The Cyclone of April 2, 1912

The city of Camden was hit by tornados, or as they were then called, cyclones, on two occasions, August 3, 1885 and April 2, 1912. The first storm destroyed the Tabernacle Baptist Church at North 3rd and Pearl Street, and caused damage to buildings at North 3rd and Main Streets and elsewhere.

The second storm damaged homes and business throughout North Camden. The storm traveled in an easterly path from the Delaware River at Elm Street all the way to North 10th Street, where a factory was badly damaged, five smoke stacks being toppled and the building's roof blown completely away.

The atmospheric conditions that led to the two tornados striking in almost the same places seem to have been altered by the construction of what is now known as the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in the 1920s. No calamities of this nature have struck the city since then. 

Philadelphia Inquirer * April 3, 1912

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