Southeast Corner of South 35th Street and Mickle Street

The William McKinley School, located on the south-east corner of South 35th Street and Mickle Street, between Mickle Street and Fremont Avenue, was built by the Town of Stockton, and joined the Camden public school system in 1899 when Stockton was annexed by Camden. The school was named for President William McKinley, who had been elected in 1896.

The annexation of Stockton, in April 1899, brought eight new schools into the Camden school system. They were:

Blaine School, Third (now 30th) and Green Streets.

Washington School, Fourth (now 27th) and Cambridge Streets.

Lincoln School, 28th Street and River Rd. (now River Avenue)

Rosedale School, 3rd Street and Westfield Avenue;

Harrison School, State (now Marlton Ave.) and High Streets;

Garfield School, 29th and Master (now Cramer) Streets;

McKinley School, 35th and Mickle Streets; 

Catto School, 30th and Erie (now Saunders) Streets.

Camden now had two schools named for Lincoln, one in East Camden and one on Kaighn Avenue. The commission changed the name of the Lincoln School on Kaighn Avenue to the Claudius W Bradshaw School, in memory of the former Democratic Mayor, who recently died. The wisdom of the name change, however, was "questioned by many sections, because Mr. Bradshaw had never been identified with the public schools." 

Longtime Camden Democrat party political leader Bernard J. "Barney" Tracy had the job of school custodian in the late 1940s, and most likelyinto the early 1950s. The school was declared unsafe in December of 1953 and closed, although whether the closing had to do with safety concerns or economic concerns is a matter of speculation.

Camden Courier-Post

February 21, 1928

William McKinley School

Clay W. Reesman

Camden Courier-Post - June 24, 1933


Diplomas and certificates were awarded 25 graduates of the Y.M.C.A. naturalization class last night.

They were presented by Herman Hensgen, chairman of the naturalization committee. The new citizens recently were naturalized by U.S. Judge John Boyd Avis and County Judge Samuel M. Shay.

Hensgen delivered the address of welcome. A zither duet was given by Eugene Heilig and John Gruetzer; recitation by Doris Graves, McKinley School; address by Rev. Elwood A. Harrar, pastor of First Baptist Church, and vocal solo by Alfred L. Huttelmeyer.

William C. Cramer, clerk of the U.S. District Court, presented certificates to the new citizens.

Camden Courier-Post December 31, 1953
McKinley School - William Van Pfefferle - George Brunner - Joseph T. Sherman - E. George Aaron