February 28, 1938

Man Held as Dogs' Befriender When 12 Animals Flee Pound

A little good news coming out of Camden. I love this kind of story.... always was a sucker for a happy ending! A happy day for two children and their dog on Pine Street.

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Phil Cohen
February 21, 2010

Camden Courier-Post * May 22, 1925
Man Held as Dogs' Befriender When 12 Animals Flee Pound

Arch Malcolm, 41, a salesman, of 320 Penn Street, was arrested in the city dog pound on Admiral Wilson boulevard under the Federal Street viaduct last night after he was alleged to have forced an entrance to the building and liberated a dozen dogs.

The dogs hampered traffic on the boulevard as they scampered across the highway. One animal was killed by an automobile and another escaped. Police recaptured 10 others.

Harry Daniels, of 140 Eleventh Street, a caretaker at the pound, whose home is nearby, heard the dogs barking shortly after 10.30. p. m. and went t6 the building to investigate. He called police who discovered the front door open and the dogs at liberty.

Patrolmen Karl Friederichs and Thomas Stanton, responding in a radio car, found Malcolm in the place and said he had been drinking. They arrested Malcolm while other patrol crews joined, in the chase between automobiles on the boulevard to recapture the dogs.

Police said Malcolm broke into the kennel a few weeks ago. and escaped when a patrol oar arrived, leaving his overcoat and hat. Malcolm gave no reason for being in the pound, police said. He will have a hearing today in police court. Police are investigating his record. The Penn Street address given by him is a rooming house.