Bell & Evans Inc.

Camden Courier-Post - January 6, 1938

BELL & EVANS INC. in 2003 is a well known and highly respected producer of chicken now based in Fredericksburg PA. The company dates back to the 1890s, and had roots in Camden. From the 1930s through the 1960s the firm had a presence in East Camden. In the early 1930s the company  had a large, three-story warehouse on North 27th Street, opposite Pleasant Street, more or less on the site of modern day Paul's Auto Glass. In these years the president of the company was Carlton S. Evans, of Pennsauken NJ. Arthur M. Bell of Bellmawr, from whose family the borough drew its name, worked there as well, as a buyer and by 1947 as the treasurer.

On May 6th, 1934 the building was destroyed, along with over 10,000 live chickens inside, and thousands of dollars of already slaughtered and dressed product. 30 nearby homes, mostly on Howell Street between 24th and 26th were evacuated, and the old St. Joseph's Church, Parochial School, and Convent, which stood on what is now a baseball field at 25th and  Howell, were threatened for a time. Both Church buildings were vacant, St. Joseph's Church having moved to Westfield Avenue previously.

Bell and Evans Inc. subsequently relocated to 1610-1644 Carman Street, where they remained into the 1960s. By 1970 the company had moved to a new industrial park in suburban Bellmawr NJ, and later moved to Fredericksburg, where its large plant processes 150,000 chickens every day.. 

Camden Courier-Post - May 7, 1934


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