Another work in progress page, I was inspired to set up this page when my old friend Craig Campbell sent me the really fine picture of the Cooper-Grant neighborhood, which is bounded by Pearl Street on the north, Cooper Street on the south, the Delaware River on the west, and Broadway on the east. 

Although I lived in this neighborhood in the late 1970s, I didn't know much about it until I started working on this website. One little known fact is how the neighborhood got its name. If someone tells you that it was because a Cooper either received a grant or granted anything to anybody, tell them to go sit in the corner. The neighborhood got its name from the two elementary schools, Cooper and Grant, that were adjacent to each other between Linden and Pearl Streets west of North 3rd Street.

Most of the historic homes buildings that once were in Cooper-Grant have been razed to make way for various expansions of Rutgers University's Camden campus. Due to its location near the school, the waterfront, and Cooper Street, the Cooper-Grant neighborhood is one of the most desirable in the city, and real estate values in 2005 reflect that. 

As with most everything else on this web-site, it's a work in progress, and I welcome your participation-
                       Phil Cohen
                       Camden NJ

Cooper-Grant as seen from the Ben Franklin Bridge - 2004
Photograph by CRAIG CAMPBELL

Cooper Street
and the
Cooper-Grant Neighborhood


The Delaware River Bridge Is still under construction in this photo. The Stanley Theater at Broadway and Market is also under construction, and the Wilson Building and the First Camden National Bank on Broadway south of Cooper is still a year or two away. 

The Cooper and Grant schools are visible and labeled, on the upper right side of the photo.

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