Camden, NJ


COMMON ROAD is actually two parallel streets, both one block long, in the Yorkship Village area of Camden's Fairview section. The two streets, North Common Road and South Common Road run east from Sumter Road to Octagon Road. Because both streets only have homes on one side of the street, the postal addresses are simply Common Road.

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 Phil Cohen

1946 Map of Camden

Intersection of Sumter Road & North Common Road
Northeast Corner

Fairview Baptist Church
Fairview Community Baptist Church

Northeast Corner

Urban Promise Ministries

After 80 years of ministry, Fairview Community Baptist Church was closing its doors, and the few remaining members wanted UrbanPromise to buy the building. 

“We love the ministry of UrbanPromise,” shared one of the committee members. “We’ve been praying to make the right decision. We all feel at peace about UrbanPromise owning the building. We know you’ll do great work.”

Then we received the call. The location was perfect, the building was in great shape (a few necessary repairs, but structurally strong), and the price . . . well, $25,000 for 3500 square feet of program space and a 3-bedroom manse is hard to refuse. Perfect, in fact.

In our meetings with the church leaders, we learned that Fairview Community Baptist was originally established as a Sunday school for children in the Fairview section of town. For years, the church impacted generations of children through outreach and Sunday school classes. 

Bruce Main, President, UrbanPromise - October 2013

1000 block of North Common Road
  1067 Common Road

1923-1924 William B. Smithwaite

1947-1980 Mrs. Helen M. Lewendowski

  1069 Common Road

1923-1924 Percy P. Partridge
1947 Curtis Jatzke
1969 A. Skalkowski
1980 E. Lisacek

  1075 Common Road

11923 Vacant
1924 John Heath
1947 Edward D. Muller
1969 Alphonse E. Vincek
1980 M.F. NcNally

  1077 Common Road

1923 Clarence E. Clowes
1924 Vacant
1947 Richard McLaughlin
1969 No Listing
1980 Marie V. McLaughlin

  1079 Common Road

1923-1924 G. Clarence Brooks
1947 Jacob Isen
1969-1980 E.C. Chipman

  1081 Common Road

1923-1924 August H. Mathieu
1947 John Vollanovitch
1969-1980 M. Class

  1083 Common Road

1923 No Listing
1924 William H. Palmer
1947 Mrs. Leatha M. Pernier
1969 Charles McKenna
1969 Mrs. G.C. Richardson
1980 John J. Richardson

  1085 Common Road

1923-1924 John B. Snyder
1947 William R. Kline
1980 E.C. Power

  1087 Common Road

1923-1924 Albert H. Fausel
1947 Frederick L. Janney
1980 F. L. Donato

  1089 Common Road

1923-1924 August Aberle
1947 Charles W. McKenna
1947 John Richardson
1980 M. Queroli

  1091 Common Road

1923  Walter J. Stovan
1924 No Listing
1947 Bartholomew Kane

1091 Common Road

John McKay & Family
John & Rachel McKay
John E. McKay

Camden Courier-Post
February 9, 1953

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  1091 Common Road

1969-1980 Mrs. Helen Mackintosh

  1093 Common Road

Robert E. Burns & Family
Robert & Mary Burns

1980 Robert E. Mullan

  1095 Common Road

1923 Vacant
1924 J. Robert Jackson
1947 John Baker
1969-1980 Theodore Baker

Intersection of Octagon Road & North Common Road

Intersection of Sumter Road & South Common Road

1000 block of South Common Road
  1066 Common Road

1923-1924 George A. Rothery

Roy C. Keiper & Family
Royc C. & Eva Keiper

  1068 Common Road

1923-1924 Samuel L. Harman Jr.

1068 Common Road

John C. Decker
Civil War Veteran, Father of Marcus Decker
grandfather of
Edwin V. Decker

Camden Courier-Post
June 16, 1932

Thomas M.K. Lee Post No. 5, G.A.R.

  1068 Common Road

Marcus Decker & Family
Marcus & Agnes Decker
Edwin V. Decker

1068 Common Road

Marcus Decker & Family
Marcus & Agnes Decker
Edwin V. Decker

Left: Edwin V. Decker

  1068 Common Road

Mahlon M. Lenker & Family
Mahlon M. & Rebecca Lenler

radio repair
Gloria Lenker - Virginia Lenker
Evelyn Lenker

Elmer Hill & Family
Elmer & Gloria Lenker Hill

  1074 Common Road

Charles H. Lord & Family
Charles & Kathryn Lord
Mary Lord

1947 John Hoffman

1969 Mrs. Charles H. Lord

1980 R.C. Stanfill III

  1076 Common Road

Charles Fay & Family
Charles & Helen Fay

1940 Mrs. Mary Anderson
1947 James Wallace
1969-1980 J. Wesley Hoffman

  1078 Common Road

1923 No Listing
1924 No Listing

Mabel Roberts & Family
Geraldine Roberts

1947 No Listing
1969 Robert H. Bell
1980 A. Favieri

  1080 Common Road

1923 John G. Smith
1924 Albert Thilo

James Lauerman & Family
James & Meryl Lauerman

1947 Alfred Briant
1969 No Listing
109- Frank J. Coyle

  1082 Common Road

1923 Carl MacWilliams
1924 Leslie C. Floyd

1940 Harry B. Smith

1947 Walter Schuler
1969-1980 Charles Vile

  1084 Common Road

1923 Mrs. Ellen Walton
1924 Joseph R. Walton

Alfred Davis & Family
Alfred & Rita Davis
Francis Davis
Dorotthy Davis

1947-1980 Charles Pente

  1086 Common Road

1923-1924 David J. Barry

Samuel Eastlack Porch & Family
Samuel Eastlack & Irma Porch
Albert Becker (step-son)

  1086 Common Road

Harry E. Schuehing & Family
Harry & Mildred Schuehing
Robert Edward Schuehing

1942 Camden High School
Purple & Gold Yearbook



1086 Common Road

Paul S. Jayne & Family
Paul & Joyce Jayne
Paula Jayne
Andrew Jayne
Timothy Jayne

  1088 Common Road

1923-1924 John F. O'Brien

1088 Common Road

John William Cullen and Family
John & Virginia Cullen
Jacqueline Cullen

  1088 Common Road

Mrs. Florence Lantry & Family
Joseph J. Lantry

1969 J.C. Casella
1980 D. Casella

  1090 Common Road

1923 Frank McKinney
1924 George E. Sanderlin

John Kelly & Family
John & Edith Kelly
Elaine Kelly
John Kelly

1947 John Hammon

F.J.Taggart & Family
F.J. & Edna Taggart

1980 T.N. Ferris

  1092 Common Road

1923-1924 J. Joseph Telesca

1092 Common Road

William Di Pietro & Family
William & Anne Di Pietro
Josephine Di Pietro -
Catherine DiPietro
William DiPietro

1932 Camden High School Yearbook Ad

  1094 Common Road

1923-1924 Raymond C. Prickitt
1940 Patrick Donaghy

John B. Adams & Family
John B. & Emma Adams R.N.

Intersection of Octagon Road & South Common Road