Class of June 1932

This yearbook, along with those from June 1930 and June 1931, were donated by Susan White Shuff. Her mother, Laura T. Pernier, of 441 Royden Street, was a member of this class.

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Phil Cohen
June 29, 2012

Camden High School has a long and distinguished history. Many of its graduates went on to careers in public service in the city, to success in business, sports, and in the arts. As time goes by, I will be adding pictures, news articles, and other material about Camden High School.

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Phil Cohen


Clara Stewart Burrough


We, the members of the Purple and Gold Committee, do submit with pleasure, this interesting edition of the yearbook of the January Class of Nineteen Hundred and Thirtytwo. In planning this yearbook, we have tried to present our life in Camden High School as nearly realistically as possible, and we hope that in the future you will receive as much pleasure from its contents as we have had in planning it. . 

JOHN BUSH, Ex-Officio

John Bartoo Dorothy Adams   

Orville Frome

Edith Crombie 

George Funk

Elvera Hensgen
David Ginsburg  Ruth Hickey 
Harold Hill  Frances Lankford 
Sidney Kantor   Catherine McKerracher 
Leonard Nelson   Dorothea Marlor
Louis Whitehead 

Helen Quick   

Helen Ross

Margaret Ross

Anna Smaldore

               Samuel Fulton                                                Dr. Leon N. Neulen

Class Officers of 1932



Vice-President Secretary


Cherry and White

White Rose

Truth Conquers All

The President's Message to the Graduating Class


We are ending a great era in the course of our young lives. With this happy and eventful ending we leave our friends, advisers, and our dear Alma Mater behind. We are facing that period which will be the basis of our future life. 

As we go into this period, we meet the monsters of Time and Destiny. We follow them, all clinging together, perhaps looking for something to grasp, something to which we may hold for our future strongholds. Together and courageously we face this wide and spacious world. 

Let us pause for a moment and try to recall those happy and joyous days we spent at Camden High. Do you not recall that happy Sophomore year? Being called rookies? Looking at our upper classmates in amazement, trying to picture the day we would be there too? Do you recall that relief we felt on the successful completion of the Junior year? Those proms and school parties, the plays and programs? If we could but relive those days! And at last, we entered our Senior' year. We tried to convert ourselves into dignified young people. We tried to show our newly gained superiority. The "results were disheartening. We were still the same people we were in our Sophomore and Junior years, perhaps a little more serious but not drastically changed.

However, our high school life is about over. Our life here has been successful and happy. If we go out to face the trials and hardships of the world with the spirit imbued in us here, we shall surely be successful in combating every demoralizing force we have to face. So, once again I say, let us all clasp hands and, with the right mind and spirit, face this spacious and hard world together, brushing aside all obstacles and barriers, to gather at the top once more, the successful '32's of our high school days. Au revoir and good-luck. .

John Hubert Bush


Dorothy Adams Selma L. Adelman Elmer Angelo
651 State Street 1510 Wildwood Avenue 2274 South 7th Street
Stella Aronow Sylvia Asbell   
435 Atlantic Avenue 918 South 5th Street
John R. Barto Constance C. Blaker Anthony J. Borgia
1922 Division Street 1257 Kaighn Avenue 918 South 3rd Street
Rebecca Brager Frances Brody
1129 Mt. Ephraim Avenue Pennsauken
Agnes R. Brown John Hubert Bush Lyna Marie Calio
1027 Penn Street 1263 Everett Street 444 Clinton Street
Lauretta Anna Carbona Edward Cliver
337 Cherry Street 16 North 28th Street
Beatrice Cohen Edward G. Condit Maude A. Crane
326 Liberty Street 110 Linden Street 590 Clinton Street
Edith Crombie Louisa J. Croneberger
Delair 1326 Atlantic Avenue
George H. Davis Marian Dellmuth Geraldine Denison
1140 Kaighn Avenue 426 Chambers Avenue Fourth & Linden Street
Kennard P. Dewees Mary Dickinson
605 State Street 627 Clinton Street
Esther Dorfman Catherine Doyle Clarence J. Eichel
1154 Haddon Avenue 1489 Kenwood Avenue 3038 Stevens Street
Bessie Engel Rose Esterman
910 Spruce Street 2768 Federal Street
Hattie Reeves Evans Kenneth Evans Mary Gray Evens
526 North 3rd Street Pennsauken 1465 Princess Avenue
Edwin Fay Dominic Ferri
2925 Atlanta Road 226 Pine Street
Margaret Fisher Mary Forman Eugene W. Friel
227 South 33rd Street 900 South 9th Street Pennsauken
A. Orville Frome George Funk
413 North 2nd Street 318 Erie Street
George H. Gilbert David Ginsburg Miriam H. Goodman
606 Elm Street 576 Chestnut Street 1610 Norris Street
Mildred Grossberg Seymour Halbert
827 Broadway 1010 Spruce Street
Betty Hanna Gladys Heckenhorn Bertha Helmrich
450 Carteret Street 3627 Fremont Avenue 1318 Atlantic Avenue
Louise Henderson Elvera L. Hensgen
2828 Polk Avenue 1138 Mechanic Street
Dorothy Heritage Ruth Hickey V. Harold Hill
1369 Princess Avenue 900 Langham Avenue 3112 Waldorf Avenue
Samuel A. Hollander Margaret M. Hollwarth
1108 Yorkship Square 16 South Dudley Street
Irma Huff John F. Hunter Virginia L. Ingling
317 State Street Palmyra 806 North Front Street
Esther Kable Eva Kable
330 South 2nd Street 330 South 2nd Street
Sidney Ralph Kantor Robert Kaplan Jane Kelly
1214 Empire Avenue 1486 Kenwood Avenue 55 State Street
Ione Kesting Margaret Kevis
3217 Federal Street 681 Fairview Street
Doris Kissell Stella Kolysky Alexander J. Konopka
227 North 40th Street 1830 South 6th Street 1921 South 4th Street
Frances Lankford Sidney Laver
2928 Kansas Road Philadelphia
P. Audrey Leitch Nathan Lightman Frieda Lippman
33030 Mitchell Street 1362 Haddon Avenue 765 Kaighn Avenue
Stanley Liss Edward Longacre
940 Linden Street 2729 Carman Street
Homer Lotier M. Alice Lynn Betty M. Machin
419 South  6th Street 1039 South 33rd Street 3041 Carman Street
Eleanor Dolores Malandra Dorothea Marlor
1909 South 4th Street Pennsauken
Josephine Marruchella Loloria Martin Ruth B. McAllister
432 South 3rd Street 1008 South 6th Street 2421 Mickle Street
Caherine McKerracher Samuel Melmed
620 Grant Street 807 Princeton Avenue
Robert S. Morris Yetta Morton Catherine Mullen
Pennsauken 225 Market Street Pennsauken
Raymond Earl Niemane Leonard Nelson
2914 Mickle Street 318 Greenwood Avenue
Elsie Anita Nigro Mendel L. Norwitz J. Thornton O'Neill
432 Spruce Street 1412 Baird Avenue 702 Broadway
Edward Otto Laura Pernier
33 South 38th Street 414 Royden Street
Pearl Polas Edward P. Poniatowski Edward Poynor
1014 Princess Avenue 1500 Ormond Avenue 1118 Kaighn Avenue
Helen Miriam Quick Edna W. Randles
452 Benson Street 620 North 6th Street
Leonard Rappaport Andrew Robinson Helen L. Rosen
338 Federal Street 411 Bailey Street 1476 Kenwood Avenue
Lillian R. Rosen Laura J. Rosengarten
1177 Haddon Avenue 1129 Langham Avenue
Helen E. Ross Margaret E. Ross Althea Saumenig
Pennsauken 1967 Tuckahoe Road 1161 Princess Avenue
Ethel M. Schorpp Charles Seidelmann
764 Woodland Avenue 953 North 34th Street
Rose Seidman Rose Shaen Abraham Singer
432 Kaighn Avenue 624 Kaighn Avenue 747 Sycamore Street
Alma Smaldore Edgar Smith
1227 Princess Avenue 24 Leonard Avenue
Stanley Thomas Sobolewski Solomon Spector Agnes Stefanski
921 Atlantic Avenue 425 Lansdowne Avenue 1071 Haddon Avenue
Evelyn Steinberg Frances M. Sterling
1422 Belleview Avenue 621 Linwood Street
Kathryn Stewart Elmer Stilwill Helen D. Streeter
291 Rand Street 900 South 9th Street 937 North 31st Street
Marie Anna Strohmetz Charlotte Strother
834 North 32nd Street 772 Pine Street
Elwood M. Swartz Edna Rose Thomas John Tontartski
227 North 32nd Street 818 Lawrence Street 1700 Mount Ephraim Avenue
William Van Meter Maude E. Wakeman
221 Grant Street Pennsauken
Naomi Stella Walters Harold E. Weiss Marie Weitman
2786 Stevens Street Pennsauken 528 North 3rd Street
Herbert H. Wessel Mary Whaland
1781 Park Boulevard 1268 Liberty Street
Louis Whitehead Jr. Lenore B. Whittedale Vera G. WIlen
Pennsauken 871 North 30th Street 36 South 34th Street
Leah Winer William Lee Wood
309 North 2nd Street 316 Erie Street
David Yellin
830 Mount Vernon Street


January Who's Who

Most Popular Girl             
Most Popular Boy              
Prettiest Girl                          
Handsomest Boy                  
Best Blusher, Girl           
Best Blusher, Boy         
Cutest Girl                      
Cutest Boy              
Best Natured Girl         
Best-Natured Boy           
Most Bashful Girl             
Most Bashful Boy           
Class Athlete, Girl            
Class Athlete, Boy               
Most Dependable Girl          
Most Dependable Boy      
Class Baby Girl                      
Class Baby Boy                        
Best Giggler, Girl               
Biggest Giggler, Boy                  
Class Juliet                                 
Class Romeo                        
Most Studious Girl      
Most Studious Boy            
Class Scribe                    
Class Artist                   
Class Musician, Girl           
Class Musician, Boy         
Wittiest Girl                      
Wittiest Boy                      
Noisiest Girl                      
Noisiest Boy                   
Class Orator                   
Most Dignified Girl           
Most Dignified Boy          
Class Actor                  
Class Actress                
Class Optimist             
Class Songster             
Irma Huff
John Bush
Betty Hanna
Kenneth Evans
Girl Jane Kelly
Boy William Wood
Mary Dickinson
John Bush
Jane Kelly
Nathan Lightman
Frances Sterling
William Wood
Audrey Leitch
Alexander Konopka Dorothea Marlor
Louis Whitehead
Lyna Calio
Herbert Wessel
Maude Wakeman
Mendel Norwitz
Irma Huff
Kenneth Evans
Elvera Hensgen
George Funk
Tony Borgia
Edward Poynor
Pearl Polas
George Funk
Mary Dickinson
Leonard Nelson
Hattie Evans
Abraham Singer
Robert Kaplan
Betty Hanna
Tony Borgia
Leonard Nelson
Pearl Polas
Irma Huff
Helen Quick


January Section

Chester Dennis                 William Moll
   President                   Treasurer


Frances Norris Helen Hart
Vice-President  Secretary
Class Motto
Class Colors Class Flower


January Class of 1933

Aceto, Albert 
Adams, Evelyn 
Agin, Sheldon 
Anderson, Edna 
Angelastro, Nicholas 
Anstock, Robert 
Bader, Rachel 
Baird, Jean 
Bantle, Evelyn 
Barag, Milton 
Barbalace, Patsy 
Barbarito, Catherine 
Barlow, James 
Barnes, Muriel 
Barnos, Catherine 
Bell, Charles 
Berlin, Catherine 
Berlin, Sara 
Bernhoff, Eleanor 
Bittner, Charles 
Blair, Albert 
Block, Pearl 
Blood, Catherine 
Bowman, Joseph 
Bray, Charles 
Bray, Joseph 
Brook, Harold 
Budd, Ann
Cabnet, Julius 
Cann, Bertha 
Caputi, Joseph 
Capuzzi, Clementine 
Carels, Marion 
Chapman, Martha 
Chew, Beatrice 
Chierici, Otaldo 
Chonto, Margaret 
Cioffi, Rosalie 
Ciprietti, Joseph 
Cole, Freda 
Coleman, Florence 
Comerford, Florence 
Cooke, Evelyn 

Cooperman, Leah 
Cord, Helen 
Cornfeld, Pearl 
Cowgill, Mary 
Cummings, Cecilia 
Dahl, Julia
Davies, Lillian
Deaton, Waymon 
De La Reintrie, Claire 
Denker, Irving 
Dennis, Chester 
DiCianni, Lena 
DiMuro, Rose
Dobron, Anna 
Dobson, Elwood 
Doto, Francis 
Doyle, Howard 
Drossner, Miriam 
Easley, Victor 
Eckstein, Clifford 
Edwards, Clarence 
Elam, Ralph 
Ellis, Marjorie 
Falkinburg, Charles 
Fayer, Blanche 
Figels, Eleanor 
Fireman, Florence 
Folz, Rose 
French, Lillian 
Frey, Lulu 
Fuhrman, Arnold 
Gardner, Annie 
Garrett, Albert 
Garrett, James 
Georgette, Marcus 
Gibbons, Lola 
Gilliver, Florence 
Giordano, Dominick 
Goehringer, Horace 
Gondolf, Donald 
Gondolf, Helen 
Gould, Sadie 
Graham, Alphonso

Grear, Anne 
Green, Dora 
Groch, John 
Hadtke, Walter 
Hamilton, Dorothy 
Hargis, Catherine 
Harrison, Augusta 
Hart, Helen 
Harwan, Marie 
Heathcote, Sara 
Hemphill, Grace 
Henchinski, Steffie 
Herbert, William 
Hesbacker, Anne 
Hill, Grace 
Hinchman, Evelyn 
Hordecker, Olga 
Horwitz, Sylvia 
Howerton, Sallie 
Howison, Charles 
Hubbs, Elizabeth 
Hudson, Joseph 
Hughes, Robert 
Hussong, Joseph 
Iepson, Adele 
Ingram, Frances 
Ivory, Ella 
Jacoby, Zelda 
Janbaz, John 
Janowski, Theodore 
Jennings, Mary 
Johnson, Catherine 
Johnson, Margaret 
Jones, Anna 
Jones, Earl 
Jones, Jesse 
Jones, Milton 
Kaplan, Ruth 
Kaploniak, Francis 
Katz, Louis 
Keese, Henry 
King, Mary 
Knecht, Leonard


Koch, Sol
Kraczyk, Madeline
Krystek, Stanley
Kuebler, Elizabeth
Kunsch, Marie
Lafferty, Ruth
Lambersky, Mary
Landis, Irene
Lawyer, Ida
Leap, Fred
Leewer, Gladys
Leiner, Marie
Lescure, Adele
Lessner, Aldana
LeTourneau, Mary
Lord, Judith
Macke, Alvin
MacKnight, George 
Manduka, Lillian 
Marini, Jennie 
Markowski, Marion 
Martin, Margaret 
McCaffery, Marion
McClain, George 
McCloskey, Pearl 
McDermott, Joseph 
McWilliams, Kathryn 
Miles, Henshaw 
Miller, Anne 
Miller, John 
Miller, Lewis 
Miller, Louis 
Miller, Mary
Minter, George 
Mitrotz, Jennie 
Moll, William
Molotsky, Esther 
Moore, Clement 
Morris, Miriam
Mulford, Edmund 
Munion, Paul 
Natal, Robert 
Newton, William
Nichols, Eleanor 
Norris, Frances 
Nosken, Mildred 
Nuttall, Jane 

Olsen, Ruth 
Paetz, Helen 
Paroonak, Pielag 
Patten, Amelia 
Patterson, Francis 
Pawlak, Stanley 
Peel, Franklin
Peterson, Gilbert 
Pikus, William 
Pine, Naomi 
Pinsky, Leona 
Piotrowski, Alexander 
Platt, Doris 
Platt, Edwin 
Pont, Elmer 
Puhala, Mary 
Radziewicz, Jennie 
Ragone, Louis 
Read, Ruth 
Redlus, Henry 
Rhodeside, Clara 
Ridgeway, Walter 
Riegraf, Mildred 
Ristine, Beatrice 
Rosen, Rose 
Rosner, Albert 
Ross, Milton 
Rowe, Margaret 
Rozner, Jeannette 
Rudolph, Harry 
Rufe, Howard 
Ruttenberg, Rose 
Salit, Joseph 
Schaevitz, Charles 
Schofield, Elsie 
Scotten, Eugene 
Seaman, William 
Segal, Mona 
Seifling, Carl
Serotkin, Alexander 
Sharp, Harry 
Sharp, Mary 
Shivers, George 
Silverstein, Martin 
Simpson, Violet 
Siris, Pauline 
Smith, Stephen 
Smith, Warren 

Sochacki, Grace 
Somers, Robert 
Sosenko, Jack 
Springer, Ruth 
Spurgeon, Sidney 
Stackhouse, Virginia 
Starke, Lillian 
Stein, Sara 
Steinberg, Benjamin 
Steinberg, Louis 
Swope, William 
Szymanowski, Francis 
Tambo, Miller 
Tarter, Dorothy 
Teitelman, Robert 
Thomas, Preston
Treble, Margaret 
Tiziani, Rico
Tomar, William 
Toms, William 
Valentine, Anthony 
Veit, Alvah 
Viner, Florence 
Vitarelli, Alfred 
Wallace, Joseph 
Walters, Louis 
Ward, Alice 
Watson, Albert 
Weber, Katharine
Weber, William 
Wendell, Raymond 
Wexlin, Charles 
Wilson, Dorothy 
Winters, Nathan 
Wionzek, Genevieve 
Wisniewski, Laura 
Woodrow, Albert 
Worrilow, Samuel 
Wright, Croft 
Yellin, Harry 
Yentsch, Emil 
Young, Sadie 
Zahn, Ethel
Zahn, Gertrude 
Zeff, Rae
Zimmerman, Gertrude 
Zondler, Leonardn 



The Purple and Gold Committee dedicates this page to those who have advertised in this book. The Committee urges all students and friends of the school to extend their patronage to the advertisers whose names appear in the following list: 

Ruth Babette Studio 
George Bachmann 
Breyer Ice Cream Co. 
Camden Commercial College
Carroll O'Brien Studios
Elmer Deputy 
Frank DeViney 
Di Julio-LaSala Co. 
Forsest Hill Sweet Shop
General Electric Refrigerator Agency
H.B. Hemphill
Hensgen Brothers
Hill Brothers
Merchantville Beauty Shop
Miller, Costumier
Morrison's Meat Market 
New Jersey Automobile Supply Co.
John Okulicz
Peirce School of Business Administration
Pelouze & Campbell
Philadelphia Business College
Smaldore, Attorney
South Jersey Law School 
Steelman Business School
The Studie
Tak-A-Boost Shop
Ware Truss Co. 
West Jersey Trust Co. 
Williams Beauty Shop
Wissinger Beauty Palace
H. Zamsky