Broadway & Federal Street


The first Camden Catholic High School was built in Camden in 1896, and was known as the Lyceum.  A new school was contracted for in 1923, and the cornerstone was laid at North 7th and Federal Streets in October 18, 1923.  The school, which included the former Lyceum and the original St. Mary's Elementary School, contained an auditorium, library, and 18 classrooms. 

Camden Catholic High School was badly damaged in a fire on April 17, 1960. Instead of rebuilding in Camden, a new Camden Catholic High School was built outside the city at Route 38 and Cuthbert Road. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 3, 1896

Broadway - Federal Street

Camden Daily Courier - May 13, 1918

Gray & Coogan's Orchestra

Camden Courier-Post - January 10, 1928

Alumni to Stage Card Party, Dance

Members of the alumni of the Camden Catholic High School will stage a card party and dance in the Catholic Lyceum this evening. 

The card playing and dancing will both start at 8:00, and the “Buccaneers” will furnish the music and dancing. 

The committee arranging the affair consists of Mary McGinley, Elizabeth Quigley, Elizabeth Lars and James Lennon. 

Proceeds will benefit the general fund of the alumni association.

1929 Camden Catholic Basketball Team

Winners of the New Jersey Parochial School Tournament, this team competed in the National Catholic School Tournament in Chicago

Standing: Larry Creavy (hidden), Pat O’Brien, Msgr. Paul; Fairbrother, Wallace “Bud” Sheehan,  Ed McGowan, Coach Al Hertzler, Mayor & Mrs. McNally of Gloucester City. Kneeling: Babe Slapkowski (hidden), Dave Neal, Joe Sacovitz, John Flood, Bill Cahill, Pete Budniak,  Johnny Bach

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Camden Courier-Post - June 2, 1932


Awards Made 
The awards follow: 

Varsity letters for basketball (boys): William Ackerman, retiring captain; Edward Cuneo, captain-elect; William Ivins, Thomas McCurdy, Thomas Connery, Joseph Clarke, Thomas Flaherty, Edward Budniak, George Morhauser, James Vander Straeten, Edward Lynch and Joseph Myrtetus. 

Varsity letters for basketball (girls): Ellen McLaughlin, retiring captain; Aida Aspers, captain-elect; Katherine Brady, Sarah McCarthy, Veronica King, Ann Regnery, Mary Armstrong, Frances Dmochowska, Carolyn Werner, Hannah Ernst, Rita Mortimer and Manager Anna May Neiland. 

Varsity letters for baseball: Thomas McCurdy, retiring captain; Walter Pawella, Captain elect; Henry Konopka, William McGrath, Francis McFadden, Edward Cuneo, Leon Wondoloski, Joseph Clarke, Elmer Yost, John Welsh, Attilio Tomasetti, James Vander Straeten and Manager James Dougherty, 

Varsity letters for track- Francis McFadden and Manager William Heinick, 

Vocal contest award (medals given by L. J. Howell to junior class), boys- Rudolph Doering, first; Matthew Sullivan, second, Girls: Mary Woods, first; Alice McNamara, second.

Oratorical awards- Joseph Widua, junior class; Robert McCullough, sophomore; Marjorie Muller, freshman class.

School Spirit Awards - Chester Stronski, Sophie Kurillo, Joseph Hooven, Helen Joseph and Elizabeth Duffy, of Junior Class; Lambert Hartman, Theresa Regnery, Barbara Lloyd, Marie Bricketto and Catherine Heiser, of Sophomore Class; Carl Baar, Mary Toal, Marie Nowake, Mario DiLodivico and Florence McNulty.

Inter Class Basketball Trophies- Won by (Boys) Section A-2 of Sophomore Class. 
(Girls) Section A of Sophomore Class. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 12, 1933

Graduates to Receive Diplomas Sunday Night at Convention Hall

One hundred and ninety-five students of Camden Catholic High School yesterday attended solemn high mass at the Church of The Immaculate Conception and heard Rev. Father Anselm, of the Franciscan Order, deliver the baccalaureate sermon. 

The graduates will receive diplomas next Sunday evening a commencement exercises to be held in Convention Hall

The need of religious education in the current economic and social struggle, was emphasized by Father Anselm. Rt. Rev. Monsignor William J. FitzGerald and Rev. James P. O'Sullivan officiated at the mass. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 13, 1933


A reception and dance to 195 students of Camden Catholic High School will be held Friday night at the Walt Whitman Hotel. The event is the annual greeting of the school alumni association to the graduating class. The students will receive diplomas at the commencement exercises to be held Sunday at Convention Hall

The committee arranging the reception includes William P. O'Keefe, chairman; Thomas Madden, Mary McGinley, Dorothy Hope, James McDade and Edward Inglesby. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 14, 1933

2 Alumni Groups Finish Plans for Weekend Dances

The Alumni Associations of the Camden Catholic High School and the Moorestown High School are completing plans for their annual June dances to be held this weekend.

The Catholic High School Alumni will give a reception to members of this year's graduating class preceding the dance which is to be held on Fnday evening in the main ballroom of the Hotel Walt Whitman. 

Dick Geist and his orchestra will play for dancing. The committee in charge of the affair includes Miss Dorothy Hope, Miss Mary McGinley and William O'Keefe, Camden; Thomas Madden, Collingswood; James McDade, Gloucester, and Joseph Barry, National Park. 

Members of this year's graduating class of the Moorestown High School are to be guests of honor at the Moorestown dance also, to be held at the Moorestown Community House on Saturday evening. 

Lyndel Flammer is chairman of the dance committee, composed of Grace Wurst, Frederick Haas, William Herman, Moorestown; Josephine Myers, Samuel Waldron, Maple Shade; Doris Henion, Donald Flemmer, William Cromley, Merchantville, and Betty Hance, Riverton. Malcolm MacGeorge, Moorestown will arrange the decorations. 

Proceeds from the affair will benefit the Alumni Endowment Fund, established in 1916. Dal Regis' orchestra will furnish the music. 

Officers of the alumni newly elect d are Lyndel Flammer, president; David Faxon, vice president; Florence Cunningham, secretary; Henry Webster, treasurer, and Gordon Page, chairman of the alumni board. . 

Camden Courier-Post - June 14, 1933

Honor Graduates of Catholic High

195 to Get Diplomas Sunday in Exercises at Convention Hall; Three Get Scholarships;. Medals for 15

The largest class in the history of Camden Catholic High School- 195 students- will receive diplomas Sunday afternoon at the annual commencement exercises to be held in Convention Hall

Ninety-nine boys and 96 girls comprise the class. They represent 26 South Jersey municipalities in addition to this city and West Philadelphia. 

Three scholarships have been awarded to Joseph A. Hooven and Joseph G. Widua, of Camden and Edward J. Lynch, of Haddon Heights.

Hooven will go to Villanova College; Widua to St. Joseph's College and Lynch to La Salle College. 

3000 Expected 

Rt. Rev. Monsignor William I. McKean, pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Bernardsville, will be principal speaker at the commencement. More than 3000 persons are expected to attend. Diplomas will be presented by Rt. Rev. Monsignor William J. FitzGerald.

Principal students in the commencement exercises will be Widua, valedictorian; Miss Bernice C. Borden, daughter of Edward J. Borden, president of the New Jersey Real Estate Board, as salutatorian, and Rudolph A. Doering, winner of the gold medal in the oratorical contest. 

Fifteen members of the class will receive gold medals for perfect attendance over the four-year study period. Others also will be presented similar awards for outstanding scholastic work. 

Twenty boys and 37 girls in the class are credited with an average of 85 percent in scholarship. Five girls and six boys registered above 90 percent in their senior year and three girls and four boys are credited with marks in excess of 90 percent for the four years. 

The Graduates 

The graduates: 


Edward Francis Armstrong, Charles Vernon Asay, John Joseph Bach, Frank John Bakota, Thomas Frederick Barlow, John Henry Bauer, William Francis Birch, Joseph John Bresan, Edward Joseph Broske, Charles Henry Cannavo, William Henry Cannon, Charles James Carter, Michael James Carroll, James Ingram Cobbin, James Francis Collier, George Thomas Collins, Joseph Vincent Conlow, Walter Charles Cowan, William Patrick Curran, Lawrence Thomas D' Aloise, James Vincent De Carlo, Albert Joseph Deegan, John Francis Devereaux, Rudolph Alban Doering. 

John Joseph Duffy, William John Dunn, William Joseph Flood, Joseph Aloysius M. Foley, Joseph Aloysius Foley, Henry Thomas Gartland, John William Herman, Robert Hamilton Heimlich, Mathias Clemens Helbach, Joseph Anthony Hooven, Lawrence Joseph Hubert, Charles James Hughes, William Francis Ivins, Francis Joseph Keeney, John David Keeney, James Joseph Kelley, John Joseph Kelly, Paul George Kelly, Stanley Alphonse Kutylowski, Charles Joseph Lenhart, Joseph John Leon, Thomas James Logan, Edward Leon Lubrant. Francis John Lynch, Edward Joseph Lynch.

Francis Joseph Lyons, James Joseph McCaffrey, Thomas James McCaffrey, John Thomas McDermott, John Aloysius McDermott, William Edmund McElliott, Michael Joseph McGuinness, Francis Joseph McSwiggan, David Joseph Miskey, Thomas Joseph Mount, Joseph Thomas Muldoon, William Vincent Murphy, Aldo Francis Nardi, Donald Gregory O'Brien, James Edward O'Brien, James Hugh O'Brien, Richard John O'Neill, Joseph Alfred Owens, Walter George Pawella, Francis Paul Peel, Victor Francis Pfizenmayer, James John Rabbitt, John Robert Reardon, William Hugh Reilly, 

Paul Joseph Riegert, Alfred Charles Retkovis, Charles Anthony Rizzi, Henry Remo Rocile, Edward Joseph Schlitz, Henry John Schwiering, John Albert Schramm, Ralph Donges Simpson, Robert Joseph Smeltzer, Chester Edward Stronski, Matther Walsh Sullivan, John Walter Szurlej, Anthony Joseph Talecki, Charles Vincent Uhland, Joseph John Urban, Joseph John Vair, John Bernard vander Straeten, John Nicholas Weiss, John Joseph Welsh, Joseph George Widua, Joseph Ludwig Winter, Lester Francis Winkelspecht, Elmer John Yost, Edmund Joseph Young, William James Young and John Robert Zawitekowski.


Florence Elizabeth Abel, Aida Elizabeth Aspers, Eleanor Alma Bach, Anna Catharine Baird, Genevieve Teresa Beirne, Catherine Anne Blake, Anna Rita Blumenstein, Bernice Catharine Borden, Marie Cecelia Breitenstein, Grace Catherine Briody, Veronica Jane Britton, Evelyn Agnes Butler, Dorothy Rita Byrne, Isabella Shirley Campbell, Margaret Caroline Cannon, Madeline Anna Carey, Helen Teresa Casey, Lillian Teresa Chromiec, Bernadette Irene Cleary, Margaret Helen Colgan, Dorothy Veronica Collier, Helen Kathryn Conway, Mary Anna Conway, Helen Theresa Coursey.

Margaret Frances Cox, Honora Teresa Doherty, Adele Clemence Dufour, Elizabeth Emma Duffy, Marie Teresa Eberhardt, Rita Elizabeth Eichmann, Ruth Lois Ewe, Ida Rita Fanella. Helen Marie Fitzgerald, Mary Cecelia Fitzgerald, Virginia Anna Flaherty, Rita Patricia Flynn, Katherine Theresa Fox, Mary Patricia Ganter, Rose Mary Genovese, Marie Bernadette Goodman, Catherine Marie Grim, Dorothy Henrietta Grisel, Anna Marie Grosko, Elizabeth Rita Hare, Helen Teresa Heimlich, Marie Hoffman, Margaret Mary Hoffman, Emmanuella Marie Hollinger. 

Cecelia Catharine Hopkins, Dorothy Mary Jackson, Margaret Mary Jaep, Helen Marie Joseph, Mary Kathryn Keane, Rose Marie Kensler, Marie Elizabeth Kilgariff, Catherine Mary King, Anne Marie Kirch, Carmella Eva Klarich, Julia Teresa Kobylinski, Mary Sophie Krowicka, Sophia Monica Kurillo, Marcella Edna Liebrum, Margaret Alice Logan, Marie Anne Me Calley, Gertrude Teresa McClay, Mary Jane McClernan, Margaret Mary McCourt, Anne Bernadette McHugh, Margaret Mary McKnight, Elizabeth Frances McLarney, Alice Isabel McNamara, Mary Dolores Madden, Rita Marie Marley. 

Catharine Cecelia Martin, Mary Teresa Martin, Katherine Cecelia Marcotte, Anne Carmelitea Mooney, Lorena Catharine Nettleton, Helen Rita Nowak, Catherine Teresa Oaks, Dorothy Eleanor Parker, Genevieve Catherine Potter, Ruth Regina Rauscher, Anne Josephine Regnery, Elizabeth Dolores Rodgers, Adelaide Anastasia Roedig, Gertrude Cecelia Roszkowiak, Kathryn Rita Rubino, Catherine Elizabeth Selsor, Clara Anna Spiller, Rita Christine Stewart, Cornelia Berndatte Taulane, Grace Elizabeth Tippin, Wanda Martha Ulak, Emily Anne Wasilewski and Mary Josephine Woods.. 

Camden Courier-Post - June 16, 1933

Honor students and Athletes Hear Phil Lewis on 'Letter Day'

Led by the boys' band of 37 pieces and the girls' fife and drum corps, the Camden Catholic High school student body paraded into the school auditorium at 10.30 a. m. yesterday to pay tribute to the athletes and other honor students who received awards at the annual "Letter Day" exercises.

Phil Lewis, veteran basketball official and director of physical education of the Philadelphia public schools, was the principal speaker of the day and told the students that they must be loyal to make their way in the world. 

The surprise speaker of the day was Bartholomew A. Sheehan, former Green and White and St. Joseph's College athlete,. who carried the students back 10 years when he was a student at Camden Catholic High. In doing this he laid stress on the fact that tradition was the main factor in building up and carrying the school to its prominent position. 

The Rt. Rev. Msgr. William J. FitzGerald, opened the exercises with a short talk after which Reverend James C. Foley, athletic director of the school introduced the main speaker. 

Fred Floyd, president of the evening school of the University of Pennsylvania, told the students that sports were vital to the development of the youth of today. 
After Coach Elmer Hertzler gave a short talk as to what qualities the awards were based on the letter certificates were awarded by Monsignor FitzGerald. 

During the ceremonies 43 varsity Insignias were awarded and 21 prizes given. The prizes were given for excellence in elocution, school spirit, spelling, typewriting and vocal work. 

The 1933 graduating class of 99 boys and 96 girls will be guests of the alumni association tonight at a reception and dance in the Hotel Walt Whitman. Diplomas will be awarded at the commencement exercises at 3.30 p. m., Sunday in Convention Hall.

Camden Courier-Post - June 16, 1933

Miss Downs to Captain Girls; Vandy, Wodoloski, Hartman Boys' Leaders

Forty-three varsity insignias were awarded, several special prizes were bestowed, and four captains-elect were chosen at the annual Letter Day exercises which were conducted yesterday at the Camden Catholic High auditorium in a gala program headed by three speakers and attended by about 900, including the student body and alumni. 

Led by the boys' band and the girls' bugle corps the entire student assembly marched from the high school around the campus to the auditorium. 

After an overture by the school bands, the program had its inception when the Rt. Rev. Msgr. FitzGerald, pastor and director of the local school, addressed the audience emphasizing the primary object of school athletics, the composite requirements for a good sport, and lauded the efforts of Coaches Hertzler and Barry for their efficiency in guiding the local athletes. 

The next orator was Bart Sheehan, former Camden Catholic High all around athlete and former St. Joseph's College luminary. Sheehan, one of the most popular athletes ever to attend the school, conveyed his impression of the feeling of the old tradition of the school which was instantly renewed upon entering the school halls, and stressed the fact that the graduates were directly responsible for the 
advertisement and success of their "alma mater", and hoped they would further the interest of the school, whenever the opportunity afforded itself.

Fred Floyd, president of the U. of P. Evening School, amused the assembly with his humorous anecdotes and designated requisites for the successful athlete. Phil Lewis, director of the Philadelphia Board of Basketball Officials, also drew laughs from the audience with his droll quips and accentuated loyalty as the main ingredient of an athlete's make-up. 

Coach "Al" Hertzler concluded the speech-making and conducted the captaincy balloting. Singularly enough, every candidate won the captaincies unanimously. 
The following will lead "Irish' teams to battle next year: Miss Frances Downs, who is leader of the girls' basketball team; Jim Vandy, who was selected to head the basketballers; Leon Wondoloski; who was chosen to guide the diamond outfit; and Lambert Hartman, chief of the track team.

Camden Courier-Post - June 16, 1933

75 Students Gain High Rating In Catholic High Senior Class 
195 Graduates to Receive Diplomas Tomorrow Afternoon at 
Convention Hall; 15 to Be Given Gold Medals

Out of a class of 195 graduates to be presented diplomas tomorrow at the commencement exercises of Camden Catholic High School, 75 have finished with scholastic averages better than 85 percent.

Seven recorded averages higher than 90 percent during four years at the school, 11 made averages of more than 90 during their senior year and 57 rated 85 percent.

The commencement exercises will be held at 3:30 p. m. at Convention Hall. Rt. Rev. Monsignor William I. McKean, rector of the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Bernardsville, will address the graduates. Joseph G. Widua, who had the highest average for the four years, will be the valedictorian. Bernice C. Borden, daughter of Edward J. Borden, past president of the Camden County Real Estate Board, will be salutatorian. The oration will be given by Rudolph Doering, gold medal oratorical contest winner. 

Gold Medals to Be Awarded 

The diplomas and honors will be presented by Rt. Rev. Monsignor William J. FitzGerald, rector of the Church of the Immaculate Conception. Fifteen will be presented with gold medals for perfect attendance during four years. 

The program will be as follows: Overture, ,"Finlanda-Sibelius" by the school orchestra; organ selection, Mae Miles; class procession, Tannhauser March; 
chorus, "Son of the Marching Men," from "The New Earth"; salutatory, "Welcome for Welcome," Miss Borden; chorus, "Piper June" and "Border Ballad"; oration, "Blind Gods or God?", Doering; address by Monsignor Mc Kean; conferring 
of diplomas and awards by Monsignor FitzGerald, valedictory, "Hope or Memory," Widua; class recessional, "Hail Alma Mater." 

Lewis James Howell is choral director: Miss Miles, organist; William H. Townsend, orchestral director, and James Koster, pianist.

Three O'Briens of different families are graduating: James, of Moorestown; Donald, of Audubon, and James, of Fairview. Two John McDermotts are from Audubon; three Kellys, James, of Camden; John, Collingswood and Paul, Westmont, two Joseph Aloysius Foleys, from St. Mary's Grammar School. 
James Collier, president of the student body, and his sister, Dorothy Collier, are graduating. They are the son and daughter of Dr. Martin H. Collier, superintendent of Lakeland Sanitarium. Other brothers and sisters graduating are: John and Eleanor Bach, Collingswood; John and Elizabeth Duffy, Camden: Helen and Mary Fitzgerald, Moorestown; William and Margaret Cannon, Westville, and Robert and Helen Heimlich, Camden. 

Credit Winners Named 

The following graduates won distinction of having averages more than 90 percent during four years in the school; Lawrence Thomas D'Aloise, Joseph A. Hooven, John J. Urban, Joseph G. Widua, Dorothy H. Grisel, Katharine C. Marcotte and Adelaide A. Roedig. 

The following averaged more than 90 percent during their senior year: 
Genevieve T. Beirne, Ruth L. Erne, Catherine M. Grim, Helen M. Joseph; Julia T. Kobylinski, James Vincent De Carlo, Rudolph A. Doering, Stanley A. Kutylowski, Donald G. O'Brien, Francis P. Paul, James J. Rabbitt. 

The following averaged 85 percent during their senior year: John Henry Bauer, Michael James Carroll, John Joseph Duffy, William J. Dunn, William J. Flood, Joseph A. Foley, Robert H. Heimlich, Mathias C. Helbach; Francis J. Keeney, James J. Kelley, Edward L. Lubriant, Edward J. Lynch, James E. O'Brien, John R. Reardon, Alfred C. Retkovls, Charles A. Rizzi, Robert J. Smeltzer, Anthony J. Taleckl, Charles V. Uhland, John N. Weiss, Aida E. Aspers, Anna C. Bird, Bernice C. Borden, Marie C. Breitenstine, Dorothy R. Byrne, Helen T. Carey, Dorothy V. Collier, Margaret F. Cox, Honora T. Doherty, Elizabeth E. Duffy, Marie T. Eberhart, Rita E. Eichmann, Mary C. Fitzgerald, Virginia A. Flaherty, Rose M. Genonese, Marie B. Goodman, Cecelia C. Hopkins, Dorothy M. Jackson, Margaret M. Jaep, Rose M. Kensler, Marie E. Kirgariff, Carmelia E. Klarich, Mariella E. Liebrum, Emily A. Wasileweki, Wanda M. Ulak, Grace E. Tippin, Cornelia B. Taulane, Anne J. Regnery, Catherine C. Oaks, Catherine C. Martin, Alice I. McNamara, Anna B. Mc Hugh, Margaret M. McCourt, Mary McClernan and Marie A. McCalley.

The Alumni Association tendered a reception last night to the graduates at the ballroom of the Hotel Walt Whitman.

Camden Courier-Post - June 19, 1933

Largest Class in History Is Graduated as 2000 Gather for Tribute 

Diplomas were awarded to 195 graduates of Camden Catholic High School at annual commencement exercises held yesterday in Convention Hall, where nearly 2000 persons gathered to pay tribute. 

The class, comprising 99 boys and 96 girls, was the largest in history of the school arid represented 26 South Jersey municipalities in addition to Camden and West Philadelphia. 

Rt. Rev. Monsignor William I. Mc Kean, pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Bernardsville, N. J., delivered the address to the graduates and urged them to think deeply, seriously and with a devotion to God in that the knowledge that is acquired will be of permanence." 

Three scholarships, gifts of three colleges, were awarded to boy students. Joseph A. Hooven of Camden will go to Villanova College, Joseph G. Widua of Camden will go to St. Joseph's College and Edward J. Lynch of Haddon Heights will go to La Salle College. 

The valedictory address, "Hope or Memory," was delivered by Widua, and the salutatory address, "Welcome for Welcome;" by Miss Bernice C. Borden of Camden. Miss Borden is a daughter of Edward J. Borden, a member of the New Jersey Real Estate Commission. An oration, "Blind Gods-or God?" was delivered by Ralph Doering. 

Diplomas were conferred and honors distributed by Rt. Rev. Monsignor William J. FitzGerald, pastor of the Immaculate Conception Church

Doering was the winner of three gold medals in oratory, music and physics. Other gold medal awards were as follows: 

Joseph Widua, for excellence; Catherine Marcotte, Joseph Urban, Helen Joseph, James Kelley and Adelaide Roedlg, for scholarship, James DeCarlo and Donald O'Brien, for excellence in mathematics; Mary McClernan, for excelience in Latin; Stanley Kutylowskl, for excellence in stenography; Lawrence D'Aloise and James Rabbitt, for excellence in science; Mary Woods, for dramatics; Evelyn Butler, Dorothy Grisel and Comella Taulane, for commercial work; James Collier and Bernice Borden, for school spirit; William Ivins, for athletics; Charles Hughes, for service and loyalty; Michael Carroll and Marcella Lieberum, gold prizes in religion contest; Michael Carroll, for essay on Dublin Eucharistic Congress; Donald O'Brien, for mechanical drawing; Lawrence D' Alolse, for interscholastlcs spelling championship, and for four years' perfect attendance, Aida Aspers, Genevieve Beirne, Anna Blumenstein, Rudolph Doering, Ruth Ewe, Rita Eichmann, Catherine Grim, Dorothy Grisel, Cecelfa Hopkins, Carmella Klarich, John Kelly, Thomas Logan, Carmelita Mooney, William Murphy and Anthony Taleski. 

An average of 85 percent in scholarship was attained by 20 boys and 37 girls, while 5 girls' and 6 boys registered above 90 percent in their senior year and 3 girls and four boys were credited with marks in excess of 90 percent for the four years.

Camden Courier-Post - February 20, 1936


Again choosing a Sigmund Romberg operetta for its annual musical production, the senior class of Camden Catholic High School will present "The Desert Song" tonight and tomorrow night in the high school lyceum, Broadway and Federal Streets.

Leading roles will be sung by Florence Sensor and Alfred Homan. Others in the cast are Catherine Regnery, Reda McKim, Maurice Keating, Walter Millet, Howard Hughes, Nicholas Berger, Robert Weir, Jerome Deegan, Margaret Engel, Dorothea Moore, Anna Czubik, Fiore de Leonardis, Leo McDonald, John Schick, James Bigley, Lillian Doering and Mary Barb.

Daniel Hogan, dramatic coach at the school, who directed the production of the "Student Prince" and other operettas given by Catholic’s high school senior classes, has coached this year's operetta.

Camden Catholic
High School

Mademoiselle Modiste

February 1937 School Play

Mademoiselle Modiste
(Victor Herbert)

Mademoiselle Modiste, by Victor Herbert, is about Fifi, a shop girl, who becomes a stage star, the toast of Paris, and ultimately weds her beloved - in spite of the opposition of his aristocratic uncle. 

Songs include: "The Time, The Place," "The Girl," "Kiss Me Again," "When The Cat’s Away," "The Mascot of The Troop," "Hats Make The Woman," and "I Want What I Want When I Want It."

Camden Courier-Post - February 12, 1938

Bugle Corps Also Scores in Appearances at City Court Games

Clad In natty green and white uniforms and led by a drum major who steps high, wide and handsome, the Camden Catholic High School Band has been winning loud applause from spectators at recent City Series basketball games.

No less dashing in appearance and performance are the 45 girls who comprise the bugle corps of Camden Catholic High and stride along in showman-like fashion under the leadership of Anne Leach, a senior, and her two assistant leaders, Marion Stanton and Dorothy Shaw.

Joseph Blake is the drum major who twirls his baton like an expert. The group have been trained by William Townsend.

Members of the band are: Dominic Forchetti, Joseph Dougherty, Fritz Rauscher. John Koster, Joseph Koster, John Marcotte, Paul Rosati, Henry Zawilla, Francis La Marro, Louis Di Maio, Peter Snyder, Edward Kilgariff, John Ciechon, Lloyd Hayney, Charles Shaw, Charles De Laney, Francis Bergbauer, Dominic Forchetti, Charles Morris, Leonard Wisniewski, Anthony Lubrant, Quintin Thompson, William Houwen, William Crowley, Henry Glodowski, Edwin Gale.

Members of the bugle corps Include: Betty Carr, Catherine Bauer, Teresa McCurdy, Eileen Barb, Frances Curran, Mildred Di Mio, Ruth Gore, Helena Grimley, Mary Kennery, Rita Maloney, Eleanor Marcotte, Veronica McFadden, Ursula Mecca, Catherine Auld, Barbara Beal, June Blake, Bertha Breitling, Margaret Clark, Margaret Corado, Vera Curtis, Alice Deegan, Jane Dickinson, Marie Forchetti, Marie Fredericks, Bernadine Fynes, Madeline Garwood, Carolyn Goff, Mildred Giberson, Frances Gorman, Lucille Hale, Catherine Joseph, Mary Larkin, Carolyn Lawmaster, Virginia Master, Elizabeth Miller, Catherine Mullen, Elizabeth Quirk, Mary Myers..

Camden Catholic
High School


February 1938 School Play

Countess Maritza
(Emmerich Kalman)

Maritza, a wealthy land-owner, is tired of men trying to marry her for her money. Thus, she announces her engagement to the fictitious Baron Koloman Zsupán. Soon, however, 

Maritza falls in love with one of her staff, the bailiff Bela Törek, who is in reality Count Tassilo, an impoverished nobleman who has taken on the work to pay off his father’s debts and amass enough money for a dowry for his sister Lisa. The barriers of wealth and class are compounded by suspicions on each side as to the real intentions of the other. In the end, all is well and Maritza and Tassilo are married. Further, Tassilo’s sister, Lisa, marries Maritza’s friend, Zsupân.

Camden Courier-Post  * February 23, 1938


Camden Courier-Post  * February 23, 1938

Camden Courier-Post
February 25, 1938



Camden Courier-Post
February 25, 1938

Camden Courier-Post * February 23, 1938


Camden Courier-Post * February 23, 1938
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Camden Catholic
High School Football

April 17, 1960

Camden Catholic High School
Broadway & Federal Street

This fire spelled the end of Camden Catholic's days in the City of Camden.

Camden Fire Department  1952 GMC Hose Wagon belonging to Engine Company 8 is in foreground. A fire fighter from Engine Company 1 is moving a hose to his fire truck.

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photo courtesy of Bob Bartosz

In the aftermath
of the
April 17, 1960

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Camden Catholic High School Football

Camden Catholic High School Basketball