The following is derived from
George Reeser Prowell's
History of Camden County, New Jersey
published in 1886

SEVENTH BAPTIST CHURCH is situated on Kaighn Avenue. The society that owns and worships in this church is composed of colored people. It was during the year 1856 that a number of colored citizens of Camden met at the house of Mrs. Mary Colding, at No. 736 Chestnut Street, under the auspices of the Shiloh Baptist Church of Philadelphia., and made preparatory arrangements toward forming a Baptist Church in Camden. Rev. Sampson White conducted a series of prayer meetings, in the houses of different members, for several months continuously, and organized a Sunday School. In 1857 the first public services were held in a blacksmith's shop, which was used until it was destroyed by fire, in 1858.

Rev. David Evans, Abraham Fisher and Elizabeth Moses then took an active part in keeping the church together, and meetings were held in the houses of Rev. David Evans and Mrs. Moses. In 1867 Rev. J. M. Francis was called and during his pastorate a meeting house was built. In 1873 Rev. Moses Wilcox was called to this charge, and at once adopted measures to complete a two-story brick church building, forty by sixty feet. The pool and auditorium were placed in the second story. It was then dedicated as the Seventh Baptist Church of Camden. The membership increased in numbers under its pastor, as well as the Sunday School, with Abraham Fisher as superintendent. In 1884, through the instrumentality of Rev. Moses Wilcox, the meetinghouse was enlarged and an extension of twenty feet built to the rear of it. At present the church has two hundred and sixty members and the Sunday school has we hundred and seventy-five pupils and teachers, with John W. Saddler as superintendent.  This church has also organized a Mission Sunday School at Broadway and Branch Street. Thirty children attend this mission, which is under the care of Mrs. Isabella Shipley. 


The Seventh Baptist Church moved from 630 Kaighn Avenue to 831 Kaighn Avenue, the corner of South 9th Street and Kaighn Avenue, in September of 1906 and in time was renamed Kaighn Avenue Baptist Church