Camden, NJ
Stockton Township
Re-named Streets

In April of 1899 Stockton Township, which consisted of what is now referred to as Cramer Hill and East Camden, united with the City of Camden. Cramer Hill became Camden's Eleventh Ward, and East Camden became the Twelfth Ward. Stockton had eight schools which came under the jurisdiction of the Camden Board of Education, at least two volunteer fire companies, a police force, a park, and other municipal departments and assets. Between 1899 and 1905 many streets in the new wards were renamed so that they would not conflict with and/or become consistent with the naming conventions of Camden's Streets. This was very important, safety-wise, as Camden's paid fire department and police department now were responsible for new areas, and confusion in location could prove deadly.

This page, drawn from maps of Stockton from 1877 and from the 1890s, will for the first time on the internet provide conversion data so that addresses referring to the old street names can be found easily.

As always, this is a work in progress, so PLEASE call me with any information, corrections, questions, and observations.

Phil Cohen

NOTE: The City Council of the City of Camden also renamed several streets in the 1990s. In one case, a street named in part for an American Soldier who died while serving his country was stripped of its name, an insult to every veteran and the families of those who have served and sacrificed. This website does not and will not recognize the actions of that body regarding the history and heritage of the City of Camden until that wrong has been redressed.

The Streets of Stockton
as listed in 1877 and 1890s Maps and their present names

  1877 1890 1904
Delaware Farragut Avenue
Adams Avenue Adams Avenue
Van Buren Buren Avenue
Front Street Front Street Harrison Avenue Harrison Avenue
Polk Avenue Polk Avenue
Tyler Avenue Tyler Avenue
Second Second Avenue Pierce Avenue Pierce Avenue
Third Third Avenue Fillmore Avenue Wayne Avenue
Lincoln Avenue Lincoln Avenue
Fourth Fourth Avenue River Road River (Avenue) Road
Grant Avenue Concord Avenue
Fifth Fifth Avenue Hayes Avenue Hayes Avenue
Garfield Avenue Garfield Avenue
Sixth Sixth Avenue Arthur Avenue Arthur Avenue
Cleveland Avenue Cleveland Avenue
Seventh Seventh Sherman Avenue Sherman Avenue
Pleasant Street Pleasant Street
Thompson Street Thompson Street
Howell Street
Stockton Township, 
between present-day State Street & 27th Street, later extended to just past 30th Street)
Howell Street
Erie Saunders
Master Cramer
Front Street 28th Street
Second Second 29th Street
Third Third 30th Street
Fourth Fourth
Elm Camden Avenue
Beideman Avenue Beideman Avenue Beideman Avenue Beideman Avenue
Spruce 17th
Dayton 18th
Park 19th
Wallace 20th
Brown 21st Street
Broad 22nd
Green 23rd
Union Union 24th
Fulton Fulton North Twenty-Fifth Street
Main Main Twenty-Sixth Street
Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge
Fulton (?) Twenty-Sixth Street
Pavonia Cooper Street North 27th Street
Horner Avenue North 28th Street
Griffee Avenue North 29th Street
Reeves Avenue
Nicholson Avenue North 30th Street
Lois Avenue
After 1891 Before 1900
Sparks Avenue North 31st Street
Beideman Avenue
Rudderow North 32nd Street
Bergen Avenue Bergen Avenue
Goodwin North 33rd Street
Franklin North 34th Street
Evans North 35th Street
No Name on Map New Cove Road 36th Street
Marlton Marlton Marlton
Jefferson Boyd
George Rand
Cramer Avenue S 24th Street
Boothman Avenue S 25th Street
Master Street Cramer Street
Maple (East of 36th street) 1904 Poplar, 
High by 1924
Lemuel Lemuel
Centre North 33rd Street
33rd South 33rd street
Alberta Dudley Street
(From Fremont Street to Pleasant Street)
Cambridge 30th Street
Yale South 29th Street
Oxford South 28th Street
Cooper South 27th Street
Westfield Avenue Westfield Avenue
Federal Street Federal Street Federal Street Federal Street
Carman Dover Street
Carman Street
Carman Street
Mickle Street Wyoming Street
Mickle Street
Mickle Street
Stevens Street
Stevens Street
Nevada Street
Stevens Street
Benson Montana Benson Street
Morris Arizona Washington
Berkley Oregon Berkley Street
Idaho Clinton Street
Bank Street  (East Camden) 1900 became part of Camden when Stockton Township was annexed 
Berwick Street by 1906
Boyd Street by 1904

(15th Street to 31st Street)
Central Avenue
(from 30 to 36th Street in East Camden)  
Fremont Street between 1899 and 1904
Chestnut Avenue (Stockton Township) Renamed Watson Street by 1914
Church Street
Cooper Street 1850
Cramer Street
Dupont Street 1890s
Stockton Twp.
Folwell Street Fifteenth Street
Fifteenth Street
George Street (Stockton Township) Renamed Rand Street by 1906
High Street By 1885 The Street may well go back to the 1870s. It lay in Stockton Township, and not included in earlier directories
Highland Avenue
Lemuel Avenue
Leonard Avenue
Maplewood Street
Marlton Avenue
Merriel Avenue After1891 Before 1905
Mitchell Street
Morrison Street
Morse Street
Myrtle Street
Pennsylvania Avenue
(S from 17 South 19th Street)
by 1887 Only one occupied house in 1932, none by 1947. 
Pfeiffer Street between 
1899 & 1906
two houses on 400 block  in 1924
Rand Street between 
1899 & 1906
Appears in 1924 directory, but no houses or businesses were listed
Randolph Street between 
1899 & 1906
Appears in 1924 directory, but no houses or businesses were listed
Raritan Street between 
1899 & 1906
Appears in 1924 directory, but no houses or businesses were listed
Remington Street
Rosedale Avenue
Rowe Street
Royal Street
Royden Street 1850
Seventeenth Street 
(SE from Federal to Cooper R) & (Lemon to Ferry)
Sewell Street  1899 Stockton Township
Sixteenth Street 1878
Stevens Street 1850
Terrace Avenue
Thirtieth Street By 1899
Stockton Twp.
Thirty-First Street By 1899
Stockton Twp.
Thirty-Second Street By 1899
Stockton Twp.
Thirty-Third Street By 1899
Stockton Twp.
Thirty-Fourth Street By 1899
Stockton Twp.
Thirty-Fifth Street By 1899
Stockton Twp.
Thirty-Sixth Street
(old New Cove Road)
Stockton Twp.
Thirty-Seventh Street 1899
Stockton Twp.
Thirty-Eighth Street By 1899
Stockton Twp.
Thirty-Ninth Street 1890
Stockton Twp.
By 1887
Twentieth Street 
(S from C&ATL RR to Ferry)
Twentieth Street 
(East Camden, S from Federal Street)
By 1887
Stockton Twp
Twenty-First Street By 1887
Stockton Twp.
Twenty-Second Street By 1887
Stockton Twp.
Twenty-Third Street By 1887
Stockton Twp.
Twenty-Fourth Street  By 1887
Stockton Twp.
Twenty-Seventh Street By 1887
Stockton Twp.
Twenty-Eighth Street By 1887
Stockton Twp.
Twenty-Ninth Street By 1887
Stockton Twp.
Tyler Avenue
Washington Street
(E from 2nd South of Benson)
Watson Street
Wayne Avenue
Wilmot Street