1918-1919 Camden City Directory

This page contains links to the contents of the 1918-1919 edition of the Camden City Directory, published by the C.E. Howe Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This book is over 1300 pages in length.

The directory is in Adobe PDF format, which means you will need the free Adobe Reader software to view it. At this time I have not assembled it into one file, rather it consists of 32 PDF files of varying sizes, which can be downloaded by clicking the links below.

Once downloaded and opened up in Adobe Reader, you will have to rotate the image 90 degrees counter-clockwise.

It is MUCH EASIER to use this directory by downloading it and viewing it from your own computer than trying to view the entire thing over the internet. 

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Phil Cohen
January 16, 2009



Pages 0-58: Buyers Guide, Title Page, Table of Contents, Index of Advertisers, Index to Business Directory, Camden Street Guide, Ward Boundaries.

NOTE: The pages were bound out of numerical sequence. Correct number begin after this file.


Pages 59-92

Aaronson, Charles P. to Babnew, Kartherine 


Pages 93-98

Babnew, Raymond to Baldwin, Elsie P. 


Pages 99-150

Baldwin, Emelie to Bonner, Philip


Pages 151-162

Bonner, Scott to Brain, Albert W.


Pages 163-202

Brain, Frank G. to Caja, Frank


Pages 203-254

Cake, Charles to Cohen, Hyman S.


Pages 255-296

Cohen, Israel to D'Alesandro, Michael

Pages 297-356:

Daley, Anna to Eastlack, Forrest M.

Pages 397-426:

Eastlack, George A. to Galacci, Leonardo

Pages 427-482:

Galaida, Andrew to Haden, William

Pages 483-500:

Hadentine Lumber Company, Hare, Thomas

Pages 501-578:

Hare, William to Jackson, Estelle

Pages 579-608:

Jackson, Frank to Kadisch, George H.

Pages 609-620:

Kaegi, John to Kellum, Emma

Pages 621-636:

Kellum, James E. to Kirk, Thomas J.

Pages 637-658:

Kirk, Thomas J. to Lack, Rudolph


Pages 659-710:

Lackey, Elizabeth to McAllister, John

Pages 711-730:

McAllister. Malcolm to MacDonald, Frank E.

Pages 731-790:

MacDonald, Helen F. to Mooney, Sue

Pages 791-816:

Mooney, William A. to Nardello, Millie

Pages 817-848:

Nardi, Emil to Packer, William

Pages 849-908:

Pacli, Rocco to Rakowski, Frank

Pages 909-964:

Rakowski, Paul to Sagers, Linden W.

Pages 965-1000:

Sahavitch, Valente to Serbo, Adam

Pages 1000-1050:

Sercich, Bartholomew to Southgate, Robert J.

Pages 1051-1094:

Southwark Bottling & Supply Company to Tarbutton, Samuel G.

Pages 1095-1148:

Targett, William J. to Wagener, Gladys M.

Pages 1149-1200:

Wagener, Harold to Williams, Solomon

Pages 1201-1238:

Williams, Susan V. to Zyeulla, James

Pages 1239-1318:

Classified Business Section

Pages 1319-1336:

Miscellaneous: U.S. Government, State Government, County Government
City Government, Banks, Newspapers, Post Office, Churches, Cemeteries, Educational Institutions, Charitable Institutions, Libraries, 
Clubs, Associations & Societies, Labor & Trades Unions, 


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