Camden, NJ

Pleasant Street

PLEASANT STREET runs from North 27th Street to North 36th Street in East Camden, interrupted by the old Pennsylvania Railroad tracks just beyond North 30th Street, and resuming again at North 32nd Street.

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 Phil Cohen

Intersection of North 27th Street & Pleasant Street


576 North 27th Street

1918-1921 George A. Smyth
1930 Bar Closed 
1936-1943 John T. Morrow Pleasant Cafe 
1956-1966 Jo-Vic Cafe

Pavonia Rail Station

as seen from Pleasant Street

The track on the left curves and runs to East Camden, past Dudley Grange, and on to Merchantville, Moorestown, and Mt. Holly. The bridge over the tracks was later enlarged for auto and truck trraffic.

555 North 27th

Stockton Coal 1913 to 1936
Keystone Coal 1947

Walter Clarkson

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 13, 1910

Linwood Street

2700 Block of Pleasant Street
  2700 Pleasant Street

1924 No Listing
1929 Vacant

  2708 Pleasant Street

1924-1929 Herbert Betts

  2710 Pleasant Street

1924 James Barry
1929 Valentine Sauermilch

1938 Samuel Ritterbach

  2712 Pleasant Street

1910s-1920s Albert Holden
1920s-1920s John Kellum
1924 William E. Ruppel
1929 Vacant

  2716 Pleasant Street

1924 Otto Lang
1929 Mrs. Augusta Lang

  2720 Pleasant Street

1924-1929 Adolph Lamberger

  2722 Pleasant Street

1924 William W. Scout
1929 Marinus Overing

  2725 Pleasant Street

1924-1959 Newton D. Jaquillard

  2726 Pleasant Street

1924-1929 George C. Meader

  2729 Pleasant Street

Samuel M. Jaquillard & Family
Samuel M. & Sarah "Sallie" Jaquillard
Mary "Mamie" Jaquillard
Ida Jaquillard
George Jaquillard
Newton Jaquillard

This house apparently was razed in 1902 when Samuel Jaquillard had two houses built on the property, with the addresses being 2731 and 2735 Pleasant Street.

  2730 Pleasant Street

1924 Mrs. Helen Preston
1929 Vacant
1940s Charles F. & Clara Morrissey

  2730 Pleasant Street

Private First Class
Harry Clark Morrissey

  2730 Pleasant Street

Staff Sergeant
Charles R. Morrissey

  2731 Pleasant Street

Newton S. Danenhower & Family
Newton S & Mary Jaquillard Danenhower
Orville Danenhower
2731 Pleasant Street

Danenhower Sports
Orville & Matilda Danenhower

Woodrow Wilson High School Yearbook
February 1940

  2734 Pleasant Street

1924 Mrs. Beulah H. Pease
1929 William Hurst

  2735 Pleasant Street

Samuel M. Jaquillard & Family
Samuel M. & Sarah "Sallie" Jaquillard
Ida Jaquillard
George Jaquillard
Newton Jaquillard

2740 Pleasant Street

1915 James H. Newman
1924-1929 Harry Weygand

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 22, 1915

R.N. Hollingshed & Compnay
J.J. Mortimer
Philip Schmitz
O. Glen Stackhouse
Cramer Street

  2742 Pleasant Street

1924 Charles Smith Jr.
1929 Albert Pine

  2743 Pleasant Street

William J. Orem Sr. & Family
William J & Julia Orem
William J. Orem Jr.
Anna Orem
Frances Orem

Intersection of North 28th Street & Pleasant Street

2800 Block of Pleasant Street
  2800 Pleasant Street

1924-1929 David Bowers

  2802 Pleasant Street

1924-1929 Benjamin F. Weitzel

  2804 Pleasant Street

1924-1929 Estella Peterson

  2806 Pleasant Street

1924 Joseph A. Miller
1929 Victor McGruder

Pleasant Street
  Photos by Steve Skipton
Date: 10/16/2007 Time: 23:10 Type: All Hands Dwellings
Battalion 2 (Lewisohn) arrived with a two story twin heavy fire throughout and through the roof. Placed all hands in service with numerous handlines, portable monitors and Tower Ladder 3's bucket. The fire extended to the Delta exposure, one additional engine was special called to the scene. Fire Marshal was on scene, no injuries reported.

Pleasant Street
  Photos by Steve Skipton

October 16, 2007

Pleasant Street
  Photos by Steve Skipton

October 16, 2007

Pleasant Street
 Photos by Steve Skipton

October 16, 2007

  2810 Pleasant Street

1924 Marinus Overing
1920 Joseph C. Gerber

2 fires same day, same Camden block

CAMDEN -- A fire Tuesday night in abandoned row homes in the 2800 block of Pleasant Street was brought under control in less than an hour, Camden County emergency dispatch said.

The blaze was reported at 11:06 p.m. and brought under control at 11:53 p.m. No injuries were reported. Initial reports to the emergency dispatch said four homes were affected; a Courier-Post photographer at the scene said three homes appeared to be affected.

It was the second fire Tuesday on the block. At 2:21 a.m. Tuesday, a fire at 2810 Pleasant St. was brought under control in 15 minutes.

The fire Tuesday night started in 2812 Pleasant St.

A city deputy fire chief on duty Wednesday morning here said he had just come on duty and had no information on the fires.

2810 Pleasant Street

Camden Courier-Post
October 17, 2007

  2812 Pleasant Street

1924 Rocco Paresi

2812 Pleasant Street

Thorwald J. Jensen & Family

QSL Card dated October 12, 1933
Martin Jensen W3CPA ham radio operator

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Fire in Vacant Camden Building

CAMDEN -- A one-alarm fire early this morning in a vacant dwelling in the 2800 block of Pleasant Street was brought under control in 15 minutes, Camden County emergency dispatch said.

Initial reports had fire showing from the second floor of a two-story, wood-frame building. The blaze was reported at 2:21 a.m. and brought under control at 2:36 a.m..

2812 Pleasant Street

Camden Courier-Post
October 16, 2007

  2816 Pleasant Street

1924-1929 Thomas Lawall

  2820 Pleasant Street 

1924-1929 William H. Jamerson

2823 Pleasant Street

Edward F.  Kelley

  2827 Pleasant Street

1929 Micajah Conover

  2827 Pleasant Street

1903-1948 William J. Kelley

  2828 Pleasant Street

1910-1931 Roland Kelley
1956 Clara H. Kelley

  2829 Pleasant Street

1903-1948 Forrest E. Kelley

45 Couples Enter Novel Grind at Central Airport Hangar

Four thousand spectators braved rainy weather to witness the opening of Walter E. Tebbetts' "walkathon" endurance contest at the hanger at Central Airport last night. 

At the stroke of nine, 45 couples, all residents of South Jersey or Philadelphia, went out on the floor to compete in an endurance grind that may last three months or more.

 Of the ninety contestants, only eight are veteran marathoners. The others are new to endurance competition.  It is the first contest of its kind to be conducted in this vicinity.

Many Unemployed

Many of the entrants were there admittedly because if unemployment; the first prize of $1000 as well as weekly prizes and floor money attract them.

Team No. 20 is a striking example of this fact. They are Mrs. Dorothy Carnes and her 19 year-old son John, of 2831 Pleasant Street. Mrs. Carnes expects- as does every other contestant- to be the winner of the grand prize. She has to win it, she told interviewers; her husband, Charles is out of work and there is no other way in which the family can get food.

2831 Pleasant Street

1924 Louis Pattison
1929-1930 John Picker
1933 Charles &. Dorothy Carnes
1933 John Carnes
1956 E.F. Hoeger

Camden Courier-Post
February 8, 1933

  2836 Pleasant Street

First Sergeant Gilbert F. Christy

2836 Pleasant Street

1924-1930 Harry A. Gill
1938 James Christy

2836 Pleasant Street
2836 Pleasant Street
  2837 Pleasant Street

Louis J. Hoeger Sr. & Family
LouisJ. & MAry F. Hoeger
1929 Luis J. Hoeger Jr.
auto repair

1947 Gone

  2839 Pleasant Street

1924-1929 Charles G. Stabler
1947 Gone

  2842 Pleasant Street

1924 Leonard E. Feroe
1929 John J. Smith

Intersection of North 29th Street & Pleasant Street

2900 Block of Pleasant Street
  2900 Pleasant Street

Albert Zwiesle

  2901 Pleasant Street

Paul Ogbin

2901 Pleasant Street

William Reynolds

2901 Pleasant Street

1962 Charles Jones

Camden Courier-Post
April 24, 1962

Robert Dukes
Charles Christenson


  2903 Pleasant Street

1924 Harry Watson
1929-1930 Arthur C. Amon

One Car in Two Mishaps; All Occur Within an Hour

Ten persons were injured within an hour last night in seven accidents throughout Camden. 

The first accident occurred at Twenty-eighth and Thompson streets where a car driven by Mrs. Sarah A. Mole, 39, of 2903 Pleasant Street, struck a five-year-old boy who ran from the sidewalk into the path of the automobile. 

The boy, John Smith, 5, of 2801 Pleasant street, suffered cuts on the right arm and leg. Mrs. Mole placed him in her car, then requested Charles Johnson, 32, of 2840 Thompson street, to drive the car to Cooper Hospital. Johnson agreed and with Julius Braxton, 18, a friend, of 2933 Thompson street, Mrs. Mole and the Smith boy started for the hospital. . 

At Twenty-seventh street and Saunders Avenue, the second accident occurred when Mrs. Mole's car, driven by Johnson, crashed with another car driven by H. Lem White, 43, of 730 Colford avenue, Collingswood. Johnson, Mrs. Mole and Braxton all were cut and bruised in the crash and were taken, with the Smith boy to the hospital by another motorist. 

Meanwhile at Baird avenue and Marlton pike, an automobile driven by Miss Virginia M. Brickner, 18, of 27 Cuthbert Road, Westmont, was overturned .in a collision with another car driven. by George W. Garner, 31, of 235 Morse street, a city fireman. Miss Brickner was treated at Cooper Hospital for shock and bruises. 

Two accidents occurred at Sixteenth street and Crescent Boulevard. In the first, Charles C. Markley, 30, of 1040 Sycamore avenue, Haddon Heights, attempted to stop his car when another machine cut In front of him. Markley's car overturned at the curbstone, and was wrecked, but Markley escaped injury. 

A Palmyra mother and her four year-old daughter were injured when the shaft of a bread wagon broke two windows in their car and showered them with glass, at the same intersection. 

The car was driven by Mrs. Dorothy Creager, 32, of 737 Garfield Avenue, Palmyra. She was cut, as was her daughter, Helen, 4. The driver of the wagon, Jackson Kircher, of 159 West Avenue, Westville, was not injured. 
William H. Anderson, 7, of 810 Chambers avenue, Gloucester, was treated last night at Cooper Hospital for a leg fracture suffered when struck by an automobile at Brown street, near Paul, Gloucester. Mrs. Anna Hammond, of 136 Snyder Avenue, Westville, took the boy to the hospital and reported to. Gloucester police. 

2903 Pleasant Street

Percy Mole & Family
Percy & Sarah Ryan Mole
Franklin Mole
Sarah Mole
Percy Ray Mole

Camden Courier-Post
June 9, 1933

  2903 Pleasant Street

Robert Gunson & Family
Robert F. & Sarah Mole Gunson
Rpbert F. Gunson
James Gunson

2903 Pleasant Street

Sergeant Robert F. Gunson

  2903 Pleasant Street

1962 Charles Jones

Damaged by Fire April 1962

2905 Pleasant Street

Frank Yeaker

Philadelphia Inquirer
November 15, 1906

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  2905 Pleasant Street

1924-1930 Earl W. Peak
1947 Martha T. Drew
1962 Charles M. Matteo

Damaged by Fire April 1962

  2908 Pleasant Street

Thomas P. Stanton & Family
Thomas P. & Regina M. Stanton
Edward Engle

I went to the Pleasant Street web-page looking for my Grandmother's and Grandpop's information. I figured you probably needed some information on it.

At 2908 Pleasant St.; Thomas P. Stanton and Regina M. Stanton. I was born there in 1938; 2910 Pleasant St., Last name Gerber; On the corner of 29th & Pleasant St; was Wesley? The house is gone & torn down.

Today both 2908 & 2910, twin homes, are ready for the wrecking ball. Across the street at 2903 the was Gunson family, Jim Gunson of Robert, a WWII war hero, Purple Heart, was Jim's dad. Jim & I are good friends to this day. Next door to Jim, also a twin home, the last name was Pine. On the side toward 30th St.; before the PRR Pemberton Branch, across from 2908 & 2910 was ......., I'll get the name from Jim, very nice people, the husband used a piece of pipe to get the TV signals and it worked.

We could always see Pavonia RR Yard behind the house. My Grand pop worked for the PRR.

Edward J.Engle
September 27, 2011

  2910 Pleasant Street

Otto Kissinger & Family
Otto & Kate Kissinger

  2910 Pleasant Street

Joseph C, Gerber & Family
Joseph & Eva Gerber
Eva Gerber
Joseph C. Gerber Jr.
Charlotte Gerber

  2916 Pleasant Street

1924-1959 George W. Jaquillard

  2923 Pleasant Street

1924 William E. Miller
1929 Harry Kennedy
1947 Gone

  2989 Pleasant Street

1880s-1900s James Smith Family
Walter F. Smith

1947 Gone

Intersection of North 30th Street & Pleasant Street

3000 Block of Pleasant Street
3001 Pleasant Street

1George Washington906

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 28, 1906

Lewis H. Sasse - Harry Clarkson

  3007 Pleasant Street

1924-1929 Elijah Woodley
1947 Gone

  3008 Pleasant Street

1924 George H. Carpenter
1929 William Anderson
1947 Gone

  3010 Pleasant Street

William Taylor & Family
William & Ella Taylor

1924 Daniel Hurts
1929 Vacant
1947 Gone

  3091 Pleasant Street

1968 Richard C. Arensberg

Intersection of Pleasant Street & North 31st Street

Nerth 31st Street
Pleasant Street

Camden Courier-Post
February 15, 1956


3010 Pleasant Street - Philadelphia Inquirer - September 15, 1915
Ella Taylor - William Taylor - Solomon Carpenter - O. Glen Stackhouse
Cooper Hospital - East Camden - Pleasant Street

Intersection of North Dudley Street & Pleasant Street

Intersection of North 32nd Street & Pleasant Street

3200-3300 Block of Pleasant Street
  3261 Pleasant Street

1924 No House Yet Built

Charles M. Daryman & Family
Charles & Arline T. Daryman
John Daryman - June N. Daryman - Rose N. Daryman
Mary A. Daryman - Joseph W. Daryman

1947 Vacant

  3265 Pleasant Street

1924 No House Yet Built
1929 Charles Keller
1947 John J. Leisher

  3266 Pleasant Street

1924 No House Yet Built
1929 Harold G. WIlson
1947 Rocco Fruggiero

3266 Pleasant Street

1924 No House Yet Built

Phot taken circa 1928

1929 Harold G. WIlson
1947 Rocco Fruggiero

3266 Pleasant Street

1929 Harold G. Wilson
1932 Watson M. Mervin

Camden Courier-Post
June 6, 1932

Garfield S. Pancoast
Clarence Barnes
Edwin T. Mills
John H. Evans

  3266 Pleasant Street

1947 Rocco Fruggiero

  3272 Pleasant Street

1924 No House Yet Built
1929 Mrs. Mary Yeager
1947 George A. Yeager

  3278 Pleasant Street

1929 No House Yet Built

1947 Charles B. Yeager 

  3281 Pleasant Street

1924 No House Yet Built
1929 Charles O. Myers

3281 Pleasant Street

Robert A, Wonsetler & Family
Robert & Louise Vollmer Wonsetler
Helen Wonsetler
Frederick J. Wonsetler
Frederick H. & Louise Vollmer

  3300 Pleasant Street

 Theodore Woodfall

  3306 Pleasant Street

1924 No House Yet Built
1929 Edward J. Adams

3306 Pleasant Street

Charles M. Daryman & Family
Charles & Arline T. Daryman
John Daryman - June N. Daryman - Rose N. Daryman
Mary A. Daryman - Joseph W. Daryman

Camden Courier-Post
November 23, 1935

  3306 Pleasant Street

1947 William E. Everson
1947 Joseph P. Talla 

  3312 Pleasant Street

1924 No House Yet Built
1929-1947 Frederick Wellein 

  3318 Pleasant Street

1924 No House Yet Built
1929 Allan Sinclair
1947 Archie Blancck
1847 Mrs. Ella Sinclair

  3322 Pleasant Street

1924 No House Yet Built
1929 Franklin SInclair
1947 Eugene L. Bruno

Intersection of North 34th Street & Pleasant Street

Intersection of North 35th Street & Pleasant Street

Intersection of North 36th Street & Pleasant Street