Camden, NJ


REX PLACE ran east from opposite 317 North 5th Street for one block, ending its run at 309 North 6th Street, between Penn and Linden Street. The north side of Rex Place had rear access to homes in the 500 block of Linden Street. The south side, beginning at North 5th Street, had the rear of the First Presbyterian Church, and 16 row homes. 510, 512, 514, and 516 Rex Place were three story buildings, the rest were two-story homes. Thirty homes were taken in 1951 to expand the Ben Franklin Bridge Plaza. People were still living on Rex Place into the 1980s. Further creeping encroachment from the Rutgers Camden campus spelled the doom of this small street. The city gave over rights to the street in the summer of 1999. A parking lot sits on what was Rex Place.

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 Phil Cohen
Monday, September 10, 2018

Rex Place
Map Published in 1946

500 Block of Rex Place


510 Rex Place

1947 vacnat


512 Rex Place

1947 Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas


514 Rex Place

1947 Jmes W. Reid


516 Rex Place

1947 Charles Schock


518 Rex Place

1947 Nicholas R. Panarella


520 Rex Place

1947 George E. Waddell


522 Rex Place

1947 Mrs. Anna Blank


524 Rex Place

1947 Floyd E. Bass


526 Rex Place

1947 David Spence


528 Rex Place

1947 Mrs. Rose C, Leeds


530 Rex Place

1947 No return


532 Rex Place

1947 Charles H. Bates

534 Rex Place

1895 Agnes Monaghan

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 8, 1895


534 Rex Place

1947 Robert G. Stamper


536 Rex Place

1947 Mrs. Jennie Taylor


538 Rex Place

1947 Harry S. Anwake


540 Rex Place

Gus Gold & Family
Gus & Sylvia Gold

1947 Edward E. Casey. Jr.


Evening Public Ledger
March 1, 1919

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 2, 1919

Camden Courier-Post * December 12, 1949
Edward Howe - Brian McKernan - George Brunner