It's All In The Game
by A. Charles Corotis


It's All In The Game: A selected Collection of Gay Essays
on Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Mnemosyne,
Assayed from the Provocative Pages of
New Jersey's Literate Review Weekly, The Argus

By A. Charles Corotis



There are times when I wish I wore Venus' cestus—the didie of Aphrodite— and could woo Euterpe or Calliope, those Camenaen daughters oŁ Jupiter and Mnemosyne who dwelt on lofty Helicon. But alas! I never drank from the Odroerer like the Icelandic Skalds; never made love to Gun-lad to savor of Suttung's inspiring mead. Which is by way of confessing that I'm no poet.

Nevertheless, I feel impelled occasionally to burst into rhyme. And why not? Does lack of talent dissuade enter­tainers? For the answer obvious I refer you to any handy radio, video set or movie screen.

So the pseudo-poetic effort below is dedicated in all humility and full recognition of its deficiencies to my Summertime county of Monmouth. More odorous than ode, I'm afraid, but I mean well, folks.

Ode to Monmouth County

Favored fount of sea-borne treasure: land-locked lakes and mighty wave, 
Yours the privilege to give pleasure by the grace of Triton's stave.

Favored too by Ceres' goodness, pastoral port of Pales' herds; 
Fertile fields and emerald woodness, capering deer and lilting birds.

Fruitful Faunus, dripping Pontius vie with Iris' huesome bow; 
Hercules for your enjoyment made the Cornucopia grow.

How diverse your precious product: shrines historic, nation's life, 
Spring that freshened Henrik Hudson, site of Revolution's strife.

Summer Mecca for the hallowed, presidents and greats galore, 
Ancient, venerated landmarks that recall bright days of yore.

White-frothed ocean, waving cornfields, citadel at Highland's brow, 
Scenic grandeur, man-made splendor, lush estates your fame endow.

Opulence thy name is Monmouth; picturesque, palatial, fair, 
Yet your heart beats with benevolence: scores are grateful for Allaire.

Hancock guards your nothern waters, seascapes paint your length around, Mantoloking and Metedeconk sentinel your southern bound.

Navesink, the broad Shrewsbury, Manasquan, yon coiling Shark 
Lave your verdant, rolled interior; feed the festive pool and park.

Sunset, Silver, long Sylvania, Takanosee, Wesley, Deal, 
Other lakes like Shadow, Fletcher, Como add their eye appeal.

Sandy Hook, ponds Whale, Wreck, Hurley carry on the aqueous theme, Boating, fishing, crabbing, clamming popular in bay and stream.

Pisces' fleets roam all the waters, berthed at Belmar and Brielle, 
Taking toll of blue and tuna, some for sport and some to sell.

Guy Lombardo and his Tempo set the speedboats' dashing pace, 
Monmouth Park and Freehold Raceway give the horsy set its place.

Yacht clubs, golf clubs flourish gaily, tony surf clubs, night clubs too; 
Sea Bright, famed for title tennis; Long Branch, old lore meeting new.

Reigning mistress of resortdom, cosmopolite Asbury Park, 
Boasts convention hall and boardwalk, offers concerts, cultured lark.

Staid, God-fearing Ocean Grove's there, haven from life's hectic whir; 
Tranquil, peaceful, calm, serene, sans bar, sans noise, sans Sabbath stir.

Spring Lake's pride: its grand hotel queens; Red Bank dotes on Molly Pitcher; Rumson, Deal and Little Silver: rarely found are towns much richer.

Neptune City, Bradley Beach and classic Avon-by-the-Sea, 
Wanamassa, Interlaken, each boasts popularity.

Wayside, Oakhurst, Elberon, Loch Arbour, Allenhurst, and 'Squan 
All contribute to  the weal your reputation's built upon.

Eatontown is Army camp site, Navy depots compass Earle, 
Guardsmen   have   the   choice   location:   Sea   Girt,   water-circled pearl.

Neighbor Ocean near the border features Lakehurst's hangars dualled; Lakewood,   Winter-missed as in   the  days  of Rockefeller, Gould.

Juvenile fun-seekers find amusement  parks are  paradise, 
All the way  to gay Point Pleasant thrills are  bought at modest price.

Access? Millions  dwell close  by, of your attractions well aware; 
Westerly your territory almost meets the Delaware.

Plane and train, highway and parkway link you with metropolies, 
Transport minimizes distance: plant or office reached with ease.

Houses building, new and swanky, show your future strong and sound, 
More and. more seasonal dwellers call you home the year around.

So take a bow, all praise to you, you modern Fields Elysian, 
Enchanting Circe lures us all, plebeian and patrician.

In dulcet tones Nereids, Druades their magic Pandean spell quoth, 
Twice blessed the happy land that wins these nymphs of sea and dell both.

Along your shore Palaemon rolls astride his dolphin specious, 
Dionysus in quest for peace meets joyous Dionysius.

'Twas from your spume Cytherea rose up in all her glory, Poseidon,  
Tethys, Nereus—all sea gods  chant your story.

Anthedon and his Derceto, your finny  liege address you, 
Priapus guards your fruits and flocks; Phoebus' choice beams caress you.

Our thanks to you; when in your realm we're carefree as Phaeacions, Hyperboreans match not us in jubilant sensations.

Then grow  and prosper, province rare, your heritage so glorious; 
Your  potions   bring  surcease  from   care;   hail  Happiness