  George Tuttle  
William Vander Straeten David L. Visor William Von Reiche
Robert Whitley Harry J. Weiss Dr. W.P. Wingende
  Alfred Zimmerman  

Camden Courier-Post
August 14, 1968

413-417  Broadway

   Heavy smoke pours from state office building at 413 Broadway, Camden, during general alarm blaze today.

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413-417  Broadway

August 14, 1968

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Photo by Bob Bartosz


Camden Courier-Post * August 14, 1968


Firemen battle blaze at 413 Broadway, Camden, which destroyed building housing state offices. Smoke carried soot and hot ashes two blocks.


Edward V. Michalak
Eva Lipkin
Rose Lipkin
William Lipkin
Thomas C. Gramigna
John F. Gaffney
Isadore Borstein
Alfred R. Pierce
Elluria Milliken

Camden Courier-Post * August 14, 1968

Edward V. Michalak - John Gregorio - Russ Morgan - Allen Napier - Arthur J. Sinclair
Hilyard Simpkins - Isadore Borstein


Fraternal Order of Eagles

The magnificent watch chain shown above is made from woven human hair, most likely contributed by a wife or girlfriend.  Though some Nineteenth Century hair pieces marked the death of a loved one (mourning pieces), many, likely including this one, commemorated living relationships.

The watch fobs with eagle talons such as those shown here were made in the days long before eagles became a protected species.  The pieces shown here date from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. 

On February 6th,1898 the Fraternal Order of Eagles was founded by six theater owners sitting on a pile of lumber in Moran's shipyard in Seattle Washington. Competitors in the theater industry, they met to discuss a musicians strike. After deciding what to do on that issue, they decided to bury the hatchet and and form an organization dubbed the "Seattle Order of Good Things," the constitution passed a month later renamed the group and asked its members to "make human life more desirable by lessening its ills and promoting peace, prosperity, gladness, and hope."  Within ten years the Eagles had 1,800 lodges scattered throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, boasting a membership roll that exceeded 350,000.  Members received free medical attention (as did the individual's family), weekly payments in case of sickness, and a funeral benefit--all valuable services before the widespread availability of medical, disability, and life insurance. 

The first meetings were held on the stages of various local theaters and after the business was settled a keg of beer was rolled out and all enjoyed a few hours of social activities.  A few weeks later as their numbers grew they chose the Bald Eagle as their official emblem and changed the name to "The Fraternal Order of Eagles." The membership formed a Grand Aerie in April 1898, secured a charter, drew up a constitution and by-laws and elected it's first president, John Cort. 

Most of the first Eagle members were connected with the theatre, actors, stagehands, playwrights, etc., and as they went on tour they carried the story of the new order with them across the United States and Canada.  This is the reason the Eagles grew so quickly and all the way across the country.  Many cities in the east have low aerie numbers such as New York #40, Philadelphia #42 and Buffalo #46.

Fraternal Order of Eagles stated mission is to unite fraternally for mutual benefit, protection, improvement, social enjoyment and association, all persons of good moral character who believe in a Supreme Being to inculcate the principles of liberty, truth, justice and equality, to perpetuate itself as a fraternal organization and to provide for its government as it's Constitution, Laws, Rituals, by-laws or other rules and regulations may from time to time provide, and to promote the general welfare, the Fraternal Order of Eagles ordains this constitution. To promote and raise funds for duly authorized Fraternal Order of Eagles charities and contribute to worthwhile charitable causes.

The officers of a Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie are: Worthy President, Worthy Vice President, Junior Past Worthy President, Secretary, Treasurer, Worthy Chaplain, Worthy Conductor, Trustees, Inside Guard, and Outside Guard.

Over the years, the Eagles have fought and won many battles for a Workman's Compensation Act, Mothers and Old Age pensions, Social Security laws and "Jobs After 40" and are still fighting to liberalize present social benefits along with combating vicious diseases plaguing mankind through their sponsorship of the Art Ehrmann Cancer Fund, Max Bear Heart Fund, Jimmy Durante Children's Fund, "Doc" Dunlap Kidney Fund and the Diabetes Fund.

Many great social and political leaders have belonged to the Eagles.  President Theodore Roosevelt was one of the many who joined and praised the order for its humanitarian accomplishments, as did a later President and Mason Franklin Delano Roosevelt with President and Grand Master Harry S. Truman who often reiterated that the Eagles were his type of organization - one founded by, and for the common man.


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