Camden First
Published Monthly by the Chamber of Commerce
Camden, N.J.
Walt Whitman Hotel Edition

CAMDEN FIRST was published by the Camden's Chamber of Commerce in the 1920s. Many of the leading citizens of the era were active members of this group, which was very active in the effort to build the Walt Whitman Hotel. The edition of Camden First reproduced here, celebrates the opening of the hotel, which stood on the northeast corner of Broadway and Cooper Streets for over 50 years.


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Ralph D. Baker ............
Henry B. Coles ............
Edw. A. Mechling ..........
Elias Davis ................
Orlando M. Bowen ........
Wm. J. Strandwitz ........
William Kennedy .........
Oscar W. Magnuson .......
J. J. Ruster ................
F. M. Horner..............
Frederick L. Mead
 C. P.A.

........First Vice-President
......Second Vice-president
.................. Treasurer
........Assistant Treasurer
........National Counsellor
........Executive Secretary
.........Assistant Secretary
............ Traffic Manager
Office Secretary and Notary


Official Organ of the Chamber of Commerce
of Camden, New Jersey

Entered as second-class matter April 25, 1924, at the Post Office at Camden, New Jersey, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879, by the Chamber of Com≠merce of Camden, New Jersey.

Published monthly as a distributor of authoritative notices and articles regarding the activities of the Cham≠ber of Commerce of the City of Camden for the educat≠ing, enlightening and stimulating of civic workers and all citizens, to the end that Camden may become a bigger, better, greater and more generally known city, and that its great industrial activities and unique and unrivalled possibilities may be heralded far and near.

Articles of timely interest solicited. The Chamber of Commerce does not necessarily subscribe to the views and opinions expressed in articles of contributors nor is it committed to views or opinions expressed editorially.

Published on the 15th of each month.
Subscription price, $ 1.00 per year.
Advertising rates on Application.


George C. Baker
Ralph D. Baker
Volney Bennett
Rowland W. Bottomley
Henry B. Coles
Elias Davis
Burleigh B. Draper
Howard J. Dudley
Carl R. Evered
Jerome L. Hurley 
David Jester
Frank B. Middleton, Jr.
Herbert N. Munger
Edw. A. Mechling
James J. Scott
Harry C. Sharp
Wm. J. Strandwitz
Francis B. Wallen Sr..

Ralph D. Baker, Chairman

Henry B. Coles
Volney Bennett
Elias Davis
Theodore Kausel
Edw. A. Mechling
Edwin Pearson

Harry C. Sharp; Chairman

David Jester 

Herbert N. Munger


Committee on Committees
Publicity Committee
J. DAVID STERN, Chairman
Airport Committee
Camden Bridge Transit Committee
E. G. C. BLEAKLY, Chairman
Charities' Endorsement Committee
Industrial Relations
Retail Merchants' Committee
Monthly Membership Committee
JOHN J. ENGEL, Chairman
Membership Forum Committee
FRANCIS B. WALLEN, SR., Chairman Membership-Adjustment Committee
BEN ABRAMS, Chairman
Freight and Transportation Committee
A. L. TOWNSEND, Chairman
So. Jersey Exposition (1926)

WILLIAM KENNEDY................ ............ Editor
OSCAR W. MAGNUSON... Business Manager

Vol. 2


No. 9

Special Walt Whitman Edition.




How the Walt Whitman Hotel Came About 
Opening of Hotel Walt Whitman        
Walt Whitman "The Good Gray Poet."    
These are the Men Who did the Work
Fall Meeting of Rotary Club Executives in Camden
A Mural Painting of Walt
Jim Scott "Civic Builder"      
The Common Sense of Regional Planning   
Birdseye Views from Roof of Walt Whitman        


  36 pages and cover                                          6000 copies



Page 10

September, 1925




These Are the Men Who Did the Work!

For one week, from Monday, February 4, 1924, to Monday, February 11, the men whose names appear here engaged in a monster drive to raise $1,250,000 to build a modern hotel for Camden. They gave unstintingly of their time and of their money, too. Citizens generally are glad to accord them a large portion of the credit for the success of the enterprise.

J. David Stern
Chairman, Executive Committee
James J. Scott
General Sales Manager
Charles A. Wolverton,

Burleigh B. Draper

LeRoy A. Goodwin
President, Chamber of Commerce

William Kennedy

Austermuhl, Chas. W.

Baker, Geo. C.

Baird Jr., David

Baker, Ralph D.

Bennett, Killam E.

Bennett, Volney

Bottomley, John A.

Burner, Frank W.

Burling, Albert

Coles, H. B.

Cramer, Wayland P.

Engel, John J.

Eno, Harry W.

Frey, Geo. A.

Hadley, Dr. C. F.

Hemingway, Rev. G. H.

Hemphill, Howard B.

Hineline, Frank J.

Hitchner, Frank G.

Hurley, William L.

Jester, David

Johnson, E. R.

Kausel, Theodore

King, Hon. Victor

Magoun H. A.

Middleton, Albert C.

Middleton, M. F. Jr.

Middleton, Frank B. Jr.

Mitchell, R. L.

Munger, Clarence

Pelouze, Geo. R.

Roney, Nelson B. T.

Searle, Wm. A.

Schoenagle, Sigmund

Sherwood, Carroll P.

Staats, Walter J.

Staley, H. Raymond

Stevenson, Harry C.

Strandwitz, Wm. J.

Thompson, Elwood

Todd, Leon E.

Whelan, Rev. Thos. J.

Wallen, Francis B. Sr.


Major George C. Baker

Team 1

A. D. Ambruster, Captain

E. O. Wolcott. Asst.

Ralph W. Neal, Secy.

Jos. C. Voegtlin

Frank C. Propert

Atlie M. Ward

F. D. Ambruster

Leslie Gardner

W. M. Glebe

Team 2

F. S. Bleakly, Captain

Howard Austermuhl

H. Stokes Lounsberry

E. R. Morehouse

H. K. Partridge

Team 3

Norman B. Stinson, Captain

A. E. Armitage, Asst.

Allen Truscott, Secy.

J. Wesley Thompson

George W. Whyte

Elmer G. VanName

Edwin R. Sumner

Lyman E. Hall

J. E. Conine

David W. Steel

Joseph Tatnall

Team 4

Antonio DiPaolo, Captain

Antonio Mecca, Asst.

Lawrence J. Costino, Secy.

M. Ferrante

Feliz D'Aloise

Daniel Creato

C. L. Gregorio

Joseph DiMona

Dr. Vincent Del Duca

Ralph Marchione

Team 5

A. W. Stedman, Captain

E. K. Webster, Asst.

John D. F. Morgan, Secy.

R. C. Dukes

Stanley M. Swartley

E. G. Elzey

J. V. Van Roden

J. Charles Winters

Elwood A. Harrar

William A. Regan

W. C. Marshall


Major Theodore Kausel

Team 6

J. J. Engel, Captain

E. C. Earl, Asst.

Raymond Braker, Secy.

Harold W. Bennett

H. J. Wagner

Wm. D. Burch, Jr.

D. C. Irving

Arthur L. Collins

Wm. S. Holmes

L. L. Schroedel

B. M. Elfreth

Charles Hovsepvain

Team 7

Wilson Meyers, Captain.

George Robeson Asst.

James Perrott, Secy.

Henry S. Peech

J. H. Deacon

F. W. Duckworth

Thomas J. Daley

Team 8

L. H. Robinson, Captain

J. Hartley Bowen, Asst.

Orlando M. Bowen, Secy.

Leon Bard

Dr. Wm. J. Deegan

A. R. White

W. E. Cross

Wilbur Sensor

Team 9

Wm. Schoenagle, Captain

Meyer Wessel, Asst.

Joseph Burner, Secy.

L. E. Ulrope

Geo. W. A. Kappel

Lewis Liberman

Dr. Hyman Goldstein

Team 10

Fred Hutchinson, Captain

Wm. C. Davis, Asst.

Milton M. Roach, Secy.

Edw. Seesholtz

J. W. Dunphey

Alan Redfield

Jacob J. Hernfeld

John D. Parke

M. H. Mancill

Herald R. Cole

G. Albert Johnston

Frank S. Van Hart


Major Sig Schoenagle

Team 11

Edwin Pearson, Captain

Wm. H. Bottger, Asst.

Frederick Hess, Secy.

Frank W. Garrison

F. Herbert Fulton

Emil A. Daniels

Frederick L. Homan

A. P. Denmead

E. J. Ballinger

Joseph Tweedy

H. B. Newell

Team 12

Harry P. Pelouze, Captain

W. L. Campbell, Asst.

Wm. M. Dilmore

C. C. Heimbach

Wm. Heckenhorn

V. M. Fulton

Mahlon F. Ivins, Jr.

P. B. Young

Ernest B. Evaul

Team 13

Charles W. Russ, Captain

Benj. H. Lackey, Asst.

Walter E. Fogg

W. Frank Creely

Dr. Orris W. Saunders

R. S. Hickman, Jr.

Frank H. Schaefer

Robert A. Bansher

Earl T. Jackson



September, 1925




Team 14

W. L. Tushingham, Captain

Bryson W. Crall, Asst.

E. E. Cunningham, Secy.

C. J. Sheppard

Milton K. Stanley

Arthur R. Gemberling

Joshua C. Haines

Dr. E. B. Rogers

Charles L. Sharp

O. H. Williams

Walter S. Keown

Kennedy L. Brown

Team 15

Jack Weinberg, Captain

Myer Segal, M. D. Asst.

Harry W. Greenberg, Secy.

Bernard Bertman

Edward Silver

Charles Praissman

E. L. Canning

Wm. J. Kelly

Neil Zeidman

E. H. Hoxworth

Samuel J. Goldberg


Major Harry C. Stevenson

Team 16

J. Edward Fagen, Captain

T. Yorke Smith, Asst.

Emil C. Hessert, Jr. Secy.

G. Carr Jessup

W. W. Chalmers

W. W. Sharpley

Oscar N. Hinski

Louis B. Humphreys

Edwin L. Roach

George L. Brown


J. P. McShane

Team 17

Joseph H. Forsyth, Captain

F. A. Bickert, Secy.

W. E. Barto

Howard F. Lupton

Meyers Baker

Walter T. Gross

Wilmer M. Wheeler

E. K. Pletcher

Fred Geissler

Team 18

J. L. Hurley, Captain

J. L. Shannon, Asst.

John T. O'Brien, Jr. Secy.

H. A. Moran

W. W. Frazer

Harry C. Woods

Joseph Varbalow

Samuel M. Shay

T. H. Boyer

T. C. Tiedeken

John P. O'Brien

B. Abrams

Edw. J. Gorman

Team 19

W. E. Shreve, Captain

E. B. Woodward, Asst.

L. M. Thompson, Secy.

H. A. Mcllwain

James D. Lee, Jr.

Geo. A. Moore

H. C. Hutchins

H. G. Foster

Team 20

L. H. Sullivan, Captain

C. M. Kolbe, Asst.

Frank H. Harding, Secy.

Lloyd B. Avis

Leon C. Guest

Ray J. Marple

Benjamin F. Friedman


Major Leon E. Todd

Team 21

E. Heulings Antrim, Captain

Charles J. Layer, Asst.

J. J. Wolfinger

S. P. McCord

Charles H. Lee

N. S. Ireton

Wm. E. Morgenweck

Wm. P. Partenheimer, Jr.

Wm. A. Cobb

Albert J. Weber

George C. Helker

Team 22

S. O. Clemens, Captain

F. A. DeMaris, Jr. Secy.

H. N. Munger

Joseph S. Low

J. Daniel Hoyt

Daniel F. Hahn

Joshua C. Jefferis

H. J. Eichfeld

Albert Ribeiro

Joseph Goetz

Edw. R. Mackey

Walter F. Schneider

Team 23

Geo. P. Dykman, Captain

J. R. Tucker

Raymond S. Porter

J. R. Tucker

Carl R. Evered

Harrold T. Leach

George B. Rider

E. J. Gilbee

Chas. H. Jaep

P. E. Hart

Henry P. Hoff

W. W. McCallum

C. Howard Kensinger

Wm. J. Flemming

Team 24

Barton S. Muir, Captain

Continued on page 27


PAGE 18 and PAGE 19
White Horse Pike, U.S.A.
"The Favorite Motor Way of a Nation"
The White Horse Pike

Fifteen million automobiles passed through the gateway in 1924. Traffic in 1925 has increased- and when the Camden bridge opens in 19826 traffic on the White Horse Pike will be further increased- experts say, even doubled. J.T. Tucker, Camden Real Estate operator, thought so much of the location that he purchased all the 'gateway'.

Here's the new entrance to the White Horse Pike and Tucker sees both sides of the roadway lined with automobiles, rows of apartment hotels and theaters. He says that where traffic computation determines value these frontages are decidedly valuable.


The old entrance to the White Horse Pike is probably the best known to the motorists of the Nation who have motored to the shore. Its width and its winding made it inadequate to carry all the traffic- and now it is used as a one way entrance to the Pike. They say the gas station on the corner and those half way up the block set records in gallonage of gasoline.

From a point 360 feet down the Pike one can see the Triangle formed by the old and new pikes. The developer of the gateway will be able to insure harmonious development as Tucker controls both sides of the roadway. It seems as though Mr. Tucker wanted everything 'just so' at the famous gateway


Looking down Haddon Avenue with the New entrance to the Pike in the foreground- and the old entrance in the background on can visualize the development that will take place here. Whether Tucker develops it or turns it over to others the future of this entrance to the White Horse Pike is assured.

A "neighbor to the gateway. this service station and salesroom of the Norman G. Wilson Motor Co., Dodge Distributors, proves beyond peradventure the future of business men who locate at the Gateway. When Wilson built here three or four years ago many shook their heads in doubt- today he has one of the most valuable motors and service organizations in South Jersey.



September, 1925




Continued from page 11


Edw. Preisendanz

Joseph Hale

Dr. A. M. K. Maldeis

Edgar Myers

B. Frank Nyce

A. N. Eagles, Jr.

M. C. Campbell

Stephen Derringer

Henry G. Robinson

Axel Malmstrom

Team 25

Roy R. Stewart, Captain

F. G. Riggins, Asst.

Charles H. Stevens, Secy.

C. B. Edwards

R. W. Janvier, Jr.

Samuel P. Riggins

John H. Gardner, Jr.

John Gilliams

Joseph L. Shackelford

Clarence C. Lind

Russell C. Moore

F. F. Patterson, 3rd.



Major Thomas J. Whelan

Team 26

Lewis T. West, Captain

M. A. Doyle. Asst.

Herbert N. Moffett, Secy.


W. W. Todd

K. E. Smullin

S. N. Miller

Edw. B. Stone, Jr.

Frank Deverrauz

Ralph G. VanHart

Team 27

Harry Ellis, Captain

James N. Downey

Jefferson J. Flanagan

Myron W. Miller

Beale M. Schmucker

James M. Thoirs

W. J. Rodgers

Albert Austermuhl

Max Reihman, Jr.

Team 28

Lee J. Gill, Captain

Rudolph Preisendanz , Asst.

Lewis A. Lee, Secy.

Joseph A. Connell

J. Leon Mealey

Herbert J. Schoellkopf

A. S. Tallman

Wm. J. Turnbull

F. W. Somers

Frederick C. Vieser

K. Goldstein

C. A. Frost

Leon J. Cybulski

Peter Gulcz 

Edw. Praiss

Edw. Zubrzycki

Adolph Slomick

B. Willinski

Stanley Ciechanowski

Alex Jasienski

Frank Wisniewiski

Frank Urszynski

Rev. M. Lawnicki

Joseph Krawczyk

Wm. Laskowski

Team 29

M. J. Jubanyik, Captain

Frank J. Hineline

Joseph N. Hettel

W. W. Rogers

J. C. Remington, Jr.

Edw. Solomon Miller

John W. Kelly. Jr.

Joseph O'Brien

Charles Stuart Straw

Samuel Gerhart

F. G. Wallen, Jr.

Team 30

J. Spencer Lucas, Captain

Thos. J. Doyle

H. H. Etter

Philip Wilson

E. J. Toussaint

H. Bentley

Wm. C. Coles

John J. Hambrose