Northwest Corner of North 3rd & State Street

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James N. Cassady

Aerial Photos taken about 1925

These two pictures were taken in 1925 or early 1926, prior to the opening of the Delaware River (Ben Franklin) Bridge.

In the upper left hand photo, The James M. Cassady School on State Street is seen from the south-west, with the Reeve Mansion, which had been the home of industrialist Augustus Reeve, is visible across North 3rd Street.

In the lower picture, the view is from the south-east. The Cassady school is for the most part obscured by its label. The Reeve Mansion, is clearly visible, a large 3 story house, painted in a light color, with four windows on the third floor facing State Street 

The James M. Cassady School was located on the northwest corner of North 3rd Street and State Street, facing south on State Street between North 2nd and North 3rd Street. The school was named after James M. Cassady, a prominent citizen in Camden until his passing in 1897 at the age of 76. He served for twenty years on the Board of Education. Mr. Cassidy also served the public in many other capacities, and was best known as a justice of the peace. He was in business for many years in real estate and insurance. 

The Cassady school opened in November of 1907 served the children of Camden until the 1966. One of the early principals at Cassady was veteran Camden educator Loretta F. Ireland. The school was torn down and replaced by the Cooper Point Elementary School, which was built on the same site. In the 2000s this school was renamed the Cooper's Poynt Professional Development Family School of Excellence.

Camden Daily Courier - November 26, 1907 
Dr. James E. Bryan - Dr. Henry H. Davis

Camden Courier-Post
June 29, 1939

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Camden Courier-Post

June 23, 1939

What often is overlooked when the glory days of Camden's past is that a lot of what made Camden great was its PEOPLE!

Neighborhood, social, religious, and fraternal organizations contributed to the social fabric of the city.

 Looking East from 2nd Street on 
Grant Street

Gene Edwards (at left)
Jim Bessing Sr.
June 23, 1939

"....I read about Cassady School block party and decided to send this picture of me and my little cousin. The block party stands can be seen just over my left shoulder. The look on my face was caused by my mother forbidding me to go to it. The year, 1939. I'm 10 yrs. old." 

Jim Bessing, March 2004


Camden Courier-Post * May 1964