The Children Of
Becky Silverman
Camden NJ

Silverman - Ross - Levin
Zelnick - Denker - Millman

The Lives and Times of a Jewish Family
in Camden, New Jersey

This is another in a series of pages about some of the Jewish families that lived and thrived in Camden beginning around 1880. So many of these families had multiple members who were notably involved in different aspects of life in the city, and over time I have found that many of these families were related either through marriage or business dealings.

One of Becky Silverman's daughters, Anna, married Isreal Ross, local plumber. Their grandson, Steve Ross, has done extensive research and written at length about the Ross & Silverman family. These writings have formed the basis and for the four pages listed below

Needless to say these these pages are open to participation by the descendants of the families mentioned.... as a rule they are inspired by e-mail I've received from one or more family members. If you see something in error or feel that something should be added, PLEASE contact me via e-mail sop it can be added. Like everything else on this website, and in our lives, it's a work in progress. I welcome all comments, criticisms, and contributions..... pictures are more than welcome. Feel free to contact me by e-mail 

Phil Cohen, Camden NJ

In July of 1906 a 37 year old widow, Rebecca Goldman Silverman and her seven children came to Camden NJ. Her husband, Max Silverman, had died in Lakeland Florida on April 6 of that year, leaving his wife and their seven children. The young widow put her best foot forward and bought a building with a shop and living quarters at 299 Kaighn Avenue in Camden NJ, where she opened a clothing store.

Becky Silverman had a good business head and the business succeeded. In 1913 the two oldest Silverman daughters, Sarah and Fannie, wed. Sarah Silverman married Herman Denker, who would go on to conduct a clothing business in the next block at 323 Kaighn Avenue. Fannie Silverman married Herman Levin. They would eventually take over the Silverman family business, remaining in Camden through the mid-1950s before moving to Pennsauken NJ. This business, now known as Rochester Formal Wear, is now in Maple Shade NJ and recently celebrated its 100th anniversary.

In 1918 two more Silverman daughters wed. Annie Silverman married a plumbing contractor, Isreal Ross. The Ross Plumbing Company remained active in Camden into the early 1990s. Lena Silverman married Herman Millman, who operated Sam's Clothing Store at 323 Kaighn Avenue for many years. 

In 1919 Becky Silverman remarried. Her new husband, Meyer London, was in the real estate business. In 1928 the sold the property at 299 Kaighn Avenue to Herman and Fannie Levin. Meyer London passed away in Atlantic City NJ in 1935. Becky Silverman was married once more, to Morris Snyder, before her death in 1952.  

The fifth Silverman daughter, Rose Silverman, was married in August of 1921. By 1924 her husband, Herman Zelnick, had a shoe store, which was first at 321 Kaighn Avenue, and later at 325-1/2 Kaighn Avenue. The Zelnick's shoe business would eventually move to Cherry Hill where it thrive for several decades. Youngest daughter Irene married Harold Matez in 1926 in Atlantic City, where they would make their home. 

The only Silverman son, Samuel, was single as late as 1929, but by 1947 had married Sarah Palat. He then was working for the Rosenberg brothers' New Jersey Bottling Company at 524 Liberty Street as a salesman. He later moved to Pennsauken NJ where he passed away in May of 1974.

Although none of Becky Silverman's descendants reside in Camden today, the family still has a presence in the area. 

signed by Rabbi Riff

Meyer London
Rebecca Silverman

April 8, 1919


Thanks to Steve Ross for his help in creating this web page

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