Camden ~
Metropolis of
South Jersey

On July 5, 1926 the Camden Courier-Post published a set of tabloid-sized supplements celebrating the opening of the Delaware River Bridge, known in our day as the Ben Franklin Bridge. These supplements included a two full page shot of downtown and North Camden prior to the bridge's completion, and a half page shot of downtown Camden taken in the spring of 1926. 

In both cases, many Camden landmarks both resent today and now gone are identified.  

Downtown & North Camden - 1925
The Delaware River Bridge Is Still Under Construction In These Photos 
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Many Streets & Landmarks are Identified in These Photos 
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This aerial photo of downtown Camden was taken in 1926, shortly after the Delaware River Bridge was opened. Worthy of note is the fact that the toll plaza is not apparent, there is no highway heading east out of town, and that there is a small park at the foot of the bridge, similar to that on the Philadelphia side.