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The Antrim Hardware Company operated on Federal Street in East Camden for almost 100 years, before being bought up by a Philadelphia based firm in the mid-1980s. 

Antrim Hardware Co.

15th & Federal Street


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Also visible is the
 Richard F. Smith & Son
Lumber Yard

Elwood Antrim was born in Jobstown NJ in Burlington County in 1860. Married to S. Janett Pennock in 1882, the Antrims lived in Red Lion, near Vincentown, in Burlington County. He came to Camden and founded the Antrim Hardware Company at "Cooper's Creek and Federal", the 1500 block of Federal Street, in 1889, in what was then Stockton Township. The following year he opened a second store at 26th and Westfield Avenue, in the more populated Wrightsville section. His younger brother, B. Frank Antrim, later joined him in the business, and the Antrims later settled in Merchantville.. 

Antrim Hardware Co.

2601 Westfield Avenue


Antrim Hardware Co.

2601 Westfield Avenue



August 1921

Camden Courier-Post
January 31, 1928

Richard C. Donnolly
Louis Schlam
Elwood Antrim

Walter Gibbs
Worthing Truland

Federal Street
Friends Avenue
17th Street



Asbestos lumber made its debut in Camden with the building of the operating and screenroom of the new outdoor automobile moving picture theatre on Admiral Wilson boulevard.

Original plans called for a composition which would have required considerable painting, but the colorful effect of this new material eliminated the painting problem. This new material made in sheets 21 x 24 inches is weatherproof and fireproof. Since its erection it has been discovered that the nature of this material, because it does not vibrate, has improved the anticipated sound effects. It was supplied by the Antrim Hardware Company of Camden, who are the exclusive distributors for this new product. 


June 10, 1933


May 1, 1934

Camden Courier-Post - February 23, 1928

Camden Courier-Post - February 7, 1938

Heads Dealers

Camden Man Elected at Convention of Dealers From Two States

E. Hulings Antrim, of the Antrim Hardware Company, Camden, was elected president of the Pennsylvania and Atlantic Seaboard Hardware Association at its recent annual convention and exhibit at Philadelphia Convention Hall. Antrim is secretary-treasurer of the local concern, which has operated here for almost a half century.

Prominently identified for many years with this association of hardware dealers, Antrim served on the board of directors and as vice-president last year.

In addition to the four-day session, dealing with problems affecting the hardware industry, more than 100 firms engaged in the hardware and house furnishing business filled the entire hall with exhibits of their products.

Other officers elected were: George C. Corcelius, Huntingdon, Pa., first vice president; H. D. Whieldon, Greenville, Pa., second vice president; Charles J. Ritterhoff, Baltimore, third vice president; George H. Albright, Harrisburg; H. J. Murdock, Waynesburg, Pa, and N. G. Toomey, Erie, Pa., executive committeemen.

Camden Courier-Post - June 30, 1939

Mrs. Elwood Antrim, widow of the founder of the Antrim Hardware Company, 50 years ago, and her son, E. Hulings Antrim, Merchantville councilman and treasurer of the establishment, are seen at the fire at the establishment, 1514-1516 Federal Street, last night, watching the stock drift skyward in smoke.  But Mrs. Antrim, energetic and hale, declared forcibly, that it "would be business as usual" today at 26th and Federal Streets.  

Camden Courier-Post - June 30, 1939

Several Firemen Hurt; Oil Plant and Homes Are Menaced


Ralph Bingemann - John Lennox - Andrew Ballantine - John Strauss - Ray Smith - Lou Gold
Marvin Gold - Leroy Garrison - Emido Martelli -  Agnes Mitchell - Mrs. Roy Dilks - Albert Bowne 

E. Hulings Antrim and his mother S. Janett Antrim both passed away within two and one-half years of the fire. In February of 1942, B. Frank Antrim passed away. Other family members stepped up to carry on the business.


February 18, 1942 

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The Westfield Avenue location was always a more retail orientated operation. At some point after 1947 the Antrim Company concentrated the retail hardware and electrical appliance sales there. By 1956 the store had moved to 14 North 26th Street. By 1970 the Antrim Company had left this location, and concentrated their efforts on industrial hardware. 

With factory after factory continuing to close in Camden and the surrounding area during the 1970s and 1980s, the industrial base that had supported Antrim Hardware for so many years eroded. The business was sold to a Philadelphia based firm in the mid-1980s. Within a few years Antrim Hardware closed its doors for the last time. The building has stood vacant ever since, and has been damaged by fire.

The Antrim Hardware Building - June 30, 2003

The Antrim Hardware Building

June 30, 2003

While Camden Firefighters were responding to another incident Rescue Co. reported a heavy smoke condition in the area of Federal Street and River Road.  Camden County Communications advised they were transmitting the box for 1525 Federal Street.  Engine Co. 9 arrived and reported a 60 X 150 with heavy fire through the roof.  Within minutes the 2nd alarm was dispatched and this had Engine Companies 9, 11, 6, Squad Company 7,  Tower Ladder 3, Ladder 1, Rescue 1, Battalions 1 (Rossi), 2 (Wilson) and Car 3 (Price).  Companies operated for an extended time with multiple master streams and portable monitors.  No injuries were reported at the scene. 

Two Alarm Fire
at the
Antrim Hardware Building

April 2, 2005